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Welcome to beautiful Maldives We’re so glad that you’re joining us here today on this magical Beach for a quick and effective leg toning workout This workout today is going to target your glutes IT bands and inner thighs giving you a complete toning of your entire lower body If you’re short on time, this is the perfect workout for you or feel free to add it to any of our other classes But either way we promise you you will feel amazing with these exercises So if you’re ready grab your mat grab some water and let’s get started If you’re looking to take your workouts up a notch check out boho Beautiful complete our full program of targeted classes built to give you incredible results With that said let’s get back to our workout All right friends, we’re gonna start at the back of your mat here standing Let’s take an inhale reach both arms up and then on your exhale take your forward fold Just relax your body here. Give yourself a moment to stretch it out Bending one knee at a time Letting go of any tension in the hamstrings there Try your best to reach for the ground or touch the palms of your hands to the floor slowly roll yourself up inhale again reach up exhale Dive down this time walk your hands forward into full high plank position Just check your form make sure your shoulders are over top of your wrists pulling the navel into the spine here connecting with that core and Now get ready to do a slow-motion mountain climbers one knee to your chest and then switch two three four get that knee nice and high six Seven eight nine Keep going, ten. Ten nine eight Seven keep switching your feet five four three two one Awesome. Hold your plank drop to the knees now and release into your Child’s Pose just for a quick breath inhale exhale up to all fours position extending your first leg Let’s start with our left leg reach it all the way out bring it into your chest and then extend and kick it back for one and Kick touch your forehead and then kick it back four and kick crunch and kick six and back Engaging your glutes here awakening the core. You’re almost done Good and kick Bring it in and then extend crisscross back kicks. Simply bring your foot to one side of the mat Kick it up and over it to the opposite side two and down tap kick tap kick tap kick Tap again. We’re engaging working with that glute muscle here Try to touch the floor outside the mat with your big toe each time Wonderful Kick as high as you can lots of power here in the leg kick tap kick tap and Back to Center flex your foot baby pulses up, two three four five six seven eight Keep going eight. Seven field up burn in your glute four three two One points your toes drop down to those elbows. You’re gonna bend the back knee We’re gonna work the glute a little bit more here drop the knee open to a fire hydrant Bring it down and donkey kick for one Fire hydrant to the side and then back for donkey kick for two side and back side And Back, so we’re working different parts of your glute muscle here. So toning shaping that entire area of your body Breathe through the burn your muscle is getting fatigued now. So it’s really important that you focus and breathe through any discomfort Keep going Open to the side down and up you can do this push through its side and and Then from here extend it all the way out come on up to both hands and then from this position We’re gonna drop the foot down. You’re gonna pivot on that support at knee and open into a nice I’d point you’re gonna lift that leg up and bring it down four one two and three three Four make sure you’re engaging your core here at the same time So really think about pulling your belly button to your back your core is strong. You’re working that lower body Breathing through it Make sure the knees pointed towards the screen hold it here now flex that foot Smile if it hurts hold it there Breathe through it. We’re gonna add a little pulse here up two three four five six seven eight nine ten 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 and 20 amazing From here. Let’s come on down all the way to your mat now on the same side You’re gonna come down onto your elbow You’re gonna Bend that top knee and bring that foot in front of you. Make sure you know one straight line So give yourself a quick chat grab on to that ankle and they’re gonna lift that inner leg up and down All we’re doing here is focusing on the inner thighs, so don’t worry If you can’t lift that leg too high all that matters is you get it off the ground using your inner thigh muscle lift and lower lift and Lower and then hold on to that ankle that’s in front of you that can be a little bit of a support here now Let’s hold and lift that leg breathe engage See how high you can get that bottom leg off your mat and then add a pulse 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 awesome job slowly from here release and Then we’re gonna bring ourselves over back to our bellies and come into a quick cobra pose just give yourself a nice big stretch and then release into your child’s pose take a deep breath in and then Exhale coming up to your all fours we’re going to now reverse all of those exercises on the other leg starting with a knee in and kick up bring it in and Kick, so make sure you’re doing your other leg now three bring it in and four bring it in and Five so think about touching that chest with the knee and then kick it up as high as you can engaging the glute muscle aim and kick and kick You’re almost done kick In and extend, I’ll bring it over to one side of the mat. Kick it up to the other side touch kick and to kick tap kick Three nice and high remember lots of power here See how high you can bring that leg up using only your glute muscle Tapping the outside of the mat Good touch the floor touch kick touch kick touch kick touch You’re almost done Beautiful touch and Center hold it here flex your foot little pulse three, four five Six keep going micro movements here working that glute muscle Good job, come down onto your elbows when you’re ready bend the knee bring the knee down Let’s open to the side and then donkey kick back. That’s one Open to the side and back for two Lift as high as you can to the side and then up for three Now if you do this workout on a daily basis and you start to get stronger you can add some Resistance by adding a dumbbell in the back of your knee. Keep going to the side lift it back and side Lift it back. You’re almost done guys breathe through it breathe through any burning any uncomfortable Sensation in the blue muscle we’re fatiguing the muscle to see results You got this And Burying it out some come on up to both hands and then from here just release the back foot Pivoting on that knee and open to a side knee plank I’m gonna do something a little more fancier just so I can face the camera Awesome. So from here lift and lower for a one lift and two lifts and three and Four so remember your hips are square your top and bottom knee are facing towards the screen lift up and lower use those muscles Breathe through it Lift now hold let’s flex that foot pull the navel into the spine engage your core breathe deeply and Pulse it two three, four, five six, seven eight nine Ten. Keep going ten nine eight seven six five four three two one awesome release and From here make your way all the way down to your mat. We’re going to do our inner thigh exercise So top, leg bends one in front Make sure you’re a nice straight line check over your shoulder so you can see your other foot And then start to lift it up and lower working that inner thigh three lift it for lifted five Six seven eight Nine Ten hold it there breathe Just hold don’t move Feel that inner thigh engaging your toning sculpting that leg It starts a pulse now, two three four five six Seven eight nine Ten. Keep going ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one release beautiful job and then slowly from here release the other leg give it a little bit of a shake of you have two and Then from here come on over to the center of your mat We’re just gonna do a quick stretch for the inner thighs and your hips Butterfly pose bring your feet together open the knees Just take an inhale open up the chest and then exhale come on forward with your chest to the floor breathing deeply Allowing the knees to open up as wide as possible. So you feel a nice deep stretch through those hips Feel free to use your elbows to add a little bit of pressure here to push the knees further down to the ground Awesome come on up and then bring the knees together and just come into a cross-legged position sit up nice and tall Ennio reach the arms up and then exhale hands to the heart one more time big breath in reach up and Exhale you are done Thank you so much for joining us today. We send you lots of love and look forward to seeing you again. Bye for now Thanks so much for joining us. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and Remember if you’re looking to see physical results 75% is hinged on a clean diet check Plant-based eating guide for complete clean eating advice meal plans and delicious and healthy recipes


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