Best Online Jobs and Assistance for Disabled People with Health Problems

hi welcome guys my name is Shea from during home-based or calm I really appreciate you guys for tuning into my video if you are new go ahead and make sure that you subscribe also visit my official website visit my official site wwm home-based for calm and I'll make sure I leave that link right on the video screen here so let's jump right into today's topic I am sharing some resources and work at home job opportunities for those that are disabled or you know you may receive SSI or you know some type of Social Security disability benefits these resources are really great for those that are not comfortable working outside of the home that may have a vision impairment hearing impairment or just someone that has you know mobility issues that don't feel comfortable getting a job outside of the house I will take the time to share some detailed information for each resource and job opportunity so let's get started here are some jobs and resources for disabled people one of the first resources I want to share with you guys is called my employment options they provide free job placement help to those that receive Social Security disability benefits or some type of Social Security income as part of a federal return to work program call ticket to work they offer a variety of remote jobs from entry-level to hire an area such as customer service tech support chat billing and coding information technology nursing sales case management reservations travel and much more they continue to find new employers and new jobs every month you can simply visit my employment options by going to their official website wwii employment options comm and once you land on their site you will be able to click this apply Now button to go ahead and submit a application for free job placement services they also have this area right here where you can browse the jobs that they specialize in and see if you meet the minimum requirements they have jobs and customer service sales health care clerical tech support and then also our impositions if you would like to see which job openings available right now you can click this job openings link and it will take you to their job board where they have the most current positions available you can also use on this search box right here to put the keyword of the job that you are looking for now as you can see right here in BO they hire in every state for work at home except Alaska California and Hawaii we also do not offer work at home services and Washington DC so that is very important and take note of that just in case you are located in one of those areas so I'll go back to their main page now right here in this section this is where you can find free online events they have a job fair that they host several times per year and you can find out when their next job fair which is coming up on October 11th and then they will have some companies that will be featured and then you'll get the time right here and then also information on how to register and now the one important thing to note to participate in this job fair you are not required to receive Social Security benefits ja fare is open to everyone but in order to get the job placement services that they offer on their home page you are required to have you know social security some type of Social Security benefits they also have a free webinar that is also open to the public so this is open to everyone and these webinars helps job seekers with resume writing interviewing and then also making applications so yes to find out about their next webinar you can simply click that free webinar button there I do highly recommend that you guys you know just explore their website to learn more about the services that they offer to stay informed about free Java fairs and also webinar as this will be very helpful if you're getting started working from home here are some job opportunities for those that are disabled and have trouble with their hearing the first opportunity is becoming a search engine evaluator this type of work does not involve being on the phone at all so you don't have to listen to anything you don't have to communicate with anyone whatsoever only by email also you know the work involves you basically searching things on the internet and just making sure that the search results are relevant the companies that hire for this position is lion bridge appen leak force and ice soft stone the next opportunity is to become a freelance writer freelance writers completes a variety of writing tests and they most likely you know in most cases will work on their own terms companies that are most known for hiring freelance writers are hire writers calm writers access blogmutt and text broker the next job is a data entry position data entry of course you know means and putting information into a computer database now there are very few legitimate data entry jobs so you have to be very careful of scams that you may come across online these are three of the most known companies that have a reputation for being legitimate and they hire data-entry ages throughout the year the first company is the smart crowd cig track and Dion data solutions now here are some job opportunities for those who are disabled but have limited movement customer service you know that is one of the first jobs I have to share with you guys because it does involve you communicating with you know customers by phone but you know you don't have to move around you are pretty much sitting at a desk for a for a short period or a long period of time you know I try to provide some companies that enlist some companies here that offer great flexibility where you don't have to work eight hours you know hour long shifts sitting down now these companies are live ops next rep working solutions and site L the next opportunity is a translator or interpreter this type of work requires you to have the ability to speak multiple languages the companies that hire for this position is world lingo language line event page and then ABC translation the next opportunity is tutoring you know you will be able to tutor kids whether it's hope helping with homework teaching English or just helping with various subjects the companies that hire for this position is aimed for a tutor VIP kid check and elevate k12 the last opportunity is proofreading many companies recruit proof readers to identify grammar errors misspellings sent us structuring and much more now the companies that hire you to do this job is scrub Eenie proofreading and they're freelance writing gigs comm you know most times with proofreading your ex to proofread various types of documents whether it's articles essays you know any type of legal documents you know the list goes on as far as proofreading so these companies hire regularly for these opportunities and don't worry I'll make sure every job opportunity that I shared I have some links you know where you guys can be able to access the information to these companies hey I'm back so I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you or someone you know has a disability or it's just not comfortable working outside of the home because of any medical issues feel free to share this video with them also make sure that you follow me on Facebook for more job alerts and more job opportunities throughout the week and I'll leave that link in my description box below again I really appreciate you guys for watching this video and you guys enjoy the rest of your week take care [Applause]


