Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Lara & Farah

first of all I’m gonna have to go grocery shopping that stresses me out I’m gonna have to like locate where red bell peppers are in the produce aisle hi I’m Laura Diane Farah and this week we are swapping diets here’s the thing I’m nauseous a lot because of the chronic illness that I have so what I do eat it’s like very small portions throughout the day clean plain food it’s like very boring but also I’m extremely lazy and never cook so the easier the better I cook a lot I am like the opposite of you great I usually cook myself breakfast really simple things like just toast with avocado on it she’s gonna be in for a very rude awakening in the mornings because breakfast is like celery juice or a smoothie I hate any type of bars so I see like natural flowers Laura bars I don’t like them oh my god I rely on protein bars yes that for dinner I usually will cook myself like a 1 pan meal like just a simple stir-fry with cauliflower right I can get behind that but you have a lot of like vegetables in here that may or may not make it into mine she also likes seaweed snacks and I can eat seaweed snacks but I’m not going to all right so I’m gonna go do it wish us luck me luck mostly okay day one I would normally make myself a hot breakfast but instead I have a large breakfast of an optional my crowbar and instead of coffee I’m going to have to drink matcha so it’s say one to go make some sort of all the kyoto statue this I’ll do my best but if I end up getting a smoothie you guys have to support me okay the only good thing about this is that I could eat this in the car on the way to work and I’m already running a little bit late Farah and I are walking to Trader Joe’s right now because I have to go grocery shopping but then I’m gonna make Farah go and get the impossible taco salad has the impossible burger be on top plant-based it’s vegan not really so I got the impossible taco salad from Mendocino because that’s what Lara usually will eat for lunch that’s very good it’s so good right you feel like you’re eating hamburger kind of it’s also sand flavors you need to eat this every day yeah I did not like B protein bars at all I think I ate maybe like two or three bites and I gave the rest to Laura and I went hungry until lunch so that was my day I just got home from work literally the last thing I want to do right now is cook I just got home from the gym so now I’m super hungry but the only things that lar usually eats for dinner it’s a banana chips and salsa or the frozen empanada things none of this choices sound delicious to me but I might go with them panada I do think I would probably feel better in the long run if I actually did take the time to cook I think it’s just I gotta make myself to do it there it is can’t wait to be hungry in like three hours I’m gonna need to make avocados toast read my avocado is that it the problem is that if I even get close to my poster so I think I’m just gonna eat it not so Sid which probably isn’t as good but you heard her maybe a little salt and pepper some ketchup what do you think that girl’s good a check a bunch of celery juice you want to smell it that is celery juice exactly what do you think it tastes like I don’t think it’s the worst thing I’ve ever eaten or drank but if I was getting introduced I would get something with a little bit more fruit in it just to like kind of mask the greens but Oh would it be here a while I’m not here to like call myself a genius or anything but I think I could probably get this a little toasty stovetop really one and it was really easy so just like ignore everything that I thought about hooking hard I wasn’t really cooking but for me it is so I bought some bubble bars she said the flavor that I chose peanut butter wasn’t a good flavor it’s fine it just his OD unhealthy with like a hint of peanut butter all right I have a Laura flavor approved bubble bar in chocolate chip I’m gonna try and see if it actually tastes better than the peanut butter one like she said it does it tastes more like a cookie so I can understand why she likes them all right I’m doing it I am cooking pretty much all I’ve done so far is lay everything out but I got my knife I got a cutting board I got some veggies that I’m gonna cut up we’re doing this this is see beyond burger that she puts in the lettuce wrap I cut out part of an onion I cried a little bit I do want to try and cook a little bit more cauliflower rice like I would definitely make it again in terms of everything else no I like the beyond burgers a lot actually since I ate them I’ve bought more I didn’t enjoy myself I say that I definitely felt healthier like eating watermelon after the gym wasn’t a bad thing at all I felt like more hydrated physically I feel pretty much the same as I usually do I think a week was like a good amount of time if I had to do it again I guess I would yeah I know I went it just didn’t work for my lifestyle yellow which is fine I think there is value in trying someone else’s diet for instance with Laura I definitely was eating a lot more vegetables and fruits than I normally did for me I would agree it kind of reminded me that like even if I don’t have a ton of energy cooking doesn’t have to be this thing that takes like two hours where you’re like making a souffle or something I don’t even know what a souffle is but I can easily just think that cauliflower rice or just saute some vegetables and still have a better meal than I would from like a frozen and pinata also I usually I think I got the wrong brand of that yeah you’re gonna stress [Music]


