Best Workout Music 2018 🔥 Gym Motivation Music #33

all my life I've barely spoken your words have been so broken not been under hypnosis why did I set that potion I'm so done with Holy Ghost in my birth it is an omen they began up in the ocean until you see no motion right now I can can't be focused I'm showing no emotion on your neechal health devotion my skin is black book golden now not here for bragging boasting and bragging I've been chosen by this burning God's exploding this is my oath are you with me now said are you with me now I felt as good in a way they want us to simmer down can you hear me now am I going in and now I stop and just look around to see if you you hated to send a crime still like to slip around on your step in the fire get ready to take it higher real nigga coming out you ever fight yelling every black man to be with your pride why these people fuck up internally shot huh cellphone be can your brother in the neck replace your mother you leave that homing zone read it's no wonder all your friends dead jealousy was the centerpiece for my best friends turning enemies sabotage my identity why they wanna treat me like a Kennedy they want effective legacy you protect that heart I cut up the instrument ease I'll never be another piece and you recipe for safety supreme you feel are you with me now said are you with me now hey fuck is good in the world can you hit me now am I going in and now I stop and just look around to see if you for me now tell me are you with me now ready to put it started the bottom already but they don't forgive me now you better get ready now do a dish in the crown I just look around stop and just look around ready the pointy I feel it coming now it's too late to shut it down over the mountain burning the pad again I don't know what mine is don't even know what time is somebody stopping Ferrari the bodies but nothing but silence yeah I'm quiet but fuck out of shyness go crazy turn this bitch into an asylum he being looking for pilots I never bet I know what ironies highness even Jack said fuck autumn chimes what goes up comes down man that's mystic science look at my average do you see the flash I did not get involved with you niggas what's the problem man I saw but you niggas I how you fine when your time up how you climb when you laughter Bob a shot getting lined up take it head good put your mind fuck super damn Clara anyway they sound like Superman to see you one specific day Chingy see you really gave money man still I just they know is what it seemed I can tell you best ice well life is like the dream I can't tell what's next in my hand I'm feeling stressed and you can't kill my fucking vibe bit something blessed Oh Letta bullshit coming my way but I finish dressed I feel as stressed this got me feeling like the best Hennessy in my hand I'm been feeling like the man kissing boyfriend the money on the table gotta make that shit and these folks are trackers on let's take a shit development I always tell them but they see I never fill up on let's take a shit basic gets busy price up me in the green room telling me how rocks but they smaller than a teaspoon see more spin until this year something like them feast or honey with her buddy got me sweating like a step back bang bang oh my god I do this I don't need a girlfriend I got a nudist I don't need a frag on the stand and twist not just hop up on the track and I ain't gonna ruins like damn me see how you throw this nice young white boy taking a chance watch me roll the dice like you life ain't always what it seemed like so you first I swear life is like so what's next got very stressed filling blessed burning a Hyundai but used to play me whatever someday see all that these preachers like she'd blow up on a Sunday wax that shit like a brand new surfboard this wasn't given swear they gotta head to work for a Crip so miles from Natalie was signed by the critical of this is what I'm working Florence like death hold him shit young easy big boy him I swear to Jesus you gotta believe in my father's gone 21 now but I still got inside Lego gonna cuz I'm filled with the rhymes and it for the four bills is mine and everybody's coast until I die like the life ain't always what it seemed I swear life is like the dream like it so what's next dressed and you can't kill her fuck you Oh [Laughter] looking for the same yeah you don't know what you got yourself into you were straight into my trap to my tribe yeah that's right EU and chemists ascribe Nixon only these different styles straight inside my home here than you ask it was in your backpack I'm serious I told you that I'm serious the way I could cook it and chop it send you delirious I'm playing I got my pesto soup in the airship and I'm off at the same time too because I don't care and I'm trained through this been practicing my whole life you said that I couldn't do it but I'm stuck here right you said I wouldn't take off well I'm on this fly said whatever you want to say it back you better fight look there's nothing for me to lose I'm going on theme where they got my techies to let me know so I don't need a critic and just a youngster still got time to grow up so music is a hobby for now until I blow up here there's no need to worry cuz we now said I pick up my crown and his co-workers I'm just happy that his life chose us because nice right lights crowd going crazy