Best PERFORMANCE ENHANCING Gym Gear (Our Favorites)

flat crack only there was another way over here or you it doesn't matter who I am but a matters waiting what do you have performance enhancing gear of course I need to find that the weight belt the wrist wraps knee wraps and who could forget the wrist straps so we more Oh gym gear I see I thought you meant you know you want to sell me the other stuff what a move you know but I don't know you come in here you said just the way you look and everything I thought maybe you meant something else putting me in the wait look wait Elmo just you know I mean the click bTW title on you saying you want to sell some performance-enhancing so I just I didn't mean to offend you to it I just thought maybe you know that's what you man dude I put on my nicest shades a good jacket I come down here I see you struggling I'm just trying to offer you some performance-enhancing gear alright so you're telling me that if I do decide to use some of your gear you're going to take me through an insightful 4-minute video in which you describe every single one in detail in order to better inform me on how to improve my athletic performance you're damn right gym gear the good the bad and the ugly almighty we fell now we used it a lot of times in the past and we've had a lot of questions asking why do you use it or even what does it do and that's why we included it on this list and we're going over the good first so number one on the good list is going to be just increasing intra-abdominal pressure yeah sounds kind of weird but let me explain a real quick is pretty much what happens moves rates for a punch ok flexing your abs your flexing your abdominal muscles and that's going to help immediately not only stabilize your trunk but also your spine so same thing you're putting yourself in a deadlift position or even a squat you're going to be exhaling and condensing your abs and it's creating that intra-abdominal pressure helps stabilize everything in those kind of compromising positions now with the belt it's actually going to help increase that because now you're pushing against something that's very stable and immediately you're going to feel a lot of stabilization in that upper trunk area which leads us right into the number 2 on the good list and that's going to be enhancing your performance which kind of goes without saying that's why we're doing the whole video in the first place but let's say you're stepping up with the squat rack without a belt you're performing exercise and then you include the belt and immediately going to feel that enhanced performance in the lift itself and that's why the weight belt is damn good because you can feel it on a lot of different exercises and weirdly enough even bench because having a nice stable strong trunk is going to help you lift better in tons of different areas not just squats and not just deadlifts and that's why you see a lot of dudes walk around with them non-stop although some of its a little overboard number three on the good list is going to be including the valsalva maneuver if you're not too familiar with this technique you can actually perform it without itself and to do so what you would do is let's say squats for instance you walk up to the bar you unload it you take a nice deep breath and as you bring yourself down to the bottom position or the hole which is the difficult position to get out of once you're down there especially with heavy weight you're going to be pushing it against a closed airway you're not going to let any air escape and what that's going to do is expand your stomach it's going to help contract your abdominal muscles this is why this works closely with intra-abdominal pressure contract those muscles stabilize the spine and you feel a lot more stronger getting out that difficult portion once you reach that top position you're going to exhale out and then start over again so you're still going to be getting that nice option as well now with the belt this is just going to increase the stabilization because what happens is you be pushing out against a nice hard belt around your body so it's just going to stabilize you that much more so that's why when you're using about you want to include the box ala maneuver as you're performing these heavy lips and you're going to feel the benefits big-time moving on to the bat and the number one on the list is going to be choosing an improper belt now with the obvious statements aside of don't choose one too big if don't choose one too small what you do want to look for is choosing a belt that's consistently wide from the back to the front you'll see a lot of belts with a really thick and wide back and then it gets skinny in the front make sure you avoid those loans and choose the consistently wide ones and you'll be good number two on the list is going to be wearing the belt improperly now the first one we wearing it too tight that sucker is too tight you can barely breathe you can feel your blood circulation being cut off I'm not going to be able to perform an exercise properly because you can need to get the right position and the two is going to be wearing it too loose where it's just dangled in there it's not tight enough to actually feel the benefits of let's say the intra-abdominal pressure even the valsalva maneuver make sure it's really snug at least that's works for us and that way when you're performing the exercises you get all the benefits can you feel damn good doing it you're in the gym and you're about to perform deadlifts you're going today for your 1 rep max and everything is going well but in the middle of the exercise your grip strength goes out bummer enter risk these are a great aid and one of our absolute favorite pieces of gym gear because as you go into larger lift especially on exercises such as deadlift which is a pulling exercise your grip and your forearms are probably going to be the first to go because they're smaller muscle groups with the wrist straps really going to be able to focus on the larger muscle groups such as the back it's a great tool an assist and we highly recommend them we've went over the good now let's go over a little bit back with wrist straps they're primarily used for pulling exercises so for exercises such as barbell curls or squats they're just unnecessary you don't need to use them all so you only want to use wrist wraps when your grip strength begins to fail if you're able to easily do 12 reps on shrugs or deadlifts don't bother using them because when you use them you're not working your grip strength or your forearm to smaller muscle groups that you always want to develop also you want to use wrist straps correctly when putting the wrist straps on you want them to go underneath with the strap itself as opposed to above and also you want the strap to go against your hand as opposed to with your hand because if you wrap it with your hand the bar is just going to continue to roll and that defeats the purpose of using the