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you are worth it seriously my channel and Anand here at chronically beautiful we are trying to live our best life even though we probably don't feel like it and today we are going to be talking about what vitamins and supplements and stuff I take in the day this right here this bad boy is good this is the pills that I take in a week and we're gonna go over why I do this what benefits they have what symptoms they help and how they might be able to help you as well don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and please subscribe and finally as always don't forget to ring that Bell so you can be alerted to all my future uploads bottoms up I'm gonna start with my morning and kind of explain what I take at each different time of the day and then there are some others that I kind of take sprinkle throughout the day that I'll talk about at the end now as I go through this I want to make it really clear I am NOT a doctor I am NOT a health care specialist I am NOT a nutritionist I am NOT a member of the FDA I know what works for me I know what my doctors have advised and prescribed and I know the research that I've done and you know what has been trial and error and all of that so please don't think that this is the be-all end-all everybody is different and everybody reacts differently to different supplements and this is the sort of magic combination that I have come up with over years of trying different things things not working things working things really not working and again doctors advising me to take these different supplements so please talk to your doctor before you make any decisions about the kinds of things you're going to be taking because some supplements of vitamins may be interacting with medications that you may take or interacting with each other at different times of the day so again make sure that you talk to your healthcare professional before you get into this so I start my morning before I even do anything as soon as I get up I start by taking my thyroid medication and this is really a video that's more about supplements and things than medications but it is important to know that when you take thyroid medication hormone replacement medication that you are taking it at least a half hour before you are eating anything or taking other supplements or at least an hour after you have done so the other thing that I really make certain to do in taking all of these is that I do not ever take anything on an empty stomach because vitamins supplements and things like that can make me really nauseous alright so I start my day once I get to work I eat my breakfast usually in the car on the way to work and then when I get there I start with my first morning handful as I call it so the first thing that happens in the morning for me is my vitamin C as you probably know vitamin C is supposed to really help support the immune system that's why people you know drink orange juice stuff when they don't feel well but there are a lot of other things that it does it is supposed to help support chronic illness and support you know you're not getting worse I don't know about that but that's one of the things that vitamin C is saying vitamin C hey it's supposed to support and help reduce high blood pressure it is supposed to help with your memory it is supposed to help with iron absorption so if you're taking an iron supplement it is a good idea to take it with vitamin C I do not personally take an iron supplement they make me so nauseous and sick and frankly stocked up a little that I can't do it I have when I'm dealing with anemia which I go back and forth between that iron deficient anemia I tend to just honestly eat a little bit more red meat and a lot more leafy greens and foods that nutritionally contain the iron so the vitamin C will help your body absorb iron more throughout the day in foods that you're eating and the supplements that you might be taking it's all supposed to also supposed to prevent heart disease so that is my vitamin C here's a TMI my Mort might pee after I take some of these if I don't drink enough water is like full of or essent yellow because that's just kind of what it the body takes what it needs from this and then it expels the rest so none of these are in a high enough dosage that anybody is going to be overdosing you're getting hurt please not me the next supplement that I take in the morning is vitamin d3 a lot of people in Michigan or any state where there's winter and you don't see the Sun very often are low in vitamin D and so a lot of people say that you should be taking vitamin D supplements I am quite deficient in vitamin D as part of my hash Emoto symptoms so I not only take vitamin d3 but I also take a vitamin d2 prescription so the vitamin D I find a huge difference in my levels of fatigue my general muscle pain and joint aches and soreness when I don't take it especially that e to once a week I have a really rough week and for some reason I forget to take that fill on a Sunday as soon as every member I take it because I just feel like like someone let the air out of me so on a daily basis and I do take those in the morning because they do give you some energy and kind of help to keep you going vitamin D long-term is supposed to help with resisting dementia it is also supposed to help support you in fighting depression as well as reducing the chances of heart disease so I do have hypertension so anything that's going to be protecting my heart I try to do and I also have diagnosed with depression so I like to take anything that will help support me a more natural way because I do take a very very low dose of my antidepressant medication I like to keep it that way the next thing that I take on a daily basis is biotin the reason that I started taking biotin was quite simply my hair and nails when I first got diagnosed my hair was falling out any clumps every time I changed thyroid medications I would lose more and more of my hair and so when I did my nails were like peeling they were disgusting it was awful I was a wreck so I started taking biotin and this this