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welcome back to my channel today I'm filming what I eat in a day it's all healthy because it's good for you and of course I want to lose some buns I'm gonna start with breakfast and it is a really really easy breakfast it isn't smoothie kind of thing and it tastes a little bit like a milkshake I know it's healthy and tastes like a milkshake house is possible well I am gonna show you so let's start I will use blender some frozen strawberries this little guy girl did little girl it's protein powder it is totally vegan hundred percent vegan okay I start off with the frozen strawberries a little bit of protein powder for today and also put a little bit of mango in it you can put in some water or every kind of milk he wants for me it's just water now I just put on lips smoothie time or can I say milkshake time let's put in a strap okay taste us and say I've never make one with some mango in it or grapes always only use strawberries so I'm curious mmm it's so good so sweet this is seriously the best so yes healthy easy to make and feeling for a couple of hours okay it is time to the thing I should have done months ago but I really hate it so I just say I can do it later but it is getting out of hands so I need to trim down some plants still alive it is looking okay again so and proud of Thomas after months yes I go to the grocery store right now and my groceries for lunch and dinner so see you laughter okay I'm back when a grocery start I've got my big back over here and I'm doing a little grocery haul so to start I have got some delicious strawberries of course some Sam I got some noodles also rice noodles I got zucchini some frozen strawberries also sriracha a red bell pepper of course lemons regular chicken springing in – avocado some soy yogurt everything away and I see wet lunch I think okay I know I've said I see you at lunch but it is look so it's time for a little snack Oh yogurt and some strawberries in it so it's really easy got a little bit because in a couple hours I eat my lunch and I put a little bit in there it's time for some strawberries that's all well nice time I will make healthy but delicious kind of tacos first thing because in our opinions and of course I need some mushrooms next thing I've got some chicken meats I want the crazy people that are getting antsy for the spoon I need some garlic powder I am really really loving garlic so I'll put some got it ba-barry it's also black pepper because why not it's Mexican food you know so then it's a little bit of spice and because they are using letters yes taco shells I need to wash them and I have my phone taco shell it's ready I mean less than 10 minutes guys less than 10 minutes this looks amazing they say it's a hot sauce but I think it's a little bit Swedes I'm liking this already like this I think I found