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so what are the best monthly contact
lenses in terms of all value and comfort in this video I’m gonna be reviewing
three of my favorite monthly contacts and sharing some little-known perks that
make these lenses the best let’s take a look hey this is dr. Allen here from the
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additional links in the YouTube description below now when it comes to
wearing contact lenses I am personally a big advocate for daily soft contact
lenses mainly because they are a little bit more comfortable they’re a little
bit safer for the eye and there’s a little bit more convenient however
monthly contact lenses are still an excellent choice for a lot of people one
of the reasons you’d go with a monthly is that you have a unique prescription
that’s not available in a daily lens in addition they monthly lenses are usually
a little bit more affordable the prices aren’t as high as with a daily lens and
with a monthly lens as long as you take good care of it there’s a couple extra
good perks with those as well and we’ll be getting into those now I’m going to
be reviewing my three favorite contact lenses based on my personal experience
wearing these lenses as well as an eye care professional fitting these lenses
in the clinic every week now just because I like these lenses and other
people like these lenses doesn’t mean that you will have the same success with
these because everybody’s eyes are a little bit different so keep that in
mind and make sure to talk with your doctor what is best and recommended for
you now the first ones I wanna review here is the Bausch and Lomb ultra lens
now one of the real reasons I like the Bausch and Lomb ultra lens is because it
seems to work really well for beginners if you’re just starting off in contact
lenses then this lens may be a little bit easier for you to learn how to
manipulate be able to hold and be able to really get it in the eye if you’re
someone who has a hard time grasping the lens or if you have a hard time telling
if the lens is inside-out or not then this lens may be just a little bit
easier to handle and actually get used to wearing contacts in fact I recently
did just post a video about how to put contact lenses in and how to check if
the our inside out or not so if you haven’t
checked that out and you’re just learning how to wear contacts then I’ll
include that in the entire YouTube series down in the description below you
can check that out now another reason I like the bottom ultra lens actually has
to do with vision clarity these lenses actually have a spirit optics which help
improve the sharpness of vision and reduces glare so some people who have a
really tough time with wearing contact lenses and you feel like all the letters
that you’re looking at something up closer far away you can still see them
but they seem kind of fuzzy around the edges that could actually be just
because the lenses don’t have a spheric optics but these ones do so it may
actually be better for getting an improved clarity and crispness with your
vision the third benefit I find with the botulinum ultra really has to do with
the Bausch and Lomb family of lenses in general and that’s that Bausch and Lomb
offers some of the best rebates for contact lenses so it actually brings the
prices down quite a bit even though the Bausch and Lomb ultra is a newer lens that
means that if you’re buying a six month or a 12 month supply of these lenses you
can get excellent rebates to make them more affordable especially compared to a
lot of the other competitor brands out there versus the Bausch and Lomb lenses
of course the prices that you pay for contact lenses can vary a bit based on
where you’re purchasing it from if you’re buying it in-store from an
optical and supporting a local business or if you’re producing to purchase
online for convenience those prices may adjust just a little bit and again if
you want to see updated prices for any of these lenses such as the botulinum
ultra i have included a link in the description below so you can check that
out now the second lens here is the Biofinity lens and its not just the Biofinity
but the Biofinity Energys, now the reason i’m combining these two lenses together
is because they’re almost the exact same lens they’re made of the same material
they have the same base curve and the same diameter the only real difference
is that the newer bio finiti energies actually has something called digital
zone optics and this is actually a huge benefit nowadays because so many people
are on digital devices you’re on something up close whether it’s a
computer or a phone if you’re watching this video right now on a desktop a
laptop or a phone you probably know what I mean if you spend a lot of time up