is a B vitamin I take a thousand micrograms of biotin every day and I take almighty vitamins I take in the morning because they are you know they kind of give you this boost of energy so I don't take them after dinner because then I like all night yeah when I first started taking biotin I almost immediately found a difference it was I would so anyways I would drop my fingers and they would like bent my nails were so weak and gross and brittle that they couldn't even make that noise and I noticed within a couple of weeks of taking biotin that I could do that again I also started noticing my hair filling out again it doesn't necessarily go to grow long really fast but it was starting to come in and I noticed especially around my face and you can even see them now I have all these little baby hairs that started growing in and filling in and I still do that all the time I have tons of these ridiculous little wispies and I really attribute that to my my biotin and just keeping my hair and nails going it's also supposed to be really great for your skin and keeping it you know elasticity keeping your looking young and all of those great things so be careful with biotin though because I only take a thousand micrograms you can get it up to ten thousand but it can it is the contains protein and it can make you gain weight too so be really careful I don't do any more than a thousand because it starts to push me over the edge a little bit I don't need that so that's the biotin the next thing that I take every morning and this I actually take throughout the day I take a breakfast lunch and dinner it is a supplement called Antron X it is by the company's standard process and you can't buy this in the stores you may be able to buy it like specialty health food stores I actually got bite at my chiropractor's office and I've looked it up on Amazon and I would I would think that it'd be cheaper there but it's actually not as much more expensive and Amazon and local chiropractors your chiropractor probably carries that it's a very common brand for those guys it is an incredibly high-quality supplement they are you know they list right on whether it's gluten free or not and this particular one is supposed to be for a lot of different things for me I take it mainly for sinus drainage I have so many sinus issues and just every morning I feel like I'm hacking up a lung of sinus crud and I have a whole protocol that I used to take care of that and this is one of the things that I take is and turn X and I take one a day breakfast lunch and dinner if I'm sick I'll take one a day three a day and if I'm sick I will take two per meal maybe even three if I really need to keep things going so this one is also supposed to be great for immune function it helps to support liver health and then again really really helps with sinus drainage thinning out of mucous and things like that so that sounds gross but it's a part of life especially for people that are dealing with food allergies and seasonal allergies and I have both of those and while I am strictly gluten free some other allergens you know work their way in and it gets me off gross so and your next this is a big one but if you take that one throughout the day not just in the morning the next thing I take in the mornings is India Plex it is used to support the immune system it is also an antioxidant antioxidants are really important because they trap free radicals that are in your body and help your body get rid of them or they help block them from even getting into your system free radicals are all of those kind of carcinogen things that are coming from pollution and any metals and food full of preservatives and all of those things in the environment and anything with an antioxidant I'm sure you hear about antioxidants all over the place they're in all kinds of different foods and supplements antioxidants fight free radicals and so they're very important in trying to help you be all of the stuff that's in the environment around us like on a daily basis I take one a day the people around me are sick I might up into two but maybe a Plex is a great one another one that I take twice a day is a lair Plex and this is another standard process Eller Plex is like nature's allergy medicine it helps to support the immune system but it also really helps again with drainage and then it's of course liver function lung function and overall respiratory health and it really really helps to block those allergens and help you to expel them from your system as needed when I started taking this I was able to stop taking allergy medicine every day no more claritin I do occasionally still take an Allegra tea because it helps with my headaches so much but I don't take those on a daily basis I can with my hypertension but Eller Plex I take it morning and dinner I take it twice a day and it's made a big big difference and I might even up that a little bit during allergy season in the spring in the fall so I would HIGHLY look into this one I would highly recommend looking into this one if you are suffering from seasonal allergies now we're gonna move into the afternoon this is my lunchtime handful at lunchtime I again I take all of these after I beat nine honestly usually just take the whole handful and throw to my mouth and swallow it at once if I didn't I would spend all day taking pills but the first one were to talk about is a stress B complex there are so many different B vitamins and most bodies don't absorb the vitamins very well and people with autoimmune disorders really don't absorb the vitamins well so I do not only take a supplement B vitamin to try to get what I can from it but I also actually do b12 injections that my doctor prescribes so the B stress complex though I have found to really really help me with my energy and not only does it help with my energy but it also helps with my mood it is supposed to be a mood booster if you take an antidepressant it means stress complex is supposed to help that they're supposed to work well together to help them work better it's also supposed to help you reduce stress and anxiety and it is something that is