Best DMAA Pre-Workout 2019? | Aggressive Labz LeatherFaze Review

what's going on everyone DJ fitness D news reviews and together with me a Griff see labs are you scared people listen this this thing has been getting a lot of rave reviews it is time for the fdn treatment I'm gonna take you through the level of this thing and yes it does have DMAA and then i'm gonna share with you my personal experience using this phone on and off over the last couple of weeks and then right towards the end of the video I'm gonna give you my final verdict who is this for should you go for you are you ready for it let's get to it okay guys so aggressive Labs is one of these niche companies you know that you can't find I couldn't vitamin shoppe you know look at look at this shit yes I like the label they see like you know usually I don't I'm not sure I like like this crazy ass you know clown stack thing you know murderous people this this is an aggressive label and I think I guess these guys are just building it to the to the brand so I really like what they've done man if you have kids at home I wouldn't have this one just in their bedroom so listen anyway guys so I perceive loves in each company you know focusing more of the hardcore space obviously they have a few pre-workouts actually I'll do a demo stuff like a punk form without we chop downhill NOx which I'm gonna review our habit ear and never pump formula I think it's called god of pumps anyway today we're focusing on Leatherface so Leatherface is a DMA a pre-workout and obviously that's the claim to fame of this cell on this one let me take you to this label people because this label is a steam junkie vandal listen as far as pumps I'm not gonna go by order even though I'm gonna put the label here but as far as pumps to get citrulline alley at 8 grams so that's an obviously through now and that's a good dose and then you get on top of that one gram of agmatine sulfate so the combination of citronella and I live in Salford by definition is going to get you pumped I like this game I always say that on the channel here as far as a pump for mass it run by Excel doesn't do a lot to me and I think to a lot of other people when you have these two components here this is a solid pump formula to start with then I bet the element 4 grams 4 grams battalion doesn't say if it's the carnosine one I'm assuming it's not the carnosine patented form so you know battalion theoretically lactic acid buffering in reality tingling and I really like the timing it gets you in the zone it gets you into that so like I actually saw someone releasing like tingle 3 battalion I said whatever you want a tingle 3 battalion and you're four grams obviously above to point to that you usually see then you have capital creatine monohydrate that tree branches are supposed to help you with muscle power 5 grams is the clinical dose you know like when you use it it also creating you're supposed to use it all the time so 3 grams it's in here supposed to help baby caffeine anhydrous 500 Mira so basically 500 milligrams of caffeine obviously well above a higher higher end of dosages I mean for a great pre workouts great pre workouts that have the MHA or even don't have the image I have other stimulants like 300 350 milligrams of caffeine is okay 500 members that's a hooligan Apple Nutrition hooligan level assassin level it's definitely on the higher end then you have any city of tyrosine as 500 members that are supposed to help you mental focus actually I'm gonna talk about that a bit later but except that obviously caffeine is going to help you with focus also but you have the DMA with focus in not 500 milligrams of in a city a thousand that's it for the focus former so there is no other stuff then we have seen FNX yelled 80 million rounds seriously eighty million is a lot of seen my friend if there's actually a new gram see nothing here then you were supposed to feel the burn you're supposed supposed to feel the energy I mean usually you see 30 minutes 40 minutes I seen some 15 minutes 80 mmmm 760 and assassin but anything around is like a crazy dosage if it's actually here then you have 1 3 so basically DMA at 45 milligrams so the mesomorph aps anism of the most famous product in recent years it had 65 milligrams of DMA this has 45 minutes give me if it's real DMA it's not a huge dose but if it's really in my aid then this is probably one of the only months which will DMA a unit then you have black pepper forget it that's for absorption and then you have you him being HCl at 3 milligrams so your human is gonna help with increasing your body temperature it's gonna help with energy it's gonna help me focus it's not alpha also it's usually has where the side effect by definition I would say also that if you're now if you're a beginner a pre-workout person this is not for you right or take after those and see what happens because if it has what it has what it says on the label here and this is a lot of stimulants and it might cause some of you guys to freak out Shh let's argue the flavor right you have green apple right so green apple I actually have both flavors there's Nina green apple and slaughter strawberry or something like that I didn't even try the other one there's so many reviews out there that say that it's literally tastes like ass or I think peach for myself later said like acid battery acid mixed with ass that's a colorful picture so I'm gonna try green apple solid freakin flavor so I would say if you're gonna go for this one definitely go with the green apple I wouldn't even mess with the other ones dr. watermelon or something like that so green apples solid flavor and that's it for the flavor who cares listen let's get into the experience so listen and you look at pre-workout yours mood elevation there's focus there's obviously the energy the hard eating energy there's lots of all sorts of type of mood elevation there is rage like angry I just do like you you go like crazy there's noodle efficient that make you happy right