I'm eating these everyday they're broccoli sprouts and they help fight off h pylori hi guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here please check out my other videos on h pylori I have quite a few I talked about my symptoms my treatment my diet in this video I will be answering for you guys a few of the most common questions I have received in those previous videos some of the questions include the top supplements that I would recommend for someone that can't afford to buy all the supplements or things like how did I gain back the weight that I lost while I was really really sick with h pylori so I'm gonna answer those questions today first off I want to say thank you to those of you who have subscribed to my channel I have committed myself to making more videos regarding health and fitness and this is mainly due to the fact that I've done such a wonderful job if I may say so of healing myself naturally that I am very inspired to help everyone that is in need of help not just with h pylori but in overall health and fitness it's always been a passion of mine and I am very excited to share my experiences and things that I've learned things that I've implemented on myself I am a certified personal trainer so I will be uploading a lot of fitness videos if you guys are interested in that and are not subscribed yet please consider subscribing and coming back to my channel for more now let's get started with some of the questions that I have received in other video the first question is if I could choose a few of the supplements and not the whole list because I understand that it can get really pricey to buy all the supplements that I've commented on in the this episode then I would pick five and let me show you what they are I would pick black seed oil sacrum ices Velarde mastic um Kavita brand manuka honey and l-glutamine now I do have a few links that I will put in the description box of studies that prove that these supplements have been effective in combating h pylori and they were the primary reasons why I decided to go with these specific supplements second question is what are the top foods now in my previous videos I did mention that I was doing a lot of soups I'm following still following today the calf's diet which is cut or broken up into different phases the first phases are very very restricted no brains no dairy no sugar just pretty much a lot of chicken and veggie broth now if you're not in the position where you can even imagine having soups all day which I can imagine is really hard because when I first started having just plain soups I honestly was feeling very weak I lost a lot of weight it was just it was really hard for me and I didn't have to go to work so I can't imagine why most of you are dealing with and I can imagine that it would be really difficult to implement it such an aggressive and restrictive diet so if you absolutely can't follow this diet I highly recommend a list of certain foods that help fight off h pylori and heal the the lining of the stomach and they are cabbage juice and celery juice combined broccoli sprouts chicken stock avocado asparagus garlic onions spinach and fermented foods fermented foods are really really good to have before each meal if you cannot tolerate the actual vegetables like the cabbage in there just drink the juice one or two tablespoons before your meals next question was how did I gain the weight back not a loss during this time that was like a two-week period when I was I was really sick I couldn't need anything I wasn't sleeping well I lost close to ten pounds and it may not seem a lot to you guys but I am a very petite girl I am around five three and I usually am around 120 pounds so 10 pounds for me was a lot you could totally see it in my face it was I look dead during that time so it was definitely not a and and then I I'm used to bodybuilding so I lost a lot of muscle mass I got really really skinny so for me it was really really hard going through that how did I gain the weight back well like I said I'm following the gap style which is very similar to something like the keto diet where I don't consume grains I don't consume dairy and my calories come mainly from fat sources all right I will say that I upped my fat intake a lot and I was having healthy fats like coconut oil I was having egg yolks in my soups one or two just the egg yolk I was eating and I mentioned this in previous videos I was leading a lot of almond butter with ghee which I do not recommend I was kind of so restrictive in my diet that it was kind of like the my dessert if you will I was mixing probably like half a jar of almond butter with half a jar of ghee and I was mixing that up and I was eating that kind of like a fat bomb I don't recommend too much almond butter because too much can be aggravating to the stomach so I've dramatically decreased that it was kind of like a thing where I was like craving that more than anything else and I kind of overdid it at times but if you're not overdoing it then almond butter could be a great source of fat I have I consume a lot of these things that consume a lot of coconut milk I have a coconut milk to show you it's the organic Thai Kitchen coconut milk and it's the full fat so just to give me an example I use one whole can in a smoothie and one can of these bad boys is around 60 grams of fat and around 600 calories so when I'm saying that I'm consuming a lot of fat in my diet I'm not joking I have a very very high fat diet and I'm at the point where I've gained the weight back that I've wanted to and I'm now energized enough to work out and kind of maintain the calories versus have a surplus of calories so I recommend that you increase your fat oh and avocados let me not forget I'm on coddles because I have around one avocado per meal but um like I said I recommend that you up your fat intake just as as long as you get to the desired weight if you've lost weight and then focus on just maintaining that okay so another question that I really quickly want to address with you guys I was asked if I am promoting the gapps book that was a little insulting for me but I guess it's understandable since I've mentioned it in a lot of