supposedly helped cognitive performance so for me I like to take this right after lunch because you know everybody's like sleepy time after lunch and it's hard to stay focused so I take this one at lunch so that it gives me that boost to get through the rest of the day and I definitely notice a difference when I don't take it and this is one I can't take it night because I'm like I can't sleep well then I get a little excited I'm like Jojo the idiot circus boy so this one be careful with that don't take it at night if you're not used to that I don't take I do take another Antron X at lunch and we talked about that and then I take another one of the standard process which is called konjac Lux pancha Plex is another antioxidant supplement it supports thymus gland it also helps the immune system boost the immune system and it helps to create new cells so this is a really really good one even helping to support skin in here and you'll since it helps with cell production so kind of flex is one I take that one once a day usually with lunch and it's another one that if I'm feeling sick I will usually up the dosage on this one two three a day or even more and my chiropractor typically helps me to turn determine what I should be taking the last thing I take in the morning is fish oil fish oil is something you probably hear about and you think that's not disgusting and it does but it's not like they've just taken a trout like squeezed it out in a pillow different from that now some fish oil pills do taste really fishy I find that this one it is from nature made and they are humongous but the softgels fish oils tend to not taste fishy there's no like fish burps or anything with them I take a 1200 milligram with 360 milligrams over omega-3 fatty acids which is one of the really cool things about fish oils that it provides those good fatty acids that you get in like salmon things like that so I take this one and they you have to make sure that you're looking at it that you're not taking one that's like based on a fish that's filled with mercury this particular one is purified they remove any chance of that happening to you another thing too that I like about nature made is that they're gluten free and for me that is a necessity so I do take the fish oil in the morning I've taken it a night too and I don't find that it flight gets me all hyped up but they say it's better to take it in the morning so I started doing that so fish oil has so many benefits that I am actually gonna read them to you because there was so many more than even I knew then more than what I take them for so I take them to help with depression and heart issues it's supposed to support heart health mental disorders it's supposed to help you support you in weight loss which bonus I did not know that it helps with allergies it does also helps to support your eyes reduce inflammation which is another reason that I take it healthy skin hair nails all that good stuff it's helps your liver to reduce fat and another thing it's supposed to really help with is mental decline and even ADHD so if you have a ADHD or you have a child that has ADHD you might want to think about doing a fish oil till and they come in all different shapes and sizes and this one's actually empty but I will point out because they're cute you need to see how big these are this is a monstrous pill like it's like the size of my eyeball it is humongous so they do make ones that are much much smaller these work for me and what can you do so the soil is like an all-around winner you should be taking fish oil if you're not you need to add this into your life just gonna be amazing moving on to dinner time we have another dinner handful here and so what we have in here is that I like I said I take the Antron X throughout the day my second eller Plex happens at this time and then I also take a supplement called cataplexy AC this is another awesome one from standard process it helps to support the mucous membranes your immune health and drainage so I take a few things for that but I find that Amir Plex Concha Plex and cataplexy AC all helped and have helped me at different times with different sicknesses and infections and viruses so when I take one of each every day it kind of is helping me to ward off all these different things because they all do kind of fight different viruses and things like that so if I just sprinkle a little in throughout my day I have found I've started doing this about a year ago and I have found that I really don't get germs sick all that often I am sickly because I have an autoimmune disease but I am not catching every little cold that crosses my path like I used to be and I'm a teacher I am surrounded by hundreds of people all day this time of year in my classroom sounds like a doctor's office with all this coughing and sneezing and carrying on okay that's three kids here one in elementary school my husband is an elementary school principal is like a germ Factory so these are really like my arsenal against getting sick and when I really started taking all of this stuff I started about three years ago I kind of finally got it all honed in and I was being really lazy with it and just kind of commitment if I ran out of it I just stopped taking it whatever but I've noticed that since I've been incredibly consistent with taking all of my supplements every day it has been like night and day compared to how sick I was given how often I was getting viruses and bacterial infections and things like that I just don't catch colds and things as often as I used to now do I have stomach aches all the time yeah to appendix all the time muscle aches all those things that are symptoms of Hashimoto's disease and chronic fatigue syndrome yes I am still dealing with that but that's just something that medicine you know like this is doing everything it can a lot of these help in a lot of different ways but for the most part a lot of these really help me to just avoid germs jace illnesses which is awesome the last thing I need is to feel crappier than I already do I'm lucky though I really do feel great most of the time especially with the