I guess this is the way that they kick in said Mamie it kick instead of made me guess this is the way that they kick instead made me this is me uncover this just how I am you don't have to like me I understand I feel good my mind's in a good zone I'm kind of comfy sitting high up in the throne yeah life's about just finding the right policy I found it myself for longer the decent earth now I'm picking it up and trying to make it a parable it's so transparent but that was long ago don't need to relive it now I'll be back up on the podium I'm thinking NEC Yahoo Peregrine coffee is smoking but that doesn't matter to me because I'm not it says I'm just improving my strength I don't need you in my life here I go and the friend s all about and how much to let go cuz I be working to these deadlines running down the clock yeah yeah there's no need to worry cause we love ups and downs that just remember now said I forgot my crown and his kool-aid whoa you get in there I hate to say but most of my ladies in prison to jail he told me just tough to believe in the guy were you living in hell because the D loaded and bodies be slapping the shit every day your mama's a Christian the only positions continue to pray babies are in a hoodie junkies on over to checks we're niggas will sell it a young girl is just come up on the chest copy you told me that he try to move a gentleman cuz either I won't how to do in the ponies things you don't know there is a problem you don't go to cops legal this shit is so real in the feel that we play with the Glock our father which I don't have Halle would be in the clip I pray that you see me you bless my message the young Jesus pick up for fuckin let's put down the heat murders on top of the murders another one covered in sheets another memorial candles and teddy bears all in the street another lil nigga who face on a shirt and the rest in peace just as you throw in a life away that does not mean that you gangster I don't consider that real when they go to cash in the bank take those who really bypasses there with a moving inside niggas react on emotions they show me they're like are they not just being honest restricting my mind so see in the world we holding it hostage go and get some money put some mama office to a crib nigga never hate you know whoever made it that's real nigga pray for my mind pray for my soul and cover my body good they think I'm part of the Illuminati only because of this fucking Bugatti D niggas with me would shoot up your party so many fences but still I be stressed I just want some hair from this bitch that um Texas did this to my data Expo trusting this why my career slowed my niggaz don't wanna see me grow fuck it you ain't gotta understand get it talking like fried pig shake away tiny dad I play seven figures on my new advance they proper missing now you're not involved it's taboo hit me but I'm just a car and all humbly I'm just warning y'all niggas better love loves building man just like the wheel box bring it on rain is true focus on the numbers I look put everything that I need on the tray this is me gone from the promise that it will some weight when the hose come on sheep only close eyes the prey never fall asleep all these niggas by the feet is all they do is sleep and a pusher the way think about a fetus or a doors everybody come but on 50 these tracks are heavy Wanko understand in the same game and they came to face on the cloud respect so I guess my basis nice then and for me that unless you got a face tan so we can light you better get my running over the way to sum it up once on my side nigga and that's them fool yeah you [Applause] his name painting those come I pray to God they never see me fail pray to God they never paint bail I got dealings in my heart I live all niggas running in the wrong race it is shooting at the wrong race it's a story that I gotta tell you when they started smoking at the wrong place it is shooting at the wrong race kill at the other hole crazy he's in a yellow face Chris is putting in a young face to get his body get me studying different they was on a mission they take any pay attention they was on bro daddy was holding the most money killer was telling the second note you can still get their money or sake to see me fail kradic that they never see me fail credit that they never came still getting your second or so hey pecking so I'm fuckin pray to God they never see me fail [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you're never gonna make it you're not good enough there's a million other people with the same stuff you really think you're different then you must be kidding think you're gonna hit it but you just don't get it it's impossible but it's not probable irresponsible too many obstacles you gotta stop it knows you gotta take as though you can't be a pro know what you have no more who the fuck do you – tell me what to do I don't give a damn if you say you disapprove I'm gonna make my move I'm gonna make it soon and I'll do it cause that's what I want to fuck him – cuz all these opinions in all these positions they come in and millions they Park in your vision but no you can't listen they're cities on fish because you want the power is why you're dreaming there's no way that you make but you never gonna make are you just gonna take that Kentucky all day but you just gotta take over you fucking