Best Pilates Workout ♥ Core Exercises For Weight Loss

hey guys welcome to our pilates workout we are beautiful banff national park I’ve got amazing mountains behind me a really really cold water next to me and an awesome workout today that’s going to really work on your core as well as your legs and your booty so if you already grab a matt and lets do it alright guys we’re going to begin today on your mat let’s start with a nice big stretch forward fold go ahead and reach we see for those toe and see how far you’d like to go you can go all the way down where you can just hold onto the back of your knees now from here we’re going to start with our first exercise roll up taking it down nice and slow reach the arms over your head roll yourself back up for old points which shows and take it down one vertebra at a time again reach it up stretch all of the belly round the spine take it down and again reaching forward hold now take it down stopping right about the middle hold that position and I’m making a gun with your fingers lift your left leg to the twist depressing exhale twist to the left and two and three and four very good five or doing 867 last one hold it release the hands and take your back all the way to the matt bending that left knee into around the world simply lift your bottom like big arm circle reach over your head and 4 12 very and last wait for holding only the hands behind the head twist and take a bicycle 3456789 last one hold that position don’t drop the leg yet and you lift your straight leg like to get down point bring it up flex take it down point bringing it up inhale as the leg drops exhale as it comes up and inhale exhales an amazing exercise because the obliques the waistline keep going beautiful you like you almost done last one hold it was the bicycle one more set go to 3456789 and take a second extend your legs and arms go back to our roll up reaching for hollow the belly round the spine take it down reach and up stretch and take it down awesome two more times big reach forward suck the belly in round the spine down last one roll yourself up stretch back Center let’s come down about halfway holding interlace the fingers let’s go to the other side right like inhale exhale other 21-3 keep your hips square 4, 5 hold it release the fingers and let’s go ahead and take it all the way down around the world and the top lists the bottom leg a big circle with the arms and around for one circle with the arms and you keep the shoulders awesome at 3. 1 hands behind the head bicycles 10 x 3 4 5 678 good job folded don’t drop the like left leg up single lift inhale as like upside-down point as you come up flex inhale exhale as you come up we have exhale not try to stay in your twist get that elbow underneath to touch the whole time keep going keep the core nice and strong and last 2 and 1 i’m going to bring the leg down old it going to take our bicycles again starting family 123456789 last one you guys alright that’s from this position to take a little ball rocket side-to-side give yourself a little bit of a break and then from here i’d like to extend both legs up open to pilates and heels touching toes apart and going to come behind that interlace the fingers row left to lower the legs and bring your backup for your baby drops lower and now the goal here is to keep that lumber spine pressed into the back keeping the core nice and strong not about how low you can go with the legs about how strong you can keep your keep the back for help from here we’re going to do a crisscross simply cross 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 987654321 beautiful hold it drop the head of body take a moment to find your breath and then come back up again baby drops one more time 23 have the second set of what you go a little lower than the first keep that back grounded it almost done the last 1i want you to hold and get into those crisscrossed again two three four five six seven feet now pac 10 987654321 awesome hold it, drop the head and body flex your feet let’s take a happy baby pose to stretch out those legs reaching for the outsides of your feet and falling both knees down adding a little rock that feels good for you extending the legs and then from here we’re going to go into a single leg switches reach up and let’s switch 123456 open those like 7 one more eight count six five four nice strong 21 beautiful legs up dropped the head and body release to like from here let’s roll over to your side now we’re going to bend the bottom me you’re going to come up onto that and from this position reach the top hand over your head and you to push yourself right out into side plank list drop the hips and push right back up for you so when you come up i want you to think about creating a straight line and we toes to the fingers bring it down and bring it up and again bring it down and lift using your bleak using your legs here a great exercise for the full body bring it down and up and lift eyes you can possibly think about that straight line from the fingers to the toes and lift the job you back last one reach that top arm up to the sky and then from here we’re gonna go into some pulses to flex the foot and then start to pulse 6 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 87 65 43 21 and I’m certainly going to our side cracked simply touch our community and then opens hello to me and bent elbow to knee and open awesome you guys buy that for and to really try to have physical contact with the elbow and the knee reaching arm right back down and pivoting on that bottom knee still want to want to but it’s like and then from here we’re just going to hold it here first when you really think about the alignment of your hips pulling the belly button right into your spine by then going into our back kicks lower the leg pic you still working the booty here 4 5 6 7 the glute 432 nice and high i fold it pull the belly botton into your sign again just finding that balance and then from here going into our Pilates push-ups and looking and we’re doing 12 for focusing on working the triceps keep those elbows close to you you’re almost there keep pushing you guys and 310 beautiful release and let’s go ahead and switch to the other side so from here we’re going to go ahead and come onto your side extending the top light bottom you spent go ahead and lift the hips lift the body lift the leg into a side plank and then come back and again and go ahead and list and keeping the core nice and strong creating that straight line from the toes fingers that he come up and up and up and very nice you guys keep going lifting the hips up high you can reach in that arm over your head and becoming and last one hold reach the arm we’re going to reach that top foot and start with our baby pulses breathy alexia policy four five six seven eight more gone even core strong and one old and then from here hands behind your head I will compete and then extend my crunch such an extent such an extent very nice try to get the physical contact with the elbow and me each time catch and mobile and open beautiful hold it bed alright let’s turn and pivot on that supported me we’re going to start with that one-legged quite simply fold and then from here going into our kicks for lower and kick 34 nice and high five six seven you got eight more using the Blues myself to lift the leg as high as possible you one beautiful hold it find your balance again just prepare yourself for next exercises pilates push-ups this time are only doing age here three and four and five and six and seven last one beautiful hold it and then go ahead and release the leg let’s get right into your elbows are gonna start with the elbow plank extending both legs pulling the belly button your spine creating that straight line with your body oh and breathe and then we’re going to finish after class today with our hips the 20 times what we’re going to do is simply tap the hips to the floor and then switch let’s just hold their little longer and now I want you to take a deep black bean on your exhale cabinet two three four five six 789 got one more set 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 and 1 awesome flank drop down to your knees and slowly walk your way over your child’s pose giving yourself a nice break we can be on forward to the top of the mat resting here let go beautiful job today you guys I’m so proud of you for pushing yourself to this class working your core and your full body going to have slowly roll yourself up take a big breath let’s reach up to the sky and then exhale all the air out as you come down lots of love to you guys thank you so much for joining me on this Pilates class and I can’t wait to see you again if you like these videos and like to see more of our adventures subscribe to our Channel and follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook thanks so much


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