Best Daily Routine For Healthy Life

[Applause] the purpose of eating is to maintain the energy flow to maintain the internal integrity of the organism why do human beings eat why do you all eat you don't eat for that reason you eat to please your tongue right you don't sit around with each other and say hmm have you had enough you think you've had enough phytonutrients how about your omega-3s today I mean we do but most people don't what do you feel like and I feel like a burrito I feel like a steak I feel like you know in fact we don't even know what that means what does it mean to feel like you don't even know in fact if you think about it you'll realize that that you only you only feel like that it's like us some sort of it's a random spontaneous thing and then you think all of a sudden it's a craving and then you got to fill that craving believe me if you're craving something specific you're in trouble it's learned and it's not natural if you're craving in general nourishment and it can be any almost anything then that's natural it's called hunger our goal is for you never to need another doctor the rest of your life and we want that to be a long and vibrant life you don't need to go to somebody else to ask you how to take care of yourself you should know this is fundamental and unfortunately we grow up in the culture one of the many cultures where that is kept from us so that we can have professions like doctors we're not even in the health business or in the disease business so we're really way off learn how to eat right make all the foods the other things very important we're talking about restoring yourself to your natural way go to bed early okay we're dye your '''l creatures when the sun goes down so should our eyelids when the song the sun goes up so should our eyelids actually we wake up just before Sun Sun Sun Sun sunrise and that's when you do that was it called the holy hours that's when you do your prayer and meditation you've got to do you've got to connect on that level if you don't connect on that level then you're missing out on the whole reason to be alive and then you read stuff that's really important and true and then you can get involved in moving this body around this wonderful divine house remember glucose is not metabolized fats are not used if you don't have muscles muscles are the machines that get move this whole metabolic thing if you're not exercising and moving it around it's not gonna happen you got to exercise it's if you eat the most perfect diet in the world and you don't exercise you're in trouble the reason we have to exercise is because we have a gun away from nature in in in the natural state what we call exercise happens by living on earth you're climbing a tree you're walking up mountains you're moving this to there you're doing things that in life requires this movement because our muscles are part of the functional dance we do right but all we do is sit but sit and push buttons and watch things and passively get filled with electronic madness and so we don't move our muscles around we sit on couches and we sit on chairs so we have to invent something called exercise so that's okay exercise go to sleep early get up pray meditate read exercise and then start your day you'll be stronger you'll make it you'll be able to walk past the burger stand you'll be able to walk past the sandwich shop you'll be able to walk past the donut shop you'll say no to the pizza and you'll be nice and tired at 8 o'clock and you'll go to bed and you will be and when you go to bed early you will produce a ton of melatonin which just happens to keep you free from cancer one of the many things when you live in harmony with your biology you get to live long and wonderful when you violate those laws the consequence is disease and premature death [Applause]


  1. Amazing!


  3. "Thank You Dr. Thomas Lodi​ your important video message is shared to my 3 Facebook wellness community timelines . Your one of the real DOCTORS today that understands how the human body works with the right life style and nature . The Good Earth Chef Barry is so glad and happy that you are practicing in Phuket and Bangkok Thailand . Your friend for life and student of nature for life . Yes as humans we are distracted and we are making mistakes along the way but we must learn to address these issues and make corrections along the way . "Holistic Chef Barry Anderson​ “
    PS:” In any dictionary the word DOCTOR means teacher of wellness .But unfortunately this definition of practice is way too often replaced with a Doctor of dispensary of Drugs that the human immune system cannot accept as nutrition or food to build and replace the constant death of our cells and body organs that are under constant repair death or replacement to keep our body alive and well. This organic cycle goes full circle about every seven years in our aging process but with shorter telemeter strands on both sides of our DNA . “
    “Your wisdom Dr. Lodi is helping me to stay the course when I am derailed from time to time and I am thanking you for your guidance and good sound content for living the right way for wellness happiness and good health . “ “Namaste”

  4. I'm stage 4 breast cancer …how to exercise if I cant breath …Iam drinking green juices ,taking v B17 and IV vitamin C but still with no power to move ….how any patient do it …please I need your advice….I have 2 kids and living in the middleeast …I feel lost

  5. food is probably the worst addiction we face….

  6. I need structure in my daily routine, this helps thanks.

  7. sleep is my downfall, just can't seem to get to bed before midnight.

  8. So true, thank you.

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