  1. For everyone complaining abt lara not sticking to the diet and whatever… Listen that girl has a chronic disease related to her reproductive area like uterus and she suffers frm pain there… So if she eats whatever she might not feel good and as she said feel nauseous…. So ppl GO EASY ON HER!!!

  2. Farrah looks like Kelsie from The Sorry Girls

  3. don't do the goddamn challenge if you're not going to try at all.

  4. Stopped watching after Lara messed up the first meal. Why make the vid

  5. this is terrible.why do people complain about "not knowing how to do something." YOU WORK AT BUZZFEED I'm pretty sure you know how to google how to chop a piece of garlic. It's really not difficult.

  6. Omg! Why did she even agree on filming this video? I'm sure they have more people there that would have made this video a lot nicer.

  7. Lara actually shouldn't eat anything inflammatory… Even her vegan diet is bad for her. SMH.

  8. Sooooo in America, making an avocado toast is considered cooking? Lol

  9. I like the swap diets videos but I really struggled with Lara’s attitude.

  10. Typical vegan the cringe is so real😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  11. She didn't know u can toast bread in a pan, damn …

  12. When she struggled to toast bread they lost me a little…

  13. Lara's attitude in this video is poorer than her attempt at toasting bread on a stove top

  14. Lara is so annoying y’all should’ve gotten someone else

  15. i understand if lara has a chronic illness but she is WILLINGLY participating in this challenge and is being annoying about it. she wont even try the foods and then is complaining the entire time??? cool, thanks for that!!

  16. Lara sounds difficult to deal with. No effort or positivity.

  17. Lara has a bad attitude and her diet isn’t better than anyone else’s it’s pretty poor she’s just lazy with a big chip on her shoulder. No more videos with her please

  18. This was really disappointing, you could tell they are not friends. Lara didn’t do the challenge at all while Farrah did her best even though she pretty much starved for the week. Please please pleasers get people who have a good chemistry and are wanting to do this challenge!

  19. anyone else hate lara lol she's just so negative and complainy and annoying

  20. Lara is honestly one of the only buzzfeed people I do not enjoy watching. This just made me realize it even more. She’s a downer and maybe if she actually ate healthy or real meals her body would feel better. You can find meal options that don’t require tons of cooking that are still healthy. This episode was the most underwhelming. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode with her in it that she doesn’t make sure to mention her illness. I get it, but jeez!

  21. I love these videos, but HATE when they’re not actually done. Don’t agree to do the video if you can’t commit to actually doing it.

  22. Buzzfeed I love this series but please do it better 🥺💔

  23. I’ll save everyone 7 minutes- the first 5 days are either fails or bars/juice. The last clip is a success. They both didn’t really like the food.

  24. I have gastroparesis and the only thing i can really stick up for is that sometimes smoothies and bars are the only thing i can stomach without feeling bloated and nauseous. Some mornings I'm crying, standing in front of the fridge, taking a deep breath and taking sips of a smoothie is the only thing i can do. But girl… You didn't have to complain the whole time?

    Edit: My only con was the negative attitude towards the foods and process. Telling people to eat more or "better" isn't the cure. Eating better can make you feel better but on the inside, no matter what you put in your body – it's gonna hurt. (Personally) My body doesn't process raw vegetables/fruits well so blending it up is recommended for me for breskfast. Fruit puree, smooties, yogurt, etc. So i get that. Whenever your chronic illness can make things feels "limiting" you tend to make your options quick and easy. That's not to say though that she could have at least tried with some positive outlook.

