Best Glute Exercises | How to get a heart shaped butt

Is it possible to achieve a heart shaped butt?
Hello Unicorns we are going to be talking about the hottest topic these days and that
is the heart butt. Everyone wants one, but some think you have the genetics to get it.
Well I’m telling you that is false. You can have a heart shaped butt just by following
some simple instructions. Be sure to check out the pioneering woman Ashley Black she
is the originator of these techniques and they are awesome. You are going to have the
right tools for the job. The fascia blaster is a tool created to help reshape your fascia
into what it was intended for. If you don’t have one I have a link to one in the description
as well as a link to an alternative tool that you can use in the mean time if you are waiting
for your blaster. Fare warning it wasn’t created for what we are going to do today, so your
results may not be as awesome. Of course the most important thing is a good diet. Because
exercise and tools can only get you so far in achieving the body you want so less of
this and more of this. Now that you have your tool in hand. you want to be sure to be nice
and oiled up. Don’t do this over close like I’m doing this is for demonstration purposes
only. You want to start with your love handles this would be the back and sides. Then you
want to go into the high butt. Look I’ve already sort of got a heart shaped butt. Right? and
its only been a week and a half. So het that High Butt that’s important. This is going
to redistribute fat from the top of your butt to the bottom of your butt. which is nice.
Then you are going to go into the side butt or as I like to call them saddle bags. This
is important because nobody want saddle bags. So get it nice and good. You can do it standing
up or laying down as shown. Now you are going to want to do the glute hammie tie in. Its
important this is whats going to give you a nice lift and everyone wants a lifted butt.
Alright and now for the exercises. Gluteus Maximus yeah, so basically you are going to
stick your leg straight behind you and lift it. try not to bend over or use your lower
back to lift. As you can see I’m doing a marvelously horrible job. But you know at least its good
to show you what not to do. So tuck that tummy in and try it. You know what it really was
a workout and my butts looking pretty good after this so maybe I’m not doing it totally
wrong. Next the Gluteus Medius. Thats pretty much just turning or rotating your leg and
keeping your hips straight and rotating your leg and your foot out and kinda going behind
you. This works rather well I was dying. Granted I’m trying not to fall over and I would try
to get your leg straighter than mine. But hey thats not to bad. thats pretty good actually.
Definitely check out Ashley Black’s videos. She is much better. Gluteus Minimus! This
is rotating your foot in and your leg in and doing pretty much the same thing that we’ve
been doing before. But more out to the side. Alright this is a freaking hard workout. I
looks so easy, She (Ashley Black) made it look so easy in her videos. But dang it is
tough. I suggest holding on to a chair. The entire time. So you can look at what I’m doing,
look at what she( Ashley Black) did. Holy Cow, It was awesome. Its hard Its not as easy
as it looks. Now for the TFL(tensor fascia lata) hard to say. I do a modified version.
Ashley keeps her bottom leg on the ground. I lift mine. its actually easier for me because
I was relly using my obliques. This prevents me from doing that. I suggest doing this Workout
and the blasting 3-5x a week and don’t forget to do a full body blast as well. That way
you can unbound any other fascia that might be preventing your butt from getting that
heart shape. If you have suggetsions on other things you can do to get a heart shaped butt.
Post them in the comments and share what has worked for you. I hope you got some added
value out of this video or at least a good laugh. Go ahead and like this video, Subscribe
to my channel for the latest updates and share with others who are looking to get a heart
butt. Happy Blasting!


  1. Thank you doll 🙂

  2. Great form btw

  3. Your so good at doing your videos!!

  4. Great video.!!! I love how firm my skin is getting with using the fasciablaster. I'm losing inches and able to keep my weight. I have only been blasting for almost a month, but right now maintain my current weight has been a major goal and I'm so blessed to lose inches with blasting but keeping my weight. 🙂 🙂

  5. I'm loving the texture of my skin, the look and feel of it ❤️ Also I'm loving that I'm doing something very wonderful for my body, that's empowerment and self-love baby!!❤️

  6. Do you feel the work in your legs too?

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  9. How many reps of each exercise?

  10. Thanks for sharing! Love watching your videos!

  11. Does the octopus massager work? Did you get ok results?

  12. Whats the reps and how many sets of each? Thanks

  13. Do you do it everyday?
    Can you share and recommend cycle?
    How many minutes are you blasting?
    Where do you start from?

  14. I'm a fellow fasciablaster and here to say IT WORKS! I've also come up with an alternate way to do the Heart Shaped exercises for those who find it hard to keep the form or stabilize the hips. You can feel the glutes fire immediately. CHECK IT OUT!

  15. i habe those hip dips and i hate them with passion. doing these exercises will make them look worse? what do you think? im just tired of those beauty gurus who have those perfect bodies, like they are not even human beings. I feel like nobody can relate to them. I respect their work and dedication, and I respect the fact that some of them have some plastic here an there, but I really need a person like you, a normal human being who is just trying to do her best. I am really glad that I've found your channel and I'm really glad that you are getting results from your work. I hope that I'll get them too! All the best!

  16. I don't know how to eat healthy and get enough calories so I won't lose weight.

  17. I'm confused. you say that blasting the high butt will redistribute fat into the lower butt. But the video where you blasted your tummy….it just went away….it didn't "redistribute". Then i read the Q&A on the official blaster site. It says that lysing breaks down the fat and allows it to be expelled into the blood. So wouldn't blasting the high butt just leave u with a flat butt? So does blasting redistribute or break down and expell? it can't be both.

  18. can the fascia blaster do anything for dips in the side of the ass or is that really just a dimple when it happens?

  19. great job Evie!!!

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