Best Method. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or Exercise with Oxygen Therapy?

Dr. Jason Sonners here with HBOT USA. Our
next question is well what’s the difference between hyperbaric oxygen and
just breathing from a oxygen tank or hyperbaric oxygen and EWOT. EWOT is
exercise with oxygen therapy so it’s another popular oxygenating tool out
there so we have to go back to one of the earlier questions which is how does
hyperbaric oxygen even work because if you compared hyperbaric oxygen to
breathing on an oxygen concentrator or breathing from a green tank of oxygen
you have to remember this oxygen under normal pressure under one atmosphere
what you and I are at right now while you’re listening to this video
relies completely on red blood cell carrying capacity which means if right
now you’re about 97% saturated witnessed by you know a pulse oximeter you would
say that if I had a green tank of oxygen or an oxygen concentrator I can go from
97% to 100% so I can get 3% more remember that because you’re in a
pressurized environment with hyperbaric you’re bypassing the red blood cell
carrying capacity completely and by doing that you’re massively increasing
the amount of oxygen that we’re able to absorb because we’re dissolving oxygen
directly into the plasma of the blood again bypassing red blood cell carrying
capacity so rather than a 3% increase that you could with a green tank of
medical oxygen or an oxygen concentrator you’re talking many many hundreds of
times more oxygen because of pressure and because of the extra oxygen that we
can absorb while in that pressurized environment. Now let’s compare hyperbaric
oxygen to EWOT exercise while… exercise with oxygen therapy for those
that don’t know what that is picture you’re basically exercising it’s usually
on a bike a stationary bike and you’re hooked up to a mask with not pure oxygen
not 100% oxygen but 95% 96% oxygen and so you’re exercising and
breathing 96 percent oxygen instead of right now let’s say air is 21% oxygen
and so if you exercise and breathe higher percentage of oxygen the question
is can you absorb more well yeah of course
why because everybody knows that as they exercise their heart rate goes up and
their respiratory rate goes up why does that happen because as you’re exercising
you’re creating an oxygen demand you’re saying hey my body is moving now and I
need to bring more oxygen to that working tissue let’s say if you’re on a
bike that’s to your legs and so as you need to deliver higher levels of oxygen
to your legs you’re you start breathing faster so that you can get rid of carbon
dioxide and bring in more oxygen and your heart rate increases so that as
your heart pumps faster you can pump that blood to the working tissue so EWOT works by increased demand through exercise and then an increase in supply
through breathing the mask and breathing 96% oxygen versus 21% oxygen which is
what’s in air so does that work to increase oxygen in our body
absolutely 100% yes increased demand increased supply there’s an increased
red blood cell turnover I’m dumping more oxygen into the system I’m exhaling more
carbon dioxide and now I’m breathing in higher levels of oxygen so yes that
definitely works the differences again are with EWOT
even though you’re increasing demand and you’re increasing supply and as a result
overall you’re increasing oxygenation of the body you’re still relying completely
on red blood cell carrying capacity so the amount that your red blood cells are
able to dump carbon dioxide attach oxygen and then how quickly your heart
can pump the blood that still is determining how much oxygenation you can
you can create in a hyperbaric chamber it’s passive it’s not active so you’re
actually just laying down and breathing and as a result of that pressurized
environment depending on how much pressure you’re using and how much extra
oxygen you’re using the amount of oxygen absorption is many hundreds of times
more than that tank of oxygen that you’re breathing but also many hundreds
of times more even than EWOT because even though you’re passive as you’re
dissolving oxygen directly into the plasma of the blood the plasma can hold
so much more oxygen than the red blood cells are able to and so as a result the
total surplus of oxygen created by hyperbaric oxygen is many many times
the amount that you could get with EWOT and which is many more times of
the amount that you could get just breathing a mask of oxygen through a
concentrator or medical green tank oxygen

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