BEST Way to Setup YOUR HOME for Home Workouts


  1. Thank you for the videos! I work at home and just bought a rowing machine! Awesome tips! Appreciated! All the best!

  2. Zwift!! Not just a serious training platform but has an excellent community base. Unlike other platforms.. !!

  3. Stay safe San Diego 😉

  4. i had to stop driving because brain damage from a stroke caught up with me. no more going to the YMCA. sold my car figured i could ride my bike to the gym a block and a half away from me. another gym bought them out and closed them. went back to the Wii U Fit. found the rowing machine accessory online cheap. it's great! not the same thing but still a workout. the legs don't move. watching the cartoon Mii's rowing with the steady "stroke" being repeated is helpful. thinking of finding a piece of carpet to put under the thing i sit on so it will slide on the vinyl floor.

  5. Set up- 2 words in this case.

  6. i need some recommendation for rowing machines that would fit a small urban home. The flywheel ones seems to be too large even when it is stood up.

  7. Riding is a risk/reward evaluation…two kinds of riders, those that have fallen and those that will fall… seven knee surgeries was my price to pay and now that I can no longer run, I row. Not very fast but I keep after it. Keep up the great videos! I always catch your new videos and while I tend to go a bit longer than you do, your videos always have something to think about. Thanks

  8. If I like this video? I do love it and respect it a lot as well now knowing that you’re going through your motorcycle accident recovery and you’re taking your precious time to teach us about this particular moment we all in a different way are going through, means a lot to me and I’m sure to the entire dark horse community . I’ve to thank you and respect you more for all of this wishing you a full recovery Shane. Take care man.

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