my videos already I am not being sponsored by anyone all of these products have been completely purchased with my own money I can't even imagine who would sponsor someone with only like 5 subscribers so I am in no way paid by any of these brands I mentioned the gaps diet often because in comparison to other people who have old taken supplements alone and have not changed their diet dramatically like I have with the gaps diet I am doing very very very well very very quickly in comparison to other people so I a hundred percent believe in my heart that it's been more due to the diet than any other thing that I have implemented like the supplements that I talked about or anything else so I highly recommend that you guys check out the gaps book or the lectures that dr. Natasha Campbell McBride has on YouTube which are completely free I just had to mention that because if you do feel like I'm pushing supplements or a book or anything else I want to assure you that I am NOT and if I if I was and I we needed to disclose that because YouTube rules require me to disclose things like that which is understandable so I am not in any shape or form accepting any kind of record compensation for any of the stuff that I've mentioned last thing is I was requested to make a video on the soups that I was eating I have two different soups of beef soup and one that is a chicken soup they are my favorite soups I usually make both and have them during the week lately I've been kind of giving the soups a break only because here in Las Vegas it's been so hot it's been a hundred degrees plus and soups are not so appealing during the summer but I would be happy to share a video with you guys on the recipes that I use and the vegetables and stuff that I that I used to make my soups comment in the description box if that is something that you're interested in seeing next so another question that I want to address is regarding the panic disorder that I mentioned in the first video I did say that I was diagnosed with it a few times when I was in the ER because I was having panic attack like symptoms I felt a lot of adrenaline in my chest I couldn't breathe I couldn't sleep because I felt like I stopped breathing when I was starting to doze off and it was a really scary thing I was prescribed xanax which I never took I decided to take a natural route I bought CBD oil and other supplements to help calm me down it wasn't until I saw a gastroenterologist as she explained that it was likely not a panic disorder because I didn't have a lot of the other symptoms that come with panic disorder like being afraid for my life I never have had an issue or history of depression nor did any of my family members so getting that diagnosis in the first place seemed very very odd to me and once the gastroenterologist explained that a lot of her patients have had similar experiences from the acid reflux it actually the acid from your stomach comes up and burns the nerves in the esophagus and that's what causes the panic attack like symptoms so do I have panic disorder or do not have panic disorder I do not have panic disorder I believe that the explanation that the specialist gave me made more sense to me and in since I haven't had an issue with those symptoms the only times which is two times that I've had that issue arise again and it hasn't been to the degree that it was when I was really really sick were twice when I ate very close to bedtime so I realized that with myself if I don't allow myself a four hour plus window to digest my meal to digest my dinner before I go to sleep then I start feeling that feeling of shortness of breath very mildly but I can still feel like so like I said it's happened twice and since then I just do not eat past six o'clock I'm in bed around 10:00 sometimes I'll even eat very very early like five o'clock just to make sure that that does not happen so I do not have panic disorder but it is very common to later on if you don't treat or you don't heal your H pylori and if you continue to have digestive issues it is very common for you to develop panic disorder in which case the cat's diet that I've recommended over and over is really good for fighting that those symptoms or those are those issues and also healing the stomach so I hope that I have answered all the questions for you guys okay so I'm losing daylight here it's getting really dark and I don't have like the fancy ring for lighting so I'm sorry about that so I'm just gonna leave you guys with this I hope you benefit from this video if you haven't seen my previous videos I encourage you guys to check them out I have more information on my symptoms my diet the supplements that I take that have taken throughout this process if you have any questions guys I'm here to help I've been through where you are right now if you're watching this video I know the struggle I know how scary it can be I know how you might feel and and honestly it's a terrible feeling and this is why I'm making this these videos I understand that there's a lot of people right now struggling with h pylori and what i have done with myself with treating myself has really helped and has really given me the best results that i could have ever expected doing any other treatment especially the conventional route of antibiotics so please guys if you have any questions feel free to reach out you can also find me on instagram where i upload regularly the things that I'm eating things that I'm doing for fitness things that I'm cooking it in the kitchen field trips for my kids stuff like that so if you're interested in any of that go check out my Instagram page it's Kathy's underscore pants underscore food I will leave that in the description for you guys and if you have any questions or comments leave them below because I know that there's people that check the comments and you might be giving me some insight on what helped you you might be helping someone else with whatever insight you have on healing from h pylori so again thank you so much for taking the time to come visit my channel don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you on the next video

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