wrist straps in the first place now if you work out at a gym with power lifters there you've no doubt seen these dudes waddling around a Shamir out and we're thinking yourself what the hell are these things all about all of a sudden they get under a squat rack they're 500 to 800 pounds and they rep it out anywhere else must be doing something right well we're here to tell you we're going to go over the good and bad about knee wraps are all about the first thing on the good list is going to be external compression now with the external compression you're actually taking the knee wrap and that's the external part II is compressing the joint now the joint getting under very heavy weight may be heavier than you're used to is going to feel a little unstable there's a little movement in the knee joint itself that patella tendon and the patella itself can be tracking left or right in your field really unstable under that heavy weight it's a little scary and could possibly lead to injury in the long run that's when the external compression comes into place because what you do is wrap these knee wraps as tight as you can around that joint and it's going to immediately stabilize the joint so that way there's no left or right movement to either ligaments tendons or even the joint itself so when you get under that really heavy weight maybe even heavier than you're used to you're going to feel damn good doing it number two on the good list is going to be elastic energy now elastic energy is what the muscles some what are these you in the first place let's say in a squat for instance you're starting the composition and you're going to squat down into the bottom position and what's that doing is going to put a lot of stretch in the muscle and also the ligament itself and that's building elastic energy because what you do is use that energy that's built up in the muscle to then propel yourself up to the top position through different contractions in the muscle now with the knee wraps they're actually creating their own elastic energy so on top of your muscles elastic energy they're creating your own as well it gives you even more so you feel a lot more powerful strong and well liked in the first once more stable so now that one and two out of we're moving on to the most important one and really why you're using the wraps in the first place it's going to be just using your raw listing numbers let's say you're hitting 225 on the squad you're going to put on your ass and immediately push pack that and that's what it's all about that's why knee wraps are taking a top spot in the gym gear moving on to the bag now remember the number one on good and that's going to be helping stabilize the knee joint well the number one on the bad list is going to be masking underlying problems unfortunately whenever you're squatting the knee is going to be put under a lot of stress and pressure so you have to be very careful in this certain exercise that's why you do a lot of mobility stretching and proper form techniques and not vote too heavy if you're not ready for so that's why the bad list can be introducing knee wraps if you're not particularly ready or you're having issues with your knee in general and then you're just masking that problem include cause future problems in the long run so just be careful and don't use new wraps all the time and make sure your knees are healthy and your form is good number two on the bad list is going to be improper use now with any tool you're going to have to learn how to use it first and that is the same thing as with me wraps if you're not sure how to use them make sure you do your research first and by the proper wraps for you but if you're improperly using them well you're going to get are the heavy weights thinking you can be able to push a lot more you usually do and you're not going to be doing it and it's going to be a gym fail video in no time so make sure you do your proper research and practice before implementing them in to your program last one a bad list is going to be excessive use now you don't really want to be excessive in anything you do moderation is key and knee wraps are going to be no different so make sure you're implementing them in properly to your exercise and workouts knee wraps for instance are usually going to be used at a ninety to a hundred percent of one rep max really trying to push that heavy weight that you're not normally used to don't use them at around 70 75 percent maxing a little bit higher busting out 812 reps that's when you're going to start causing some balances in the muscles in you're going to start creating a handicap of yourself because then all of a sudden when you don't use knee wraps you're going to feel a hell of a lot more weak because you're relying on the knee wraps so make sure you don't excessively use them and you'll be good to go what are they good for we're about to tell ya are you ready this number one is going to be helping stabilize the risk many kind of heavy pushing motion so let's say you're doing big bench presses that's when you're going to really see the risks rap shine in any kind of pushing motion number two on the good list is going to be stabilizing the wrist joint now much like the knee wrap are going to stabilize the knee joint the wrist wraps are going to help stabilize the wrist joint it's not rocket back but when you notice you're pushing that heavy weight and your wrists are starting to break you're creating some pain in their discomfort or even if it's breaking the other way which can be very dangerous on a bench press and even drop the bar and cause a real injury well that's when you want to make sure you have that good risk stabilization in those heavy lifts and that's the benefits of using the wrist wrap now it's every good there's a bad with every light there's a dark so we're about to go over the fast number one on the bad list is going to be over you now you don't want to be just using them as a bracelet or a fashion statement you want to be using them for a purpose and that's what they're there for so make sure you're not just wearing them around especially when we're just doing pulling exercise because that's number two on the path list using those improper exercises so if you're doing lap pull down pull up you're even doing deadlifts wrist wraps are not really going to shine there they're not really for that they're really help to support the risk in pushing exercises so your wrist doesn't break either or either way which way I don't know one of the ways there you go Jews and girls our favorite pieces of gym gear when we like to use them and also some things you want to avoid and thanks for joining us and let us know what your favorite ginger is in the comments below it's going to be drugs most people are going to think they're being witty and say drugs well we did kind of throw them with the title that's true we click baited your ass so we deserve it so Steve off 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