Best Exercises at Home without Equipment (FULL BODY 25+ VARIATIONS)

Best Exercises at Home without Equipment (FULL BODY 25+ VARIATIONS) 1. Back – Posterior Chain – Shoulder & Scapular Strength/Stabilization (Primary Posterior C. Muscles worked: Back/Lower Back, Glutes & Hamstrings) Followed by Back & Lats / PULL
2. PUSH – Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
2.1 Chest (Primary)
2.2 Shoulders (Primary)
3. Legs & Glutes
4. Abs (& Core) 2. PUSH – Chest/Shoulders/Triceps (2.2 Shoulders – Primary) 3. Legs & Glutes 4. Abs (& Core) Hollow Hold
(Shoulders & Legs lifted, Mid-Section tight & no lower Back Arch) Thanks for watching!
Let Training be a key Ingredient in your Life


  1. Hey everone! I hope you are doing well with great strength & progress on your training journey!
    For how long have you been working out, and what motivates you to keep going?

  2. You're awesome.

  3. It's good to have you back, Kris. Keep motivating everyone to push their limit!
    Thank you for all the informative videos. I have gained great physical strength, all thanks to your videos. Be well, friend! 😀

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  6. Amazing training, man. Most exercises just haven’t entered my mind to date. Thx! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  8. "Bonus floor Cleaner"😂👍

  9. Isso é exercicio para preguiçoso

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  11. Hi, very important question boi. Can my grandma do reverse snow angel exercise for strength lower back, or is not good idea for older people ?

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  16. I like this video because the movements are amazing and you don’t have to spend time giving explanations for what you are doing. I don’t have the patience to watch videos that blather on and on.

  17. Exercícios ótimos 😉😉eu não conhecia todos amei!!!

  18. Once again, awesome video my man! I’m incorporating these exercises once a week. Thanks and stay healthy! 👍🏽👍🏽


  20. Best body Chris 💪 Good job

  21. Kris, your videos are the best. No none sense of gimmicks just enjoying sport in nature. What do you think about all these fasting diets? Do you do something special to help stay so lean? Thanks

  22. Amazing video! Can't wait to do some of these!

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  25. how old r u? 34?

  26. Kris Iam always waiting for your video and also it gives me happiness. Iam following you brother stay strong💪💪

  27. Let say you're doing an upper day, do you prefer set & reps over a circuits style training?

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  29. Great workout!!! Harder than it seems

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  33. Que interesantes ejercicios,me encantó la parte de entrenar y limpiar ,2 x1 xd

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  39. I like this , because I can't go to the gym, so I will try. Thanks

  40. Hello.

    Forgive me if non-English ill is illiterate, I write through Google translator.

    Be so kind as to fit the features of your training. The frequency of training data. The combination of such training with power.

    In particular, the time spent under load and the number of repetitions.

    Thank you very much.

  41. BRASIL 💪👍

  42. Hi. Thank you for this, much appreciated.

    Would you mind expanding on how one does this? 1 set, or 3? Go through entire program, in order, then do again (for sets). Finally, rep numbers would be in the range of 6-8? 1-12?

    Thank you again.

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  53. I just recently brought the gymnastic rings for pull ups and dips. Trust me man it is on a whole another level. I can do regular pull ups and dips but that thing man it makes me feel so weak. Youtibers show it very easily but i think to develop that kind of strenght i will probably take a year or more!

  54. Can I do all this exercises in one day or I have to concentrate on specific muscle each day…???

  55. Add push up (with hands turn of feets) to work biceps? It s hard with no mats to train biceps at home
    Thx for all you're videos, it s help me a lot

  56. Please sir can u make a video on handstand push-ups I can hold it but can't push my body up….

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  59. LOVE these modifications, thanks so much!

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  61. great work kris. like ur vedios.

  62. Amazing video bro keep it going just subscribed love bodyweight training

  63. You Sir are impressive.. Thank you for sharing this video!
    Do you have any solution to my problem:
    I‘m working out and my muscles feel very fatigued, but I‘m not quite sure if I’m building any muscle..

  64. whats that music can some one give me LINK or NAME

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  66. Great video man! your channel is awesome. I started with calisthenics 2 years ago at 25 but before that was hitting weights at gym. I find calisthenics to be a lot safer and healthier for your body than do only weights

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  87. Hi, I'm spanish, I would like to know many times or sessions you have to do in each exercise.

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  97. The gyms don’t like theses videos

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  99. Suffering from a right thumb injury I find this video very helpful for me atm, except the push exercises I can do the rest of exercises without risking a further injury. Thanks for inspiring so much!

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