fights back fuck if I said we're gonna make it we're never ever gonna break it you can never beat them in the better than you face it you can that they given them your life to go strike here nah they don't give it them you've got what I'm saying I'm not fucking playing don't leave it to straight men's too many of us and you're not that great man stop what you say yeah and stop what you're making everybody here knows that you just fruit I don't wanna can't anymore I don't want to hear it anymore but I need anymore but she never gonna make it or you just won it make them take it all day are you just gonna take that oh you fucking fight snack okay bye jack [Applause] too many cousin my mind I can't sleep at night so I just keep writing I don't need no help I don't need opinion so don't wait for time I just been living online my city don't show me no loving that's fine but local radio stations like I'm up late then all of these drivers can find them go when I'm going again I'm bingo and then I'm fed up with so many things I gotta just let it all out I'm talking about the shit they've been talking about telling me I should do this telling me I should do that telling me telling me things if I rap talking the truth in that step in my back there when I can't track don't know too many things have been building been hard to deal with I just been drinking remember my moves in the past I'm wondering what was I thinking lately I'm living in fear wondering what if the end is so near all of this shit going on the shootings a strong one shot to the head and I'm gone I'm losing control but I can't let it go cuz I'm trying to get more and I been in the moment I've been in the zone and I'm moving along I pick up the phone my family call I've been doing it wrong and I don't know what's happening trying to get what I just been imagining get it close and I just been examining all the faces they gave us been packaging I come from a town where most of the people are so closed-minded they go in the school and they work in a job but they don't even like it I will be put in the box nobody telling me what I should Rock nobody telling me what I should drop cause I do what I want and just go by oh stop recording to 4:00 in the morning there's no rain pouring my soul in there every story I'm writing producing that makes it I master I'm building my craft and I'm not looking back if it were never things I want to do when I want to everybody I wanna get away but they not do everybody wanna copy you but they're not you everybody wanna be cruel but then I knew whoa look ever go don't be your Dennis I still got the flow never gonna lose cause I'm still doing both never gonna lose cuz I've been on the road come here standing I'm killing the show know that I'm young and I still gotta grow know that I'm working there must know I'm never gonna talk and I'm looking back down on the people below with everything I'm working on every night another song they don't notice when I'm gone damn what is this that's us because bad when it hits like what – this time a chance with that West Side stuff everybody hands in the air straight up put them to the sky so high now jump dance I'm the crazy when that face I'm Bob we're just getting started with that please don't cut we just wanna party something nice so what come on everybody put the drink down bounce up with a hottie hit a fing town sounds please 1990 when I state downtown when we getting started man I think right now gone on with this new song play they can't hit the boy and put that little part we going in gay son make it loose on let me begin cuz I know you feeling cool gone unwind you see your best life uptown from back we got a little time left let's live blow it out we just Westside kids put it to rest and I trust that bitch that is nice give me cuffs I arrest that hey I told you that I'm gonna run it keep it at a hundred two we hand upon stomach feeling in my stomach doesn't get just because I mean it doesn't mean that I want it I mean the vibe keep it going strong and up on the wall if you have another song play the record I'll keep it climb from beyond bustle never stretch we just laugh another song like get up if you're gonna get crazy we'd be running on this town Oh JC told you that I'm on a whole different level opposite at all like you're home with the devil beat up on the road with the pedal to the metal I'm a rebel when I'm running this traction mm oh check my mo always did it live she is on the slide I guess sign on the side no do it if you've been asleep blew it y'all better be ready when they come round if you're trying to get yeah yeah yeah if you try to get up you bet if you want to get down when they ask Sega right over we didn't kick that thing years and go off the gas and spin the gears gonna get it going to the Sun appears we'd be living in the television one day year come bring that Thunder here yeah I'm attracted to that phone set up shop shut down so yeah right all night would be on that whole fucking that camera flash house big clay think I'll stick the fast never gonna let the moment pass if it's here right now reach out to grass yep listen get em I got em I gotta unload I shot him I never run slow Jeff Hannah I want this town hey hey night when it bends around hands up now bring them down I'm King no Jack I win that crown he sings I rap so spin that sound get up let's go up