close you can get some eye strain and this special digital Zone
optics in the Biofinity Energys lenses are designed to actually reduce the
demand of how much muscle you muscle tone you actually have to spend to focus
on something up close so oftentimes if I have a patient who’s always complaining
that you know hey my eyes are tired from doing a lot of near work if they’re a
college student writing a paper or maybe you’re in high school or if you’re
somebody who dispensed a lot of time on your digital devices then the bio finiti
energist lens as a monthly lens is it a great option but in addition to having
that cool benefit of reducing eye fatigue with the Biofinity Energys
lens even just the standard Biofinity lens which has been out for a lot longer
that both lenses having that same design same lens material it makes the lenses
very comfortable I actually wore the BioFinity toric lenses for astigmatism for
almost like eight to ten years all the way through high school and then again
through my undergraduate college years mainly because the lenses were designed
really well and I find them very comfortable even for people with more
drier eyes now another cool benefit of the bio finiti lens and the bottom alter
lens is that both of these lenses have a slight blue handling tint that little
handling tint is actually to help improve the identification of that lens
so it makes it easier to put in take out and in case you drop it on the counter
you’ll be able to identify it easier rather than lose it and then go hunting
for your lens and if you’ve ever done that let me know I’ve done it many many
times in my life sometimes it’s amazing what these little
things will stick to and another cool benefit of both of these lenses is that
they are approved by the US FDA up to 30 days of daily wear that means that after
30 days of wearing these lenses you are supposed to toss them out and replace
them but they’re also approved for up to six nights and seven days of extended
wear that means some people can actually sleep in these lenses just fine for six
nights in a row however before you ever begin to sleep in contact lenses I
highly recommend that you speak with your doctor because some people do not
do well with sleeping in lenses even these ones that are approved by the FDA
for sleeping in them in fact sleeping in contact lenses greatly increases your
risk for developing complications and infections and sometimes that
be devastating for some people even lead to permanent vision loss now since we’re
on that topic of sleeping in lenses that brings up the next lens I want to review
and that is the air optix night and day lens and this is one of the coolest
lenses on the monthly kind of schedule for contacts because it has that extra
perk that the US FDA has approved this lens for up to 30 nights of extended
wear that means that some people can actually wear this lens for almost an
entire month without having to remove them which is super cool however same
thing applies if you are sleeping in contact lenses you are putting yourself
at a greater risk of infection complications scarring potentially even
vision loss so before you ever sleep in this lens again you want to make sure
you talk with your doctor about this lens and if it’s really good for you and
your eyes another cool benefit of these lenses is that they are part of the air
optix family which have what’s called smart shield technology and that’s
actually type of buffer built onto the lens to help reduce the amount of
deposits that actually stick onto the surface of the lens and that’ll actually
improve comfort especially for longer wear time now despite having that extra
smart shield technology when I wear these lenses I do find them comfortable
initially but even after like eight hours where they start to get a little
bit more noticeable on the surface of my eye so I personally don’t really wear
these lenses that much but I know a lot of people find them very comfortable and
have no problems wearing them for 18 or possibly 24 plus hours in a day again
once it’ll give you that warning that you should not sleep in lenses unless
you were first evaluated by a doctor because the risk of having complications
and problems with the eyes and sleeping in lenses is far greater than just the
standard daily wear and if you ever do have problems with lenses make sure you
take them out right away and then call your doctor immediately again you only
get two eyes so take care of them so I have question of the day do you
wear monthly contact lenses which ones are your favorite go ahead and comment
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  1. 🔹Eye Health QOTD: Which type of contact lenses are you wearing? Do you wear monthlies, dailies or specialty lenses? Which are you favorite brands?

