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hey guys welcome to costa rica we are on a beach north of santa teresa and I’ve got a yoga for anxiety for you today this yoga class is great for you to do when you’ve really had a bad day or if you wake up in the morning and you’re just filled with this anxiety stress fear whatever all this negative energy thats just filled weighing you down this yoga sequence is going to help you relelase that negative energy bring more positive balanaced energy back into your life in this yoga practice were going to be working with 2 breathing exercises the first is called your fire breath heatig exercise be doing in a plank 8 times you’re going to inhale into your nose for 8 times exhale rapidly through your mouth like this contracting your core muscles and allowing yourself to heat up your body the second breathing exercise is going to alternate nostril breath that is a greta balancing exercise balance out the masculine and feminine energy balanced in your energy field those are the 2 different breathing execrsies other then that i want you to grab your mat your water and lets do this alright guys were going to begin seated on your mat taking a second to breath in exhale rolling those shoulders up and away inhale reaching arms up exhale all air out come forward holding breathing reaching those fingers forward allowing yourself to let go of any tension slowing rolling up to all fours arch of the spine exhale round the spine neutral spine extend right leg out holding here engaging your core breathing in one more time inhale arch exhale round the spine exhale extending the left leg out engaging your core drawing navel to spine slowly all the way down cat cow arch and release inhale arching the back exhale rounding one more arch of the back tuck back toes under slowly lift hips to downward dog keep knees bent first walk out dog bending one knee at a time letting go of any tension slowly walk feet a little more apart take downward dog a little bit deeper moving into twisted dog take left hand and grab outside of your right knee or calf begin to look up towards the right come back to center same thing other side exhale slowling coming back to center walk your feet a little closer deep breath in press the heels down exhale rounding forward to plank hold shoulder above the wrists exhale come forward to plank inhale downward facing dog pull belly to spine exhale round to plank fire breath inahle exhale hold coming back to that downward facing dog deep breath in lets flow it out exhale downward facing dog take a second to breath stepping forward to staying forward fold half way grab elbows and take a rag doll moving your body left and right letting go taking arms behind the back interlace the fingers allow the hands to come all the way down great shoulder stretch deep breath in exhale come up openign chest to standing cobra look up to the sky come back to centre bend the knees rounding forward one more time deep breath in exhale all tension out of the body bending the knees stepping back warrior 1 lifting your body reaching both arms up eagle arms make sure front knee over the ankle inhale focusing on one spot in front of you exhale open arms up one more time come forward exhale open chest and heart coming back to center deep breath in exhale stepping into eagle pose back foot comes forward left knee to belly botton hold that position ground the foot slowly go ahead and interlace the knees if you’re comfortable interlace the ankles hlding and breathing here creating one straight line with your body focusing on a spot in front of you come on up left knee to chest step back warrior 1 extending the front knee opposite elbows behind the back and slowly come forward pyramid pose holding and breathing here allowing that forehead to come down release towards the knee if you travel in this posture release the hands down go ahead and bring hands on the floor take reversed traingle left hand stays grounded deep breath in exhale out exhale come back hands come behind back bending the front knee come on up warrior 1 arms up inhale exhale stepping forward inhale reach the arms inhale positivity exhale all the rest out inhale reach up exhale dive the body to the floor inhale half way go ahead grab your bog toes release into that forward fold now if you can’t grab your toes you can grab your ankles if thats too much today go ahead and reach the hands behind inhale half way exhale stepping back to plank lets get ready to do our fire breath inhale exhale hold chaturanga upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog take a second for yourself here inhale exhale step to top of mat forward fold again hands behind the back interlace the fingers extending the elbows allowing them to come fprward take a moment here to breathe standing cobra open the chest and heart open the heart up to the sky taking a deep breath in here exhale bending the knees forward fold extending through the knees if you need to let go of all thats holding you nack bend your knees step back with your right foot slowly lifting body up warrior 1 reach the arms find your center deep breath in eagle arms what were going to do is interlace the elbows then the wrists hold take the eagle rock open the chest up to the sky inhale come down with the elbows exhale open the chest open the heart come back to center bring all your weight to left foot right knee to belly botton take a second to find balance first and then take eagle pose finding point of focus slowly coming out exhale stepping back warrior 1 open the chest and heart arms up pyramind posture hold and breathe take reversed traingle left arm extends up to the sky look up towards that hand hips are square deep breath in exhale let it go stay here slowly release the hands bending the front knee reaching both arms up warrior 1 again inhale exhale step forward big reach inhale inhale reach up exhale dive down inhale half way step or jump to plank take the chattering to the flooe upward dog look over your right shoulder take it to the other side awesome lets do that one more ime look over the left back to centre inhale and then exhale downward dog wonderful job you guys come down to childspose bring all awareness to breath feeling happy relaxed and balanced within deep breath into your nose make your over to seated position on your mat take spinal twist one more time to the other side deep breath in head roll to opposite side move over to our alternate nostril breath take your right thumb to your right nostril ring finger to your left to fingers onto your third eye inhale into left block both open the right exhale out inhale into right block both exhale through left keep repeating here take a moment here deep breath in exhale bring hands together to heart bow down to your heart and thank yourself for an awesome practice dedicating it to yourself your practice and your health thank you so much for joining me today namaste


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