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hi everyone bianchi here from the vitality god for women calm and today I want to talk about supplements or nhps as they're called on which stands for natural health products now I take a lot of supplements a day and I thought that it would be good to give you a run on what I think and maybe offer you some insight and what you should start taking or give you a pat on the back for some of the stuff that you're already taking now I don't take a multivitamin I prefer to kind of pick and choose and just tailor my sort of natural health supplement lifestyle to my needs so the first thing that I take that is really really important to me and I think important everyone is a probiotic right there and probiotics are essentially friendly bacteria that we repopulate are the bacteria within our bodies to boost your immunity to help with our digestion and keep us healthy because over sixty percent of our immunity is based within our digestive tract so if we aren't assimilating our nutrients properly down there and will kind of get a toxic and not to be in a bowel movements then we do ourselves a serious disservice so I take two of these every single day and they just keep everything moving regularly and there's two types of bacteria that we're looking for so there's lactobacillus acidophilus and lactobacillus bulgaricus now that is a mouthful but all you really need to know is that it's from the bacteria and our bodies crave it and there's also food sources of probiotics you can take capper which is fermented milk there's Mesa which is fermented soybeans and then there's also sauerkraut which is fermented cabbage I will personally recommend heating any of those things if you're going to be using them I used kefir in smoothies I use me soup and salad dressings and honestly I don't really likes opera so I don't really eat it but I wouldn't recommend heating it beyond sort of 118 degrees Celsius keeping it as raw as possible and when you're buying any type of natural health products that's in a pill form look for a vegetable capsule and no fillers you just want actually reads you don't want to be wasting your money on fillers the next product that I take every single day is a sea vegetable supplement so sea vegetable is either spirulina chlorella or blue or green algae and I'm teaching spirulina right now and I achieve it offers and spirulina chlorella tablets combined so it should all in one tablet but I've never actually seen them in a place where I could buy they've only seen them on television so I alternate so one by I'll get spirulina the next slide I'll get chlorella the next I'll get some blue green algae and just switch it up and the reason that sea vegetables are really really important to have in our diet is because they have 10 times the minerals and vitamins than land vegetables so that's huge and it have to have amino acids calcium iron and anything green in my opinion is a thumbs up so and sea vegetables help sort of with immunity anxiety digestion and I think we should just all endeavor to get as many sort of varied minerals as we can in our diet and ten times the amount of minerals and land vegetables it's just more bang for your buck so the next supplement that I took every single day is vitamin D and I take a thousand i use a day and vitamin d is fat soluble so you can take the whole dosage a day at once where is something to taking vitamin C which is water-soluble you if you take too much that's so that your body can absorb the whole thing at once but this is possible so no need to worry and vitamin D is essential for those living in a northern climate because vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin pills we're not outside sort of absorbing it into our skin and actually our eyes is where we have the most vitamin D absorption then we're kind of we're going to become deficient and when you lack vitamin D you lack the ability to effectively absorb calcium effectively assimilate phosphorus and you get sad and sad actually stands for seasonal affective disorder so it's just sort of like a seasonal depression so I take one of these every single day the whole year and that just keeps me feeling happy and it keeps my body able to absorb and digest other nutrients so it's crucial for the assimilation of other key nutrients like calcium and phosphorus and this is actually a really cheap supplement to get some compliments can get pricey but vitamin D is a really really cost-effective vitamin and it's necessary so get them the next one is raspberry ketones now dr. oz promoted this on your show about eight months ago and it has been flying off the shelves and I'm daring on 14 fat however raspberry ketones are amazing so for us women who are menstruating it offers us relief from the hormonal imbalances that kind of come with the territory so we're talking mood swings sweating cramps bloating those types of negative effects and then if we're also trying to conceive it helps to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles so that they're strong able to sort of draw in the man juice and get you pregnant and then with strong pelvic floor muscles that helps prepare the uterus for delivery and then if you're a menopausal phase of your life it helps to relieve symptoms of menopause and also a hormonal imbalance to the shifting of the hormones and helps with hot flashes I have to say that since I started taking Rob your few times about six months ago my periods have gotten really really easy to manage I mean at easy of the period can be challenging their period omega-3 fatty acids now essential fatty acids are really important because they help to create good cholesterol in our bottom they help with weight loss they help with memory healthy hair skin and nails and the reason I only take omega-3 fatty acids is because in North America the diet is pretty heavy in meat and omega-6 fatty acids come from meat sources whereas omega-3 fatty acids come from plant-based sources of hemp seeds chia seeds and the look however there is a disparity so when there's an imbalance that's where we run into problems and when there's a deficiency in omega-3s and abundance of omega-6 we run into issues such as high cholesterol so you get too much of that good thing you have to have balance so I take two of these every single morning and it just helps to bring my body back into balance have the right amount of good fats in my life and have a lipid balance I can't stress enough how important is have a balance between omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids so if you are like me and you enjoy a glass of wine from time to time you should really be taking milk thistle now milk thistle comes in a dropper which I take or it also comes in capsule form and what this is is it's a very potent liver detoxifier so if you do like to drink it does have negative effects low beams everything goes through the liver so i take this every single morning and if i know that i have drinking going on i'll take it before the drinking I'll try and remember to take it before bed and then I'll take it the next morning and the reason that milk thistle is so effective is that it helps to rebuild damaged liver cells they even use this for people who have services of the liver so just think about it do some liver damage and then help your liver kind of bounce back the same evening it's just a little bit Lykke game balance all about balance and I take every texture which is the liquid dropper I take it underneath my tongue because that is where you're going to get it straight into your bloodstream the quickest so milk thistle and lastly I know that this is getting very breathy and very long but liquid chlorophyll another green food now chlorophyll is what class use to create life and growth in themselves so if you think about them creating life of a cellular level in then imagine that for us and that is how liquid chlorophyll work to just gives ourselves nutrients so this is a natural body deodorizer and mouthwash so if you find that you have logo to be 0 or your breath starts to stink around three o'clock because we're talking too much or whatever the case may be put a little bit of liquid chlorophyll and your water throughout the day and that will help to neutralize that and I think it tastes delicious it tastes like mint to me so I rather enjoy it I put it in some of my smoothies depending on what kind of smoothie it is and I don't mind it I actually quite like liquid chlorophyll and its really really good so yeah okay so I Bianca Osborne from the vitality guide for women calm and that has been the full rundown of my daily supplement routine I hope that you've gotten something out of this video may be gone to my something that you should start taking or maybe a pat on the back for the things that you already are taking and I just want to thank you for watching my video and I'll see you next time

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