Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for yoga, stories and fun! It’s easy! Just copy the moves I do and enjoy the adventure! Now we always start in the same way and that’s by sitting on our bottoms, crossing our legs and bringing our hands together at our heart and saying our secret yoga code word, which is Namaste. Ready after 3. 1… 2…. 3… Namaste. There, now lets have a look through our cosminoculars and find out who we’re meeting today. Joining your thumbs and fingers together have a look through! Ooh – look at that! I love all the shapes and the colours spinning around and around! Oh it’s so pretty. Can you see the picture? Yes! Look! It’s a banana! It’s Betsy the Banana! What’s Betsy doing? She’s doing yoga! She’s doing monkey jumps! Oh wonderful, Betsy the Banana. Now, can you see Betsy is in banana pose? Coming up to stand, take your feet together your hands above your head and take yourself into a banana pose leaning over one way and leaning over the other way. Now Betsy the Banana lives in a fruit bowl. Coming down on to your belly take your feet towards your bottom and reach around to catch your feet. Then lift yourself up making yourself into a bowl shape. Well done everyone! Now Betsy the Banana lives in her fruit bowl with her bunch, her family, along with lots of other different fruits. One sunny morning she woke up to a surprise. Coming up to sit. Crossing your legs. On the edge of Betsy’s fruit bowl was a butterfly!! Joining the soles of your feet together, hold on to your ankles and flutter your butterfly wings. Yes, well done everyone! The butterfly was looking at Betsy the Banana and it said Bananaste Betsy. I am the Butterfly of Wishes and you have been granted three. Betsy the Banana, your wish is my command. And the butterfly stands up it takes one foot forward and it bows very deeply to Betsy the Banana. Betsy in her banana pose feet together hands above your head leaning over one way in banana pose, can’t quite believe what she’s just heard. The butterfly of wishes is granting me three. Oh maybe this is a dream but quite a good dream, so I might as well go along with it. Oh I’d really like for my first wish to be a ballerina. The Butterfly of Wishes gets ready. Sitting down on your bottoms again joining the soles of your feet together she flutters her butterfly wings and then she sprinkles Betsy with something very sparkly and exciting and in the blink of an eye Betsy finds herself standing on a stage. She’s a real life ballerina Banana !! She’s got pointy toes. She can jump Boing! Boing! Boing! and she can twirl, weeeeeee! Well done everyone. Betsy points her toe and takes a great big bow at the end of the music. And as she stands up she finds that she’s back in her bunch in her fruit bowl coming in to your banana pose on the other side. That was amazing Butterfly of Wishes, thanks very much. Mmm now my second wish I wish to ride a bicycle! The Butterfly of Wishes gets ready. Sitting on your bottoms, joining the soles of your feet together, flutter your wings. The Butterfly of Wishes sprinkles Betsy with her lovely sparkly stuff and then Betsy is peddling a bicycle! Lying on your backs everybody criss cross your fingers behind your head and lift up your feet. Betsy’s peddling away on her bicycle going up hills very slowly and then down hills very fast. She goes round a wiggly road and goodness me, round another wiggly road. She goes over bridges coming up to sit bend your knees, feet flat, hands behind you lift up into a bridge pose and she goes over bumps. Lying on your backs, take your arms wide and lift your legs up straight and up bumping up. Now, Betsy even goes past a bus. Take your legs out long and all the passengers on the bus twist to look out the window with their mouths open! They are in disbelief at seeing a banana riding a bicycle! Uh oh! In the sky there’s a bird and its spotted Betsy the Banana and quite fancies having a banana for its breakfast. Coming up to stand, take your arms down low. It starts to fly and swoop down. Lift and lower your wings and bend your knees at the same time “Mmmmmm, bananas for breakfast.” Betsy the Banana peddles very fast on her bicycle, lying on your backs again everyone, criss cross your fingers behind your head and peddle, peddle, peddle. She peddles as fast as she can but she peddles down the bank of a river and lands with a SPLASH in the river! Coming up to sit, hold your knees, tuck your chin, ready rock and roll and again, rock and roll. Betsy the Banana comes up for air, breathing in on your knees lifting up and lower down. But when she gets to the top she finds she’s not in the river anymore she’s back. In her fruit bowl. As a BANANA! Lifting your hands above your head and take them over to one side. Wow! That was an adventure. Being eaten by a bird would have been bad. Luckily the butterfly of wishes still has one wish to grant Betsy. Betsy thinks…. Mmmm I know, I wish, for me and for my bunch to have a birthday party ! Sitting down on your bottoms the butterfly of wishes gets ready. Joining the soles of your feet together she flutters her butterfly wings and she sprinkles Betsy with that lovely sparkly stuff that does the magic. And BING! The next thing Betsy knows along with her bunch she’s bouncing on a bounce house. Coming up to stand, ready Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing She’s having a Birthday Party! There are balloons to blow up. Taking your hands around your mouth blow them up, and she has a birthday cake with candles on it. Lying on your back, take your arms wide and lift your legs coming into candle pose. Betsy and her bunch blow out all of their special candles. Betsy sits up to breathe in this amazing feeling. She closes her eyes and breathes deeply. What an amazing, amazing day. As she opens her eyes she finds she’s back in the kitchen in her fruit bowl. Coming on to your tummy again, bring your feet to your bottom reach around for your feet and lift yourself up into your bowl pose. Well done everyone! And along with her, are her bunch who are a very happy bunch now after having so much fun at the birthday party. Now. We take ourselves down for a little rest after all of that excitement with Betsy the Banana. Lying on our backs, getting ourselves comfy, and just for a moment thinking about all of those wishes that Betsy made and what would our wishes be? We may make wishes for ourselves but if we have the chance just like Betsy we might make a wish for others too. As Betsy did for her family, her bunch. See if you can think of someone and send them a wish a wish for them to be happy for them to have fun for them to find a peaceful place. Send your happy wishes now. Then slowly start to wiggle your fingers and your toes, bring your knees in to your chest and roll over on to your side, coming up to sit with your legs crossed, and your hands together at your heart and we’ll finish with a special secret yoga code word just for Betsy. Do you remember ? Bananaste! Ready. After 3. 1… 2… 3… Bananaste! There well done everyone, you did so well being Betsy the Banana. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you come back soon for for another Cosmic Kids Adventure. Bye bye!


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