Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Jazz and Lindsay


  1. Lindsay: if it’s in front I’m gonna eat it all

    Jazz: brings a cupcake

    Also Lindsay: I don’t want a cupcakeeeeeeEEEEE

  2. Lindsay: if it’s in front I’m gonna eat it all

    Jazz: brings a cupcake

    Also Lindsay: I don’t want a cupcakeeeeeeEEEEE

  3. hi

  4. Lindsay is honestly soooooo gorgeous

  5. Anyone else hungry

  6. I am like Lindsay . I dont eat breakfast much either .. The smell of bacon sometimes makes me nauseous

  7. I don’t know what my friend eats, But they would have to eat like, mostly water and salad. And maybe soda.

  8. jazz's voice is satisfying

  9. I think you can usually tell a lot about someone’s diet from the way they look, but there are exceptions. from a health perspective you shouldn’t blame your metabolism and proceed to order two take out meals for lunch.

  10. Lindsay was seriously cheating throughout this whole video

  11. Me:
    Breakfast, lunch & dinner:
    -rice and beans
    -bread and rice
    -chicken and rice

  12. I really know what she’s talking about I get super sick in the morning if I eat in the morning

  13. The cottage cheese and chips made me wanna gag

  14. Lindsey’s the type of skinny legend that is skinny because she doesn’t eat that much but still eats quite a bit, but I eat the whole fridge through the day and lose a pound lol

  15. My best friend is called jasmine I was thinking of her while this video as well xx

  16. I love their friendship so much. Omg Jazz just casually roasting Lindsay while she's right there is friendship goals.

    "[…] watching One Tree Hill[…]"

  17. Does anyone else brush there teeth before they eat breakfast?

  18. could Lindsey speak more about her nauseousness in the morning because i have the same thing and its good to know im not the only one!

  19. I eat
    Eggs spinach and cheese
    A fruit bowl
    Bean salad
    Brocolli spinach and cheese salad

    And dinner surprise

  20. I have the cups that Lindsey was drinking in the morning!!!

  21. Literally me watching drama infront of me 5:43–5:55

  22. i seriously need a storytime of jazzmynes eating disorder journey. i think it would really help me be as confident in my own skin as she is

  23. I'm reading all the creative comments and now i think of this comment ._.

  24. 5:36 THOSE OCEAN EYES!

  25. Glad I'm not the only who doesnt get breakfast because I'd feel sick

  26. Is it just me but…

    When I wake up and I drink alot of water my stomach just starts hurting…

  27. I get really sick in a morning too but sometimes I feel like after food it settles down alot.

  28. Omg I'm the same for some reason I feel nauseous in the morning if I eat 🙁

  29. 0:03 sameee!! I thought I was the only one who gets nauseous after eating breakfast in the morning that’s why I don’t eat breakfast

  30. I eat supper that’s it. I’m a huge snacker during the day but never really a “meal”.
    I know it’s supper unhealthy but I do it 😂

  31. We’re y’all work at I wonna work there to

  32. Evеryonе knows, that the eаsiеst wаy tо losе wеight

  33. Every comment has like 2k likes

  34. Jazzmyne is me!!!

  35. And i ooop

  36. Don’t worry Lindsey 😂 i also get nauseous in the morning. I also don’t like breakfast foods so i don’t eat breakfast overall, besides a granola bar.

  37. 0:03 teen mom


  39. We are all Lindsay lol

  40. Why do so many people feel nauseous in the morning? Is there a medical reason?

  41. I don’t really eat until 3:15 every day and have like one meal and a snack. Is fun

  42. Linsey I can relate

  43. Yooooooo

  44. Is it bad I like pancakes and waffles soggy

  45. Lindsey: Burns the kitchen Oooo look at that steam, Am I a chef?

  46. Jajrbsnsan

  47. This is literally only the second video I've watched of jazz but the moment she mentioned past ed I decided that I would die for her.

  48. Ok byt like can we talk about how perfect they are-

  49. If I were to do this with my bsf. We’d both starve since we both are to lazy to get food

  50. If she thinks eating cereal in a bowl is too many calories then why doesn’t she think that eating Panda Express wouldn’t be too many calories. Totally illogical

  51. I feel like when I drink water I get full..oh well

  52. 3:43 Lindsay looks like Adele

  53. I just eat whatever my mum cooked

  54. No one:


    Jazz: look at my hilighter

    Lindsay: look at mine

    Selorm: HA

  55. OK this feels absurdly unhealthy and also absurdly healthy.
    And a lot of food and not much food.
    I'm confused.