it on loud there's no energy yeah so I said I got that cuz I'm versatile you say get the flow I'll reverse the town you can bet your whole percent versus wild make the sucker MC go and burn like a sausage it then you should bounce it it I think you know what time it is realize they drop the tape and then they thought that they will be your star after yeah they got that they were after let me show you how to go if you climb too slow then you fall faster if you even come close man you don't have to read I'm the idiot dude that we're complete citizen get this story live in my vision and ridicule cuz you're a genius and then you win I don't know what it is and then you rhythm don't know ever witness until you waiter for a girl on me money sunson let me tell you something I'm aiming for the game you can make that assumption you ain't saying nothing yeah for y'all to live and bring you over six please I'm but my division shit Britain shit like that shit that was never impressive somebody else to write it down you could say you suggestin and you say you win the game you ain't investment six wins ow you should see this I think you know what time it is money you can put your money down on me yeah you can count on it if you're feeling like it's a legit then you should bounce it I think you know what time it is you don't give a damn what'd I do you think you're the cool thank you in order to [Applause] [Applause] yoga me [Applause] [Applause] I have a dream that's all I need I'll make it every summer I can't believe I made mistakes but mistakes make you strong let's break it down for me I want the crown okay you hear me I'm gonna try this she might be grants ladies not Edison and this is just a beginning and I'm closing in the night getting there ain't no point in resisting baby live like a dream baby pie recipe every now I got a dream I've been tied to the same stage ok mr. Feeny I wanna go get it head dad time we get it push myself for a minute I stay is it I don't shame you can see after CFI they're looking they want the best Amina best Amina best Amina best to me they want the best Amina best Amina best Amina best Amir I swear to god man I'll make it son silence our days as this piece making moves I'll do what I want so I got nothing to prove staying motivated teaching others what to do I'm staying focused – Oh Ben they start to notice I'm in motion there is no bullshit you're not just Charleston it takes to close to stake my balls man never stop to stop Reverend all the fuck back to top it up already standing down starting to dance that I'm ready to expand you don't have a chance for and Amanda with your five grand now to see if I'm looking too they want the best Amina best Amina best Amina best of me they want the best of me now best Amina best Amina best a minute the game so you best know my name got a money in fact how much you doing my best in the game everybody knows my name I've got a money in fact I see the solver play the game I should be on center stage champagne every show we saw we say fuck all the money you bang bro I'm gonna keep doing my thing yeah hope you like I'm Drake drop the world little rain you know that I'm here to stay sucker for pain I'm Trey Oh Lucy Gucci Mane Oh got cardi B in the pain oh man I don't got no restraints oh like a saint I'm sick of hearing complaints if you want something my fame sure thing go do something okay all the money and fame yeah that's it it's all over place I know deep in the game but I might keep doing my thang we got bad dots for the bed top finger better pop up when I start a kid's top hit him with the side up so they fuck a bad cop get him in a headlock down see her at dock I just wanna get platform in and hit on Shaq for a mini call that to my limits get enacted and did you sold out every ticket no trap mettlesome and I'll travel in a minute cuz I've had a vision be on a mission so you better listen i'ma end up winning every game every in an every word then the spinet finally cut a month if they never dream every image they can see it now and this is just the beginning trust me a minute I can show you that ticket if you wanna think Oh get it take a swing yeah hit it that's wise to forget it always want to never quit [Applause] with mine but you let some different plans it's broken by design and I left all of my friends I wish that I was fine but the painting never ends it's never summertime when the robberies pulls me yet and I feel so boss and I feel so down though this pain won't stop with my face up on the ground and I wish I could try and just make myself trout in the life that is not get you always let me down and you let me outside in the cold again I think I'm all right but I'm lost to go over my vice to add call again they come all right but I'm lost with that took over my life so it a stir I know I know that I might be crazy I wish that I could forget you baby I don't know why but I feel lost looking for someone who might just save me I don't wanna waste any time I'll be fine have to get you all out of my mind so I grind don't know what I'm looking for I feel like I'm blind wish that I could just go in for wine thank you let me outside in the cold come all right to cover my life so wait a stand that you came and let me out I think um all right to go over my wife's away test and it's open you


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