last year or so since we've gotten all this and all my meds kind of honed it which is amazing I am so blessed the next thing I take every day and this is a huge one that is so important for anybody that is dealing with chronic pain is magnesium so magnesium happens I take 250 milligrams I take a soft gel version these are another one that are pretty big there's a lot of different types of magnesium so you're gonna want to do your magnesium research you could even use magnesium they make lotions and sprays you can take an Epsom salt bath that is filled with magnesium actually I have one running right now soon as I'm done filming I'm gonna go dive in my bathtub and it's going to be glorious but magnesium is important I take this at night because it does help you to feel relaxed it's a nice before bed supplement to take but it definitely helps with inflammation it definitely helps with joint and muscle pain it is supposed to help fight against type 2 diabetes it's supposed to help you in exercise performance which I have tried that one out yet but you know a list it helps you to fight depression it's a mood kind of calmer it's supposed to help with PMS and migraine prevention and I have found a difference in as many in the number of migraines I've been getting since I started taking this so I highly recommend magnesia but like I said there's the next thing I take in the evening is a okay the next thing I take every you need is a cranberry pill this is just sundown Naturals eye it's gluten-free it has no artificial flavors it's non-gmo you know no dairy no lactose so I like these I take cranberry because I have a tendency sometimes toward urinary tract infections especially in the summer it doesn't matter it's it's some people just have issues with it I think it has to do with like the acidity of your body obviously there are some things that cause urinary tract infection it's there you know because people are like I'm hygienic and stuff I promise that's not the situation with me gross but this just happens occasionally I don't get them constantly but I had one in my life like 20 years ago and then I had like three in one year and they are so miserable that I'm like no never again I'm not I'm not I'm gonna risk it so I do take one cranberry pill every day and it's equivalent to 80 400 milligrams which this particular one and that's really done the trick I have not had any issues since I started doing these it's also something you can take when you feel like you have a UTI coming on you can just take some extras of those to try to kind of fight it off like how they say to drink cranberry juice but unless you're drinking 100% unsweetened plain old disgusting sour cranberry juice not gonna help you a whole lot it's just filling you with more sugar which is not going to help so a cranberry supplement it's just nice to keep those on hand if you are someone who can teach you guys there are also a lot of other benefits to cranberry but I didn't even know because I'm only taking it for that one reason but I'm gonna read to you some of the other benefits it is an anti-inflammatory it is it contains antioxidants just like most berries do heart health helps to control blood sugar it controls and helps with cancer protection healthier teeth and gums and increased immunity so there's a lot of vitamin C in cranberry as well there's a lot going on it's like a little Wonder fruit young so it doesn't taste like anything it'd be awesome it was like going very splash but it's not it just tastes like every other pillow which it tastes like nothing and at dinnertime I also do take another Antron X and my allergy pill like I said with cataplexy AC that brings us to bedtime at bedtime I take every day a probiotic and right now I'm just taking the cultural probiotics I don't get fancy with my probiotic thing I don't have time to keep it in the refrigerator I need it to go with me and just be ready to rock the probiotics are supposed to have a ton of benefits all-around gut health and keeping the good bacteria in your gut there and it helps to fight germs and just keeps your immune system pumped and healthy honestly one of the main reasons I started taking it TMI is it helps with regularity one of the symptoms of Hashimoto's disease which is complete drag and totally again TMI is that you get locked up and that stinks and it's painful and it's just a huge pain and it's tough in your life you know so you're traveling and you're like always they have anxiety about where you're gonna go and what if I could level it the whole thing if you suffer from this situation you know exactly what I need in addition to everything else I've got going on I also have IBS C and I'm glad I don't have IBS d that Dan's a retiree now so bless that I don't have that but the C constipation is really tough too so this oh my gosh I can't believe how much this also I just take one of these a day and that just keeps me regular some people take more than one I find when I take more than one it's like whoa careful easy no so I just keep it I just keep it regular I'm not trying to do a system clean out every day but always a good idea and you make sure that you're checking the number of bacteria that are coming in this and I she doesn't say it on this bottle that it said it on the box but you want to make sure that you are looking at like three to ten million at least and I would start with a lower bacterial count when you first begin and then start rising it up and you can go all the way up to like thirty million on do your research on this before you start taking a probiotic there's a million different ones they're a little pricey but it's so worth it definitely thumbs up on the probiotic and I take them at night because then it kind of sets the mood for my morning you know what I mean it's not like interrupting the middle of my day so that's the story with the probiotics another thing that I take them actually out of right now so I can show you the bottle is a garlic pill I take one of those either at bedtime or dinnertime every night garlic pills are just great for and they don't smell the ones that I've I don't