  56. I dont eat breakfest in the morning(everyday most of the time)

    Is that normal?

  57. Omg.
    This would literally be me and my besite. I eat like a normal human being being a normal weight, then there’s my friend who is the same age but 30 lbs lighter and sometimes eats lunch, sometimes eats breakfast, and only eats dinner but sometimes completely skips a whole day of food.
    We need to teach our unhealthily skinny friends to eat more food.
    The end.

  58. Yassss gurl preach Jazzmyn

  59. pan gets hot
    lindsay: ohhh am I a chef??

  60. I have an addiction;

    To this video.

  61. It’s insane that Lindsay eats so poorly/ barely drinks water yes has the best skin I’ve ever seen. So unfair

  62. Not even light
    Look at my highlight
    Look at mine
    I could not stop laughing

  63. I love videos with Lindsey and Jazz

  64. Who loves Jazz’s raspy voice?

  65. VHello

  66. maybe it's because i'm european but i think both of their diets aren't that healthy.


  68. I'm Italian and I'm sorry but in my opinion food in the USA looks fake.It's not yummy but maybe I'll eventually try it and change my mind.

  69. Oh my god i was freaking out when Lindsay has a shirt that has the name Irish IM FROM IRELAND EEEK

  70. My best friend and I are so different too! I only drink water, a piece of toast for breakfast, and salad for lunch and dinner. My best friend is the exact opposite. 😂😂

  71. omg lindsay is ME, one or two meals a day, sometimes just one and the other one is just snacks? no breakfast? not wanting the cupcake? SHES ME LMAOOOO

  72. My sister is gay🏳️‍🌈👭

  73. Eats popcorn for dinner Next day, I doubled the sausage and the eggs because I am Soo hungry!!
    Me: I wonder why?? 😑

  74. Lindsey:"look at that steam oooooo am I a chef!?
    Me:girl your just taking a free sauna,it's not a job!!!

  75. The audio in the beginning bothers me on a personal level…

  76. " oohh, it's steaming, am i a chef?"

  77. Lindsey looks soo beautiful without a scrap of makeup! Almost like lili reinhart? I wish I was blonde haired and blue eyes 😭

  78. Both of the dishes look yummy 😋🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🍪🍩🍬😋👩‍🍳👨‍🍳👨‍🍳👨‍🍳👩‍🍳lol love you guys
    Big fan but do you have merch 💗💗💗🐶😻🐶😻💗🐶😻💗👼🐶😻💗😋

  79. Spicy nacho Doritos and cottage cheese!

  80. Does Lindsay have anorexia?

  81. Linsey, “ I just want dam fries!”
    Thalia, “ SAME!!!! WELCOME TO MY WORLD!”
    Like if you got it

  82. “I don’t want a cupcake” said no one ever

  83. WOW she sure is lesbian

  84. Both of them are SO FRICKIN GORGEOUS 😭😭😭😭😭♥♥

  85. Is she wearing a st Vincent st Mary jersey


  87. I have a like 4 meals a day and a ton of snacks yikes

  88. Love how Jazz has a sign that says lesbians in her house

  89. Oh thank god I’m not the only one who feels nauseous in the morning. I can’t eat breakfast at all because of that.

  90. I have friends who eat junk food on a daily like crazy and don’t gain a single pound but if I simply take a bite off a pizza slice I already gain 10 pounds 😂😔😔😔 this ain’t it

  91. For A SECOND they talk about mayonnaise then Jazzmyne “look at my highlight”

  92. Honestly I don't think I eat meals I just have SNACKS

  93. I eat 6 meals and look like a stick

  94. 5:00 is Jazz a lesbian bc in the background on 5:00 it’s a picture saying lesbian

  95. 0:27 i felt that W H E E Z E on an emotional level. 😔✊

  96. Omg i also get noxious every single morning (not pregnant), and i have never met anyone that always gets noxious. And i don't eat a lot cause i get full very fast

  97. Oooo look at that smoke am I Gordon Ramsay

  98. I wanna see Lindsay 15 years from now when she and her 'significant other' are scrounging up funds for the down payment on their first home. They are perplexed why she has no money and she adds up all of her Postmating splurges and cries…for a week!

  99. 6:29 shouldn’t it be foodtruck friday

  100. I also sometimes feel very nauseous in the morning and sometimes throughout the day. WATER HELPS

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