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  1. 4:13 that's freakin adorable

  2. Wow

  3. dang…too sexy. i feel motivated…

  4. great work but … fake boobs

  5. Kok ngaceng gitu loh wkwkwkkwkwkwk

  6. this is like watching gods

  7. Yes let's go 😃💪💪go go

  8. Esto si son goals y no mamadas :v

  9. What's that song? Title?

  10. Good for them, but I enjoy popcorn in the cinema with my wife and we're both happy too.

  11. Nice

  12. 👍👍💪💪😎😎

  13. man, that girl is stronger than me

  14. Nice

  15. 3 times more motivated LUL

  16. Xxx

  17. That‘s a Softporn 😂

  18. fuck

  19. 3:10 WTF He is so brave

  20. 0:48 OMG😚

  21. ⚡⚡✴✴

  22. So boobs are motivation for bar. Ok

  23. no johnny sins ?
    he is the best man in the world dude

  24. 😶'r their "names"?

  25. 😂bunch of tools

  26. This video is so corny.

  27. Nice Video how many

  28. In here in the gym you see just man if a gel with us we push 120 kg for pench press😭😭😭

  29. Am i the only one bothered by that one girl whos not TYING HER HAIR

    like i have hair as long as hers but i have it in like 2 braids whenever Im at the gym

  30. Team work makes the dream work..😍👅

  31. I was hoping to see regular people lol now I feel inferior ☹️

  32. bizim yanımızada böyle karıları verin bizde basarız o kadar kiloyu amk

  33. The real workout is at midnight 👉✊

  34. I had to quit the video after 6:26 to comment that I LOVE this compilation!! Great video. Now I just need a girl like that… ; ) Thank You all who motivated me back in the game!

  35. Must have a girlfriend😍

  36. these sluts doesn't suits with muscle neither in gym they should be in bed while having pussy workout with their lovers

  37. this is super crap for real.

  38. best testosterone ever.

  39. The intro and the music is damn dramatic…haha

  40. men be watchin wishing they were fitterr…

  41. Here is a funny video

  42. Awesome video

  43. súper girl lift carry men

  44. poor me…
    didn't have a girlfriend

  45. My girl is sexier 😍😍😍

  46. Damn that boobs😍

  47. YouTube vidéo musculation 💪😁💪

  48. apsiperdusios mergaites fainutes sportutes.Ale dar tik butu pliakst,ir leggingsuose skylute jau,bet istiruju buna taip susprokdinus dujine bomba sportakliazinant mergaitems leggingsuose buna slylute paskui.Buna kartais kaikurioms ir taip.Fainutes visos sportukes pirdukes

  49. Gooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. How is this not age restricted😂

  51. motivation ka toh pata nahi par to chad gayi

  52. Most of the guys were looking at their partner's cleavages (and asses of course)…..did anyone notice that

  53. wroung one

  54. I was laughing so much throughout this whole video

  55. Couple is really cool at the gym

  56. Awesome

  57. this is cute 🙂

  58. Sexy

  59. At First I was like are they serious 😑😒

  60. Woooooo couple

  61. yes Michael giup'

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  63. Anaku27

  64. anyone else see that this is literally just soft porn??? or is it just me

  65. Wow just need find someone be a couple with 😂😂

  66. 1st couple name?

  67. I have the wrong life

  68. So we training hoes and acting like they are not training for a rich dude?

  69. Thé best khinzire

  70. like a walking sex p*** film could you imagine looking at them you f*** up want to cut your throat why would you go to with help club but had them is members you never going to be them although I was close when I was young

  71. 3:27 TIBO INSHAP🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

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  73. who is the first girl? wanna see pics before the boobjob

  74. like si soy feooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,.-{}

  75. hola hellllooooooooo casa homa pene perico

  76. Cringey

  77. 0:50

  78. What’s up with all the sexual eye contact and butt shots.

  79. Frumoasă Fata

  80. Baftă la Culturism

  81. Hi everyone

  82. bhai jo negative cmnts kr ehe hen. os ke gr me hud ki wife 100 kilo ki hothi he hhhhh

  83. bhai jo negative cmnts kr ehe hen. os ke gr me hud ki wife 100 kilo ki hothi he hhhhh

  84. 0:50

  85. Awesome, just like this girl…

  86. I think those couples will have a good fuckin time after workout

  87. Who are these skanks that get in full makeup and earrings to go work out?

  88. I bought instruction from Unflexal and I learned about workouts.


  90. Monsters

  91. Is this workout motivation?

  92. Wooow😍

  93. I know great place to learn about workouts. Just google for 'Unflexal' 🙂

  94. Cool. But why did those women get balloons installed under their flesh. Weird.

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  96. Awww i am single😗😗

  97. Oh….no it is very powerful and hot video 💪💪💪


  99. The one thing these people have in common is the fact they're all d bags.

  100. Perché le donne in questa palestra si vestono da set porno?

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