  1. Thank you so much for the great video and information. I am a new subscriber to your channel. I reached out to several of the contacts that you gave and I have a telephone interview with the Benefits Manager for Employment Options which is certified by the Social Security Administration for Benefits for the Ticket to Work program! I’m excited to see what my future holds! Again, thank you so much! ☺️

  2. Many many thanks

  3. Are you a angel?

  4. Is this job applicable in India…ma'am??

  5. thank you for thinking of us

  6. Is this in Canada too?

  7. Hello I'm deaf

  8. Madam… I am from India aftrr a major car accident.. Now Iam physically challenged person…. But I have knowledge in hospitality industry… Can you please suggest me any job which I can work from home (INDIA)


  10. great video!, thank you for thinking of people like me , a disabled job seeker.

  11. Thank you so much for this video! It is extremely hard to find legitimate and adequate supplemental income if you are disabled—especially with a condition that waxes and wanes.
    I wanted to mention that it may be worth noting in the video for ppl that are receiving SSI or SSDI to familiarize themselves with the ‘ticket to work program’ prior to applying to jobs affiliated with it. I would assume or at least hope the website associated with it details what it is, but would hate to see someone lose their benefits as a result of working too many hours over the time period allotted. As the ticket to work program’s goal is to get you back into the workforce permanently (in turn losing your benefits). If your goal is to make that transition then this tool is perfect!
    SSI and SSDI are not even close to enough to survive on. Especially with all the added expenses that can come with disabilities and illnesses.
    Thank you for your commitment to help others on such a large scale! ❤️

  12. My mom has had to help me since I got slammed into a bus…have any good ideas for someone that helps as far as part time caregiver but that is looking for work? I feel so bad because she's given up so much for me and misses working ,has her bachelor's & one other degree for paralegal work..but she feels defeated because she's only finding sales & retired from Verizon after 30 years.

  13. hi dear i am a disable person. i am from Pakistan.pls tell me the websites that works in pakistan ..i am very thankful to you.

  14. What about people who are disabled who are outside of the US?

  15. Hello mam my name is mahipal I'm from India and I'm a disabled person can I do this work

  16. Do you need a high school diploma to qualify for these jobs

  17. Awesome.

  18. Hi! I’ve been a subscriber for a longtime now. I just wanted to let you know that your videos are so well made now! Great job girl!! Cheers! ✨🙌🏼✨

  19. Thank you so MUCH ma’am! I receive SSDI and even though I am ok, if I want to do anything extra..I’m stuck!! It’s crazy because I work with the Ticket To Work program and they wanted me to make envelopes or construct boxes….lol I’m not THAT kind of disabled. And I can only make $1100 extra a month in order for them NOT to mess with your monthly SSDI payments. So thank you!!! I will get with you once I apply and here anything from them!!
    Again, dear, thank you so very much and I will repost this to my Facebook page so that others will know. OH! Did you know that Conduent is having an open forum this Wednesday T 10am CST and then again at 7pm CST. ITs work from home and they do have part time hours under ADA. But you do have to attend training during their full time hours. Again, thank you because so often these programs only cater to the severely disabled and nothing for the rest of us. If you need me to send you that link/job announcement from Conduent. They are heading into busy season so they will be offering unlimited over time plus they supply you with the MAC and headset. Only we are required to provide is internet. No phone lines or anything. Again, thank you dear because I would much rather work with agencies that work with SSDI Like now they told me a few months ago that I owed them one months payment but when I signed the paperwork acknowledging that I owed, the called me at 7:15am stating I didn’t have an overpayment and I didn’t need to fill out that form….tsk tsk tsk 🤪😜

  20. Very informative I know a few people who could use this information. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I'm on SSDI and I live in San Francisco, CA looks like I'm out of luck to apply to these positions

  22. Thank you so much! I was going to email you, suggesting this topic

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