Best Core Workout


  1. Cool👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. so tjhere is no need to tense or pull anything right ? you can just stand well and then move your leg like that, and it will automatically cause tension in the core area right?

  3. You make it look so easy!! Definitely gonna fit these exercises into my routine

  4. This time I'll use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts more 🙂

  5. Check woodprix mates. I love it to my wooden projects.

  6. I like the talkin… I am also very impressed by your fitness… Thanks I will try these

  7. What happens if I fart like a banshee whenever I do planks? Should I still do them?

  8. m watching ur video fr first time… i loved ur smile and ur abs.. #wid lots of love liked n subcribed 😘

  9. 8

  10. Couldn't take 'the best core exercises' every second sentence.

  11. This just made my right shoulder hurt… Not my core.

  12. Love the way you smile all the time .


  14. If you could see me, you'd not be saying 'good job' :')

  15. Seeing a lot of "too much talking" comments… I enjoyed the dialog and clearly if you want a full effective workout…you do more reps of everything on your own. She's just guiding us through each movement

  16. Too much talking…

  17. dc hired the wrong woman to play wonder woman

  18. Yeaa

  19. very well fit women

  20. Too much talking and not enough moving!

  21. beautiful girl!

  22. 3:19 minutes into a 7:42 minute video after just the second exercise, "We're not done yet…" – Yeah no shit

  23. Very good workout and great audio. 😀 Please check out my Rumble Fit channel and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  24. @nataliejill how many of each exercise do you suggest?

  25. Love this workout, great demonstration, love it ! 🙂


  27. Wow.  You are built like a superhero.

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