BEST Workout & Diet ADVICE for DATING | How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat FAST

You know what I hate? Those bodybuilding videos where it’s like
a dude standing there with his shirt off rambling for 15 minutes, just to give you 1 ——-
tip, and then it’s some complicated shit that you’re never even gonna use anyway! When I started working out, there was SO much
info, it was basically the same as if there was NO info! I was like, “dam, I don’t care about all
this extra stuff, just tell me what the —- to do!” So in this video I’m gonna tell you specifically
how to work out, and how to diet, so you build the best body ever. This is targeted at beginner and intermediate
level guys. I know there are tons of different things
that work, but instead of giving you a boatload of options I’m just gonna tell you ONE thing
that’s GUARANTEED to work. And how do you know it works? Because it’s exactly what *I* did. First, lifting weights. • For the first month, lift 3 days a week. Do 4 sets of each exercise, 10 reps per set,
2 minute rest between sets, so your body can get used to weightlifting. If the only weight you’ve ever lifted was
your —- last night when you were on Pron hub, you don’t want to hit the gym and start lifting
heavy as —- on day 1, because it’ll be bad for you. • You should do compound lifts. This is —- that hits multiple muscles. Examples: Bench press, deadlift, military
press, squats. • That’s it. • Once you’ve been lifting for awhile,
you want to up the intensity and start lifting heavier. Doing anywhere from 5-8 reps per set. You also want to split up your schedule to
hit two muscle groups a day. This is what my schedule looks like: Monday:
Chest & Triceps, Wednesday: Back & Biceps, and Friday: Shoulders & Legs. Some people like to do one muscle group a
day and that’s fine, but I’m gonna recommend doing 2 a day. • The most important thing to keep in mind
is to that you want to hit about 12 sets per muscle group. So for chest you could do incline bench press,
flat bench press, and chest dips, each for about 4 sets. • Bonus tip: You only need to lift for 1
hour max each time. Being in the gym for 2 hours a day is pointless
especially for beginners and intermediates. Second, cardio. • A lot of guys who lift don’t do any cardio,
but I like to do it for a couple of reasons: (1) Burning calories through cardio is a lot
more fun than eating 1 less meal each day, and (2) It’s good for you to stay fit anyway. If you get winded running half a mile, you’re
still gonna look pretty stupid regardless of how good your six pack is and how big your
biceps are. • During your first few months of lifting,
I recommend doing cardio 3 days a week, AFTER you lift, for about 20-30 minutes. Just jog on a treadmill, do the elliptical,
have — with some hot girls, whatever you feel like, switch it up and use it as an opportunity
to try different things. • Once you’ve been working out for awhile,
you can ramp up the cardio. I like to do interval training, which is where
you go fast and slow in intervals. For example if I’m on a treadmill, I put it
up to the max speed and do that for 20 seconds, then I cut it down to a powerwalking speed
and do that for 40-60 seconds, and repeat that cycle 10-15 times. That’s it. You can do it on a treadmill, or outside,
or on the elliptical or the bike or any machine other than the stairmaster. I like to do this for 2 reasons: (1) it’s
a lot more fun, (2) it doesn’t take up as much time, and (3) it allegedly burns a higher
percentage of fat than regular cardio. I say allegedly because SOME people disagree,
but I’ve ALWAYS had better results with intervals, so I recommend it. Just keep in mind that you should start intervals
once you’re already used to lifting, because it is a lot more intense than regular cardio
which means it can cut into your recovery, so if you’re just starting out you don’t want
to go too hard or you can get injured. Third, diet. • For your diet, all you really need to
do is: (1) Eat healthy stuff . Don’t make a big deal out of this, just eat stuff that you
think is healthy, like vegetables, fruit, potatoes, rice, beans, and so on, and avoid
stuff that you think is unhealthy, like candy, soda, and cheetos. You don’t have to over complicate it. (2) Take a general estimate of how many calories
you eat right now. If you eat a pretty regular diet it’s probably
about 2000. If you eat 3 meals a day and you also pig
out on snacks while you watch Netflix at 2am, then it’s probably about 2500. Now, when you start working out, you want
to put on muscle, so you’re gonna eat about 500 calories more than you usually do. As long as you work out hard, do your cardio,
and eat clean, you’ll either gain very little fat, or no fat at all, so you don’t need to
worry about that. If you do find yourself putting on fat, then
don’t even worry about it, it just means you’re eating too much, so all you need to do is
cut down on how much you’re eating, and that’s it. (3) If you’re already fat, and you want to
lose fat, then instead of adding 500 calories to your current diet, just subtract 500 instead. Simple. You don’t have to count calories, you can
just eyeball it, but if you feel like you’re not seeing results fast enough and you want
to do it then go for it. So that’s pretty much it. In summary, lift 3 times a week at first,
then progress to 5 times a week. Do intervals for cardio. Eat 500 calories more, or 500 calories less,
depending on whether you’re currently skinny or fat. I’m also gonna write out the exact workouts
that I did this week as well as a full list of exactly what I ate, in the description
below, you don’t have to follow it exactly, I’m just gonna put it there to show you what
*I* do, so you get the basic idea. See how simple this —- is? OUTRO: Hey! Want me to do another video about fat loss
tips? Then comment below and let me know. And stay tuned for next week’s video: How
to Dress Well, because once you have a nice body, you can complete the look by getting
it into some nice clothes too.


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