smell some of them do so be careful it's just for combating sickness helping with immune support heart health basically everything that all these other ones do I am just trying to cover every possible angle that I can just stay healthy to not get sick to keep my heart healthy to keep my mood boosted to help with my depression I need all the help I can get so these guys are like my little healthy buddies so I will link everything below also that I take and then you can check things out for yourself the other thing that I take every night along with the garlic pill is the turmeric curcumin complex I do take one that has both turmeric and curcumin because they are supposed to help support each other this is a 500 milligram it also contains black pepper extract I really like this one I find that when I take turmeric I just don't hurt as bad when I wake up in the morning and people are all about turmeric turmeric tea and this then the other thing it works it is a natural anti-inflammatory my joints and muscle pain are so much less severe when I wake up in the morning when I take my turmeric when I don't take it I can definitely feel a difference it also helps with of course heart health it is supposed to help with brain function it is an antioxidant it's also supposed to fight against Alzheimer's and help you with longevity just living your longest life it is one that I would highly recommend that you work into your routine now throughout the day I also take I take an antidepressant every day I take my thyroid pill every day I do take blood pressure medication every day I do take sometimes a decongestant if I really really need it because I get terrible headaches and the last vitamin or supplement that I take and I don't do this every day I take it once every two weeks and that is a b12 injection I used to have to go to the doctor for this this is a prescription and it is an injection this is the hypodermic needle in a small little vial I do these to myself I used to have to go to the doctor's every you know two weeks and that's a huge pain and all the co-pays on top of that so they taught me how to do it for the first year or so I could not do this to myself I would have my husband do it or my stepdaughter who is a type one diabetic she is very familiar with how to give injections so she would help me with it and they kind of taught me how to do it and now I do it to myself and I may even do a little video because I I feel like I'm really good I don't even feel it when I do it so this is twice I'm sorry twice a month so I do this every two weeks and it is wonderful I definitely feel a difference when I have done this I'm actually due for it today but it's bedtime so I'm not going to do it tonight but I'm gonna do it in the morning energy energy energy I can't even explain to you how much energy this gives me in a good way this comes in it this is an injection because the body doesn't absorb b12 through the stomach so that's why we do an injection and I have a I have a b12 deficiency along with the D deficiency that's why my doctor has described this to me it used to be once a month that wasn't enough then it was once a week and then I kind of got better so now we've kind of leveled out at once every two weeks and that really works well for me this is another one in addition to the energy it is supposed to really protect the body from free radicals and help prevent skin cell damage from cancer is just all-around a winner so b12 – thumbs up a lot of times if you're just feeling crappy you probably just need more B vitamins you at least that's part of it and you talk to your doctor about this all of these vitamins and things you can find out what you are deficient in or what you might have too much of in just a basic bloodwork panel and you might ask your doctor you know can we test my levels especially if B and D vitamins and iron those are so important and you can get those tests done it's just a simple blood draw and they can let you know all your different levels and be able to let you know should you be taking a prescription these should you be getting V 12 shots you know what kind of supplements should you be taking it's important that you're giving yourself a chance to feel your best and for me I you notice I don't take a multivitamin for me a multivitamin didn't work the dosages just weren't right I will like throw a like multivitamin in the mix every now and again if I'm feeling crappy or this works better for me doing getting to pick and choose how much of everything that I'm taking what my body needs based on my test results and what my doctors are recommend I have a cardiologist and endocrinologist my general practitioner and my chiropractor frankly I really trust that helped me to determine what kinds of things are going to be best for me based on blood tests and things like that so this is my magic combination yours might be super different let me know in the comments below do you take something that's not on this list and what does it do for you and how can you help us like let us know because maybe some other people watching this could add that to their regiment it would be great for us to share as a community what we're doing that's working for us one of my final thoughts on this is when you're purchasing vitamins I don't buy any of this on Amazon with the exception of the garlic pills because I find that they're the cheapest there and I have it on subscription but all of like the major like grocery store brands of vitamins are always always always on sale buy one get one free if it's not at Meijer it's at CVS or Walgreens or wherever I never ever pay full price for any of this and most of them you can get coupons as well so a bottle of vitamins that might cost $12 that's twenty four dollars and sometimes that's only for like a month supply and you're taking 20 different supplements a day that's nuts so I never pay full price for anything because they always go on sale places like Sam's Club are also a really good spot to look for things especially probiotics coming you know better because those are really expensive they're about a dollar a day