  25. What was the point in Lara being involved with this? A. She eats like a bird boring B. She modified things for herself. C. She has the excitement and energy of a rock.. I'm sorry for my comment 😕

  26. Why is everyone’s diet so bland and boring 🙄

  27. Remind me again why Lara was in this video? A complete miscast for the overall point of the challenge.

  28. How about a diet swap with Tasty producers? Would be fun to see two people who enjoy cooking swap 🙂

  29. Farrah is the only one who actually did the challenge ?!?!?

  30. Lara sucked at this challenge and sounds too nasally

  31. Ughhh… this was awful.

  32. This is like the equivalent to the Chantel box swap. Lara seems like she didn't even TRY. If it was a health thing then yeah for sure, do what's best for you, but it absolutely doesn't seem like that was it. She just seemed, and I quote, "lazy " to do it. Why even agree to do the video if she wasn't really going to do it? Farah even skipped breakfast instead of eating something she would normally eat (like Lara with her juice).
    Edit: Then again, why agree to do the video if you're not really going to do anything because your health won't let you(if health was the reason[probably not]).

  33. Lara…..

  34. Ketchup???? Eeeeewwwww

  35. Does she have to mention her chronic illness in every video?

  36. Lara took the fun out of these videos. What’s the point of being in the video if she’s not going to put effort in the challenge….?

  37. This should be titled …one person changes their diet for a week

  38. wow. no effort 😂

  39. I have to agree with all the comments. If they don’t follow the challenge, scrap the video because this ain’t it, sis!

  40. Lara was also acting so negative so I’m not surprised she hated everything.

  41. More of these pleaseeee

  42. Lara must not have washed those veggies. They still had the stickers on them.

  43. No offence to Lara, but why did she volunteer? I understand she can’t follow it bc of her dietary requirements but… just don’t volunteer for the challenge if you whinge about chopping a pepper… how old are you…??????

  44. 🙂 lara didn’t even try !! I wonder why she decided to do it in the first place :))) so boring

  45. Couldnt get past minute 2 becuase Lara is so whiny and obnoxious. Why make the vid if she's too lazy to actually do it?

  46. This video was so MEH they both have 0 personality and Lara didn't try whatsoever, lame.

  47. I understand the comments but there’s really no need for everyone to pile on the hate for Lara. Like do we not have any empathy? Ya, she wasn’t the best candidate to do a diet swap, but she’s trying to listen to what her body likes and that’s very important when you have a chronic illness. So people need to lay off. I’m sure she knows what people think.

  48. Lara is kind of annoying lol… pointless for her to participate in this vid if she isn’t gonna do the challenge

  49. Lara doesn't often feel well due to chronic illness so this challenge was just pointless .

  50. lara looks more like a farah and farah looks more like a lara LOL

  51. Couldn’t they get someone else to do this since Lara had a lot going on with her chronic illness?

  52. F u Lara you annoying fucc

  53. Farah did a great job. I’m over watching Lara in videos where she doesn’t stick to ANYTHING it’s pointless having her in these videos.

  54. idk if Lara has ever checked out Ayurvedic nutritional practices. I think she could benefit from them – endometriosis, pain, and fatigue are all indicators of an excess of something called Vata (in brief – a combination of natural elements space (ether) and wind as manifested in the body), so she needs to eat things that will help ground her and dissipate that excess, like cooked vegetables, hearty grains, lots of rich soups and stews, and use practices like self oil massage with sesame oil and almond oil, with scents like lavender to help soothe her pain and rebalance her body. But it seems she's more willing to try crystal healing and see some specialist in Florida than to put the energy into daily lifestyle changes that could truly help her. I understand her life has changed drastically because of this pain, but she can take power back if she just puts effort into her nutrition. It could change everything.

  55. Lara, we know you have a chronic illness. Here’s the thing… food heels and your attitude is holding you back. You can live with chronic illness and NOT let it define your life but this whole video (and all your other content) just exacerbated your negative attitude and outlook on life.

  56. Lara put no effort in this video

  57. Hats off to Farah for sticking at it despite the lack of nutritional value.

  58. Laura is an a$$

  59. Buzzfeed needs to screen better people for this kind of videos, pick people who does the challenge seriously. I feel bad for Farrah at the end when she tried so hard to praise Lara’s diet but then Lara was just bashing her diet. I meant… she cooked one cauliflower rice and semi avocado toast and still had the audacity to complain that it was hard and not suitable for her? I know that she has chronic illness, but i agree with most comments saying that 1. She should have not done this if she was never going to stick to it; and 2. She should have eaten better because better food equals to better condition..