and I viewed several pre workouts here that just make you happy and by the way I'm gonna link to my top 10 below and I've actually segmented them by energy you know hard-hitting energy mood elevation as far as happiness just feel good motivation learn focus right these are the things that you know ok listen I've tried Leatherface in a couple of combinations really I've tried the level scoop and I can tell you just because I measured it it's supposed to be grams per scoop or full stir level scoop is probably three grams lower than then 20 grams like this is deserving to get to 20 grams you need to go really heaping scoop and I've tried both of them right and I've seen some reviews with people try like a heaping scoop and it was too much for them and people tried level scoop really liked it at the level scoop I tried both of them and I want to share with you my personal experience let's start with the level scoop and the level scoop this is a good pre-workout for me person it's a great big workout in the sense oh you're gonna get energy you're gonna get focused you're gonna get buzz you're gonna get imaging if you were like what you're looking for in a pre-workout is something that would hit you really hard really fast and will get use owned in just Zone in you're gonna really like Leatherface at once you're just wired why it is the best example or the best uh I would say way to describe how this thing feels like at one scoop and also another way where it reminds me of the first generation assassin from Apollo nutrition or honor collapse is it's gonna last for a very long time so there's no crash actually which is really interesting you're seeing all this caffeine like at 500 milligrams then theoretically you're supposed to like you did not get really like a heart rate goes up you're gonna feel really bad and then crash like a rock you are not going to crashing actually it's gonna last for a very long time that's why I remind you hooligan from a pole nutrition an assassin first generation you're gonna feel good the parts are also solid like you're gonna get so it pumps the tingling is really intense you're gonna feel it tingling and it's gonna last for a long time and you're gonna get wired you're gonna get wired actually didn't get a lot of motivation like I didn't feel happy but you're gonna get wired now with a heaping scoop for me personally this was a better experience I know some people who did super steam junkies when they got into a heaping scoop their heart rate went up and they started like it was just non-productive right for me not a heaping scoop it was way more productive than the like the level scoop heaping scoop meaning 20 grams the actual serving and then was God added to this experience that I talked about before the tingling was even more intense the in the zone feeling was more intense I really liked it in the zone and I get that a bit of a rage right so it's not Moodle I don't expect you know some DAAP workout just make you feel happy or like a king I didn't I didn't feel like a king I feel like I'm invincible I can do anything I just felt a sense of urgency a serious sense of urgency and this shit lasts for a very long time I'm act I took this this morning and I'm actually like three and a half hours post taking this man I can still go into the gym so this is where it really reminds me of the assassin so they nailed the super high dosage of stimulants without the crash so it really lasts for a very long time now as far as the actual feel like I said you're feeling wired and with the hipping scoop you're gonna get a serious sense of urgency to get shit done like you can't like you know your rest period between sets it's gonna shorten because you just want to go up and do stuff right this is really what I felt here so I think as far as an overly invited another thing you're gonna feel that but like you're gonna feel on fire like with a heaping scoop you're gonna feel on fire he's just gonna feel this constant feeling of over heat you're gonna sweat you're gonna feel on fire and it contributes to my sense of urgency so I would say if you what you like in a pre-workout it's something that when you take it it just takes everything out everything away from you it's all about motivation you're just gonna be in a sense of urgency to do stuff to pick up lift and lift weights and the energy is now asking for everyone you can actually handle all these things here and I would say this is definitely they nailed it with this one does it have the MA or not I don't know I didn't feel invincible with this one I just felt totally wired and I just wanted to workout and it lasted for a very long time and you feel like you're on fire this is what I felt so I really like this one actually I really like it and will continue and use it now that's it people this is another face if you could I would start you the level scoop see how you feel and then try with a heaping scoop or measure 20 grams and see how you feel you might it might be too much for you definitely don't take this one if you're not an experienced pre-workout user stars where you can find it you can find it in a couple of stores including the eBay and the rest in a couple of others coming to the page of fitness news below it's reasonably priced like you can get it at the low 30s probably for the 20s or so for an exotic stimulants DMAA you know like niche type thing this is this is a reasonable price definitely get the green apple I'm gonna link to the page below so you can compare prices if this video was helpful in your aggressive labs the other phase pre-workout decision making process give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel to see more reviews like this because this is exactly what we do here we give you our honest honest unbiased unspun surd freaking opinion if you want to save money won't people workouts or anything Fitness you go to Fitness we don't sell anything we just help you save money


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