depending on where you're getting them and the quality that you're getting for me it's well worth it but make sure that you're looking for good deals using all the resources that you have to be able to afford to do this because you are worth it you are worth it seriously seriously don't let something get in the way you know what stop paying for the loop and start doing this you know take something else out that isn't a need and add this because this is a need having a regime of taking the supplements and vitamins and and putting them into your system and helping you to feel better is a necessity it is much more of a necessity than buying a new shirt or any of that American concepts cancel one of your subscription boxes I don't care that you need this you need some form of this to be your best self very least try at least take a multivitamin that will help I promise my final piece of advice on this is to make sure that you're organized this is not going to work for you if you have to tote around 20 bottles every raid though it's just not going to work so I have this guy that I use so as you can see it's got seven different little strips and then there's four little openings per day so it's breakfast lunch dinner and extras I put my bed time beds into that little extra one and so once a week I go through and I refill everything I try to do it on Sundays and I just have a whole little system you can see what's happening here that I go through and I I know what goes where I have a little sheet that reminds me of different things if I can't remember what goes where but I always remember and you just drop them in and at the time when I'm doing this if I see that I'm lowering on something instead of putting that bottle back into the cabinet where the vitamins go I'll put it on the windowsill above the sink and that reminds me to add that one to my list or pick it up when I go to the chiropractor you don't want to run out of something and not have a plan so when I when I'm putting seven of those in I have seven left but I want to make sure that next weekend I'm ready to restart and I'm not next week I'm going to the empty bottles so please make sure that you're keeping on top of this because it's just so important for your health that you're just taking care of yourself and staying organized with it I write it right down to my planner to refill vitamins if you see that you know you're gonna be traveling you might want to have two of these guys if you're going on a really long trip if you're going somewhere you don't want to carry this giant thing along but just have a little tiny one that you could keep just like one day's worth it's always a great idea to to just have an extra day's worth of all of these pills just tucked in your purse hidden that way if you forget something or you leave your pill box at home or whatever you've got all of your meds that you might need that day because I have my medications in here as well and there's been times where I've been at work without it and I've had to call like my dad who's retired who lives nearby I've had to call him to bring it to me because I can't get through the day without some of my meds and they're all in this box so it's always a good idea to keep spares on hand just a little ziploc bag of everything you'd need maybe for a whole day or two days and just tuck it in a pin you know the bottom of your purse or leave it in your car so that you have it just in case but in your desk drawer at work so there you go I got this pill box at the on Ltd commodity's out of their catalogue but they do have it on their website so I'm gonna link this below I'm actually gonna buy a new one because this will start to get a little bit scummy and I like it and I don't want them to stop carrying them I have tried every pill box out there this one is the winner for me a lot of other ones just just aren't right so this one's perfect for how I organized there you can get one at CBS or Meyer or anyplace you want to this one I really love though cuz it zips and it's cute and it was like $7 so win okay guys so that is what I take in a day and I do take all of those every single day it is a lot but like I said I just throw them all in at once so I'm really only taking you know for swallows the pills a day so if don't do that if you're not prepared to do that some people just can't deal with swallowing pills I'm not one of those people but just do what you can take it at the pace that works for you you do not need to run out and buy every single one of these but maybe try a couple that might work I would highly recommend fish oil being one of your first stops and working at the bite into your regiment I think those for me are the two that have made a huge difference along with the turmeric they're all good I could just keep going on it just really depends it really depends on what you are trying to do what you're trying to get better at if you have any questions about different things let me know like I said and I'll link all of these in the box below and we will all try to work together to feel our best all right guys thank you so much for going on this adventure with me please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it please subscribe tell your friends and don't forget to ring that bell so that you are notified of all my uploads and keep coming back let's keep doing this together come see me take care of you [Applause]

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  1. I also only take 1000mg of Biotin daily! Just because its simply gross! My current regimen is 50,000 IUs of Vit D weekly, Biotin daily, CalTec (sp? Combo of Calcium and Vit D3) Daily, and Folic Acid daily. I also have to have a B12 injection. Often, I have to take Magnesium and Potassium supplements as well. I need to add a daily intake of Vit D as well for a boost! Claritan helps with some of the residual side effects from cancer treatments. I have to ask about the B-complex! Fish oil makes my skin very oily! I am going to add cranberry, magnesium, and fish oil in to my regimen. Thanks for the vid!

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