  60. Lara said she eats a specific way for her chronic pain so why would she do this video? A lot of people say she failed but she eats a certain way for pain so why is she even in this video lol

  61. Get people who actually follow the stupid challenge. Lara complained the whole time and didn’t even try. Farrah did great, but definitely didn’t seem like bffs.

  62. All these negative comments about Lara, can we just congratulate Farah on actually following the diet and sticking with it

  63. Every video Lara is in just involves her complaining the whole time

  64. How can you be too incompetent to make an avocado toast?

  65. I hate lara. Thats it

  66. bruhh they're so boring 😂 jazzmyne and lindsay all the wayy!!!!

  67. Having chronic issues and starving yourself of nutrients is the fastest way to feel a lot worse. No wonder she has no energy, even if she wasn’t sick she wouldn’t have any energy from the almost non existent food she eats.
    Also the whole complaining ALL THE TIME ABOUT EVERYTHING is so incredibly off putting

  68. Who else can’t stand Lara 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

  69. Lara is so annoying. Why join the challenge if you won't make an effort to do it? You complain too much.

  70. Does she not have a toaster?

  71. just fire Lara, she's annoying and a downer

  72. Lara undereats on an extreme level.

  73. Lara is rude… U think?

  74. are they really best friends?

  75. I wish my Job was doing absolutely nothing that was asked of me, filming myself while doing it and then getting paid. Good Job, Lara🙄

    Also… Her voice is literally just nasal complaining. Jesusm

  76. it's kinda obvious that Farah and Lara aren't best friends…maybe they're friends but not BEST friends?

  77. They only showed one meal per day I would like to see 3 meals per day and them actually stick to the diets (Lara didn’t at all)


  79. She’s vegan and she doesn’t know how to cook?! I’m super shocked. I think she would help her illnesses if she ate more plants!

  80. Gosh I don't understand the "I'm lazy" reason. Get a crock pot and you'll have a wonderful food that you didn't really take so much time making.

  81. Most pointless video I have ever seen

  82. 1:55 are you for real? First day, first meal? What is the point of me watching this?

  83. wow imagine being proud of cutting a vege

  84. dont make swap videos if yall not gonna do it!

  85. I don’t like Lara at all.

  86. Lara is so unhealthy like girl I get it, I am in the chronic illness club but sister you aren’t eating right AT all.

  87. Lara I want to ask you to please get your blood work done and make sure you don’t have any deficiencies. I am also chronically ill and I understand and experience the-I’m-not-able-to-cook-a-healthy-meal-right-now-I-need-to-eat-and-take-pain-medication phenomena. I won’t judge you, I physically cant eat fibre and my doctor agrees. That is always the first thing people judge me about in regards to diet. So I won’t judge you, just make sure you aren’t deficient.

  88. it would be great to see you guys buying he broccoli and cauliflower bulk without the plastic packaging then ricing it yourself! i would love to see these challenges but on top you have to be zero waste, that would be good entertainment!

  89. Zero waste challenges would be so entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Lara didn't even try 😂 let's just let people do these challenges if they're actually going to

  91. Props to Farah

  92. I like the concept of these videos, but it seems like whenever they do them one of the two simply refuses to actually participate.

  93. Lara is always a downer. She should actually commit to a challenge for once.

  94. Every episode I see Lara always triggers me. Like why do any videos if all you ever do is complain? She shouldn't be on camera for her negative attitude for literally ANYTHING.

  95. making toast = cooking ????

  96. i eat whatever theres to eat because theres days i cant afford food 😑

  97. Is it just me or has anyone noticed that Lara talks about her chronic illness a lot. Just a thought

  98. I’ve got to say, people may be disappointed that Lara didn’t follow through with the diet and that’s fair enough. However, I think it’s unreasonable that so many people are totally bashing her in the comments. There’s no need to criticize her as a person or make judgements about her illness. At the end of the diet both girls took away a lesson which was great.

  99. Lara is super lazy!

  100. Strangers have more sympathy to each other than these two girls with each other

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