  2. I wear Avaira Vitality Toric lenses. I've definitely gone hunting for a dropped contact lens before. I find using a flashlight really helps to find the lens.

  3. great vid on contacts again. I use biofigity 🙂 monthly lenses one multi focal, one toric.great lenses, but i struggle to focus close up in dim lighting

  4. Hey doc, I really like Biofinity. But, I constantly find defect lenses in the box. They are blurry or the correction is not good enough like the good ones. I don't know what to do – buy another box of the same or try something else.

  5. Hey Doc, it appears we have a mutual friend! Dr. Amy Ruzicka referred me to your channel. You're making some fantastic content, keep it up! As an optician/office manager, I routinely conduct I & R sessions with our patients and I find your videos very insightful. 12 years in the optical industry, and I still learned a ton from just a couple of your vids. Love it. I look forward to more content soon!

    Ps. Air Optix night and day is my jam! 🙂

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  7. Just wondering what contacts you would recommend for someone with dry eyes? Also what drops do you recommend to go along with them? I'm so glad I stumbled upon your channel and I can't even begin to tell you how much information I've gotten just by watching you. It's nice to see someone so passionate about their profession!

  8. hey doc! what do you think of acuvue vita, johnson&johnson’s latest monthly lenses?

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  10. I've had issues with the BL ultra lens although super comfortable, getting large amounts of lipid buildup hindering the optics of the lens due to tear film instability of MDG and dry eyes. The lipid deposits permanently soils the ultras and cannot be cleaned off.Air Optix w hydraglyde multifocals are the best lenses for me. Dailies T1 multifocals, i have on hand as well for travelling and emergencies. Both of these Alcon lenses are super comfortable for dry eyes and stays clean. However i am a daily rgp multifocal lens wearer. Sports,work and gym all requires a soft lens as i can't wear RGP lenses in these situations.

  11. I used to use monthly’s but dailies are sooo much more convenient.

  12. Why don't you review Acuvue Vita together?

  13. Thanks for this very informational video! I just started working as an optometrist and I advocate a lot about contact lenses (one of my passion), and these are great points to explain to my patients/customers. Fresh grads tend to use a lot of technical terms and the ones you explain are very easy to understand. Thanks 🙏🏼P/S I was the best intern at Alcon Malaysia this year hehe
    – Ally, Malaysia

  14. I actully use the Night and Days. I have thought of dailies but worry about the impact of having to throw out all the daily packaging.

  15. Great video! Would love to see the same topic but for daily and weekly lenses. Thanks!

  16. I’ve tried several brands of contacts and biofinity is my favorite! I could always feel them in my eye to the point where I thought it was normal with these they are so comfortable I don’t feel them and don’t need eye drops throughout the day!

  17. I’m using some lenses that are uncomfortable to me. They are the Alcon dailies total multi focal. They bother my eyes. I have to go back for a follow up.

  18. Hello
    My favorite monthly lens
    Biofinity XR Toric . Comfortable for dry eyes!
    Next in would be Acuve Oaysis monthly lens .

  19. You should review the acueve vitas, i love the blink stabilized!

  20. I've always worn dailies 😁👀

  21. I use both soft and Rigid lenses. My rigid lenses are Flouroperm 60 RGP lenses and my soft lenses are Air Optix

  22. You have me concerned! I'm currently using monthly contacts. Upon your suggestion I want to try dailies. You brought up something I didn't think about and that was certain eyes can't use dailies. I am told I have a light script as far as seeing. But I do have astigmatisms in both eyes. Is that a problem for dailies??

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  24. I'm a fan of the biofidgeties

  25. Can you chose if you want soft or hard contact lenses? I have -10 and an astigmatism. My eye doctor also told me that cornea has some “bumbs”.

    I have used contacts in my life, but somehow the idea of hard contacts sounds better to me…

  26. I use the Biofinity and love them. I got them because my eyes tend to be dryer and I occasionally fall asleep in them. They are pretty comfortable when I wake up as long as I don’t rub my eyes right away.

  27. Do we need to “take a break” from contact lense? I’ve heard that we need to take a day off every week rather than wearing it every single day.

  28. Who else around covers it chapter and verse with that nice zest other than Dr. Joel?

  29. On to comments: I use B+L Ultra and sometimes Optix Hydraglyde. My record on assisted sleeping on them is 22 days unscathed. But, I do avoid it because as Doc’s put it, the risk of infection increases. Sometimes shampoo will wreak havoc on them, or lints from bed etc. Better safe than sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️

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