Best Fitness Tracker Deals 2017!


  1. Beautiful!

  2. I loved all the videos from CES. Looking forward to next year already !!

  3. Great deals. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for another great deal!

  5. Congrats to the winners today

  6. the watch is so cool

  7. Thats funny I exercise once every month.

  8. I'd love to see more on home automation and security. So many on the market, what came out of CES? What are the best entry level that can be added to, biggest bang for the buck?

  9. 🙂

  10. I am looking for a good fitness tracker. Thanks Matt

  11. I really want this

  12. I'm gonna win someday even though I never do…

  13. The Best!

  14. Sleeping schedule? When do you sleep? LOL

  15. Great deal!

  16. t hank for doing what u do

  17. ty I'm getting one

  18. great deal Matt thanks intern Casey

  19. Thanks for the deals

  20. I need to get a fitness tracker, I use my cell but I don't always have it with me.

  21. I would love one of these fitness trackers!

  22. I don't know how you do it but you always find the best deals

  23. matt, have you tried it yet?

  24. Awesome deal! Thanks again!

  25. I never thought much about having a fitness watch but this one seems to fit the budget and tell great info!!! Thx Matt

  26. Good Deal on iWOWNfit i6 but cant figure out how to change from Kilograms to lbs? Not USA friendly

  27. hi CASEY AND MATT nice small item looks useful ANDY K.

  28. Soooo many great deals!!! I love the energy of you and your interns!

  29. great deals Matt keep it up.

  30. I love the fitness tracker!

  31. I wonder how good this is compared to the FitBit devices

  32. Matt, you are comedic! I love it!

  33. Another reason to encourage my continued wellness is always a good thing!

  34. great prices! thanks for doing these videos

  35. Thanks for this Matt! Have been looking for a decent fitness tracker that's not very expensive.

  36. I got this on a previous deal and I love it! Using this as one of my tools, I've lost over 60 pounds and I'm doing great. Thank you, Matt and Casey, for all of the great deals. They help in so many ways! 🙂

  37. U rock!!! I got 3 for the family…!! thanks.. love the free band

  38. This tracker offers so much more than the Fitbit at a WAY cheaper price

  39. You are such a cutey pie 🙂

  40. Great deals

  41. you have the best deals Matt keep it up

  42. Great product at a great price.

  43. my loves this deal but she dont know yet cause its for her b-day yea yea

  44. I'm late catching up on the videos I missed while I was in the hospital last week, so far I'm ordering two of the deals, thank you Matt.

  45. I'm late catching up on the videos I missed while I was in the hospital last week, so far I'm ordering two of the deals, thank you Matt.

  46. my grandma would love this.

  47. I bought 3 of one w/o the heart rate monitor last year and we love it! I just bought 2 of the one w/ the heart rate monitor because of the great price! Couldn't pass it up!! Quick question. Looking for a deal on a Keurig K15 single serve coffee maker. Do you know of any deals? What is a reasonable price?

  48. Got this deal in the mail a week ago, now getting for 2 other people.

  49. Nice review…!

  50. thank you matt

  51. nice

  52. Nice find!

  53. second career as a rapper .. you go girl

  54. Matt with those candles you have today you think the company that makes them wood would go in with bows and have a square shaped candle with an audio sound around it

  55. Great video

  56. Love your great deals

  57. Wish I could win a giveaway

  58. Cool fitness band

  59. my wife and i love our fitness tracker. thanks for showing us this.

  60. Love your energy!

  61. I got one and really love it

  62. I bought the iWOWN i6 pro. Good price, pretty good watch, but it disconnects all the time from my phone. The customer service is pretty good. I'm just sick of having to restart my phone 1-5 times daily to get it to connect. Just wanted to let people know since at least that deal was still going last I checked.

  63. I am glad you describe the difference between hard suitcase a soft suitcase

  64. hii ☺

  65. Does anyone know of a watch that checks blood pressure.

  66. "this gets it done with one push" lol

  67. I bought mine a few weeks ago. It was a bit of a rough start. Now it's working great. The USB connection was different then most, but I figured it out. And charges up 100% within 1/2 hour and keeps the charge all week.

  68. how u get it set up with phone

  69. iwown i5 plus/ pro

  70. nice watch

  71. your videos are awesome!

  72. can i USe it for swimming

  73. can i get the data off using a PC not a phone

  74. i need one badly… from bangladesh.. dont u launch at here ?/

  75. I would love to have fitness smart tracker soon. Hope I get great deal. Thank you.

  76. Nice Video..really helpful..

  77. it's been a year and you haven't saved up for a Fitbit?

  78. wow i like u video…can u make video for weloob olike now 2?

  79. I've lived in Vegas for years and still have yet to make it to CES (I'm always too busy entertaining you people at my shows, but I digress). I've never heard of this fitness band, but that doesn't surprise me with so many people making them these days. I think I'll give this one a better look. How can you not trust a funny guy that's interested in tracking how poorly he sleeps (like we fellow insomniacs love to do)? 🙂

  80. hi

  81. love the watches I will get the one with hr monitor!

  82. Hi!!! Love this!! 🙂

  83. Thank for tracker info … Will be a great gift for my husband

  84. How do you set the clock

  85. I think there is a better brand sir. 🙂 Especially for those with high blood pressure.

  86. What is this watch called

  87. I ❤ watching all your videos! So informative!

  88. I have a fit bit wish I got a smart watch.

  89. I have looking for a fitness tracker for awhile now. Thank you Matt!

  90. Wow

  91. Hi there Mate you or u or u ok mate Yor u or u ok mate ok Mate at we’ll be good Mate my name see Greg I hop u you or u ok mate

  92. Looks more like a hobby made partnership homevideo xD

  93. I own this device but i cant get the sleep function to help, can anyone help?

  94. sounds like a shill video to me.

  95. Damn who is that girl? She's insanely attractive!

  96. Great vid!!!

  97. I laughed out loud when you were so happy and ran down the aisle! Loved it

  98. Hi

  99. I have had the tracker shown at 2.22 for a couple of years but can't wear it any more as the strap has fallen to pieces. Can anyone tell me where I could get another?

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