Best Yoga Mat 2018

The Liquid Balance mat improved my confidence in my practice because I feel like instead of sliding around on the mat and feeling like I have to really find my position because I’m gripping into the mat or getting a towel or moving around because I’m trying to overcome the slipperiness on the mat, instead it’s keeping me right in place so I feel confident in my practice and I feel like I’m building the right muscle. I absolutely recommend this mat to anybody that practices yoga. It’s good for somebody that’s new, that’s not quite confident in their practice to start building the stability underneath them instead of learning how to adjust themselves to the mat. The mat feels like a soft pillow with perfect foundation. It has a really great consistency in a kind of challenges my practice without changing it. Uh also the grip is phenomenal and when I sweat, there’s no worrying about me stepping on a little puddle and slipping. It’s effortless. I don’t have to worry about the mat, it’s like it’s not even there and I can fully focus on my practice. I would recommend the mat to any of my students whether they’re advanced to just beginner level. I roll my mat up, put it my suitcase and whenever I get to my destination, I find that a lot of times with other mats they may be rolled up and with a liquid balance mat, it’s completely flat and I don’t have to worry about rolling at the opposite way and it works out great for me and whenever I’m dripping sweat whether it’s a power yoga class or a hot flow class, a sweat flex on the mat and I’m not slipping around, which is quite amazing.

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