Best Yoga Exercises For Muscle Pain

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today’s video is about Yoga for muscle pain we’ll do an easy sequence to help
your soul muscles relax and make you feel better so let’s start in the
Mountain Pose take a block in handy because you might be any for some
variations so start with your feet together spread your toes take a great
format roll your shoulders back tuck your tailbone in in here inhale bring
your arms straight back interlace your fingers maybe this time internalised in
a different way that you usually do to give them a little bit balance look up
how are we coming into a standing yoga skill pose and exhale start bending from
your hips forward once you bend down bring your hands up relax your neck be gentle to the body because it
stretches your legs and your arms and back so take it only until where you’re
capable of taking it today with an exhale release arms and make your way
into a downward-facing dog so spread your fingers wide apart press to the mat
do not over bend your knees but keep them always Mac abandon shoulders away
from the ears now if this is your first down look for
the day you might want to walk it a little bit lift your hips up to the sky
now you can also might stay up that’s perfectly fine just let them be where
they are today with the next inhale we’re gonna lift
the right leg up and exhale we’ll place it in between your our hands to come
into a low lunge so either untuck or tuck your toes
whatever feels good for you make sure that your right knee is in front of your
right ankle and square our hips so that the stretch comes more to your coins open our chest so you’re not like over
your knee stay for five breaths so go for one more
with the next exhale bring your hands back push your right leg back and inhale
lift the left arm up and exhale bring it in between your hands again I’m sorry
tuck your toes or whatever feels good for you
coming up chicken the name just squaring the hips rolling the shoulders back also
engaging your abdominals so you’re not collapsing make sure that you’re keeping
your self up straight oh wait the next exhale place your hands
on the floor pushing yourself back to down dog
and then here we bring your knees to the ground roll over your feet to see the
position we’re coming through my chest and I see post-editing dedicate it to
Mary to see so bringing the right leg over the left leg keeping the left leg
flexed you tell him yourself up placing your right arm behind your
back to give yourself support inhale your left arm up and exhale place it
outside of your right knee and the twist now keep your back straight in here
don’t put too much weight to your right hand so you’re not collapsing on top of
it if somebody will take it away you would still stay straight whatever inhale share me back and every
exhale twist a little bit more and look over your shoulder with the next inhale come back release
change so keep your right foot straight and flexed inhale lift your left leg
above it show them your back place your left hand behind inhale lift your right
arm up and exhale twist but with the next exhale release coming
into Sphinx so roll on onto your stomach bring your legs hip distance apart
untuck your toes come onto your elbows spread your fingers and inhale lift a
little bit higher so that you’re engaging your lower back and your
abdominal muscles opening your chest roll your shoulders back so it doesn’t
look like this but rather that you’re straight above imagine yourself feeling
it being a beautiful sphinx how do you want to pose for the picture this is a
nice gentle backbend for sore muscles and with an exhale release bring your
knees under and we’re coming in two legs up the wall post so here you need the
block you might also want to have a blanket underneath your head or coming
to being close to the wall lifting your legs up high but I’ll placing the block
underneath your hips will help you to have a better posture and straightening
your legs is very nice a restorative pose will help you with legs darkness
make sure that you are bum it’s not too close to the wall wall so your pelvis is
not tucked in you can put your arms in sides or you can keep them closed
however however you feel like to doing today just let that blood flow come and this is actually one of the easiest
inversions we usually think that we have to go for a headstand or a shoulders
down or Hunstanton but even this will give you the benefits of most of the
benefits of the inversions so we’re gonna stay for a little bit more maybe
move it a total level also if your feet are not staying together you can always
trap them together just place a stop on the half of your shins and let them rest
I with the next exhale remove the block bring your feet post and roll from your
right side and we’re coming into our final resting position so that’s enough
so come laying on your back place your feet above that distance apart let your
feet rolls it out to the sides palms facing up you can help your neck a
little bit by lifting your head up and rolling as if you would roll your hair
out so you’re lengthening it lengthening it and place it on the floor letting
your shoulders relax and your breast come to normal you can scan through your
body let each of your body parts just relax now give your body thanks for
being active make sure you got no wrinkles on your forehead you can let
your tongue relax and fall sit back with your mouth and now you can stay in here first long
as you want to or if you feel like this is enough you can bend your knees roll
to your right side you place your left hand on the floor and push yourself up
you keep on enjoying your shavasana if that’s still where you are and if not
thank you for practicing with me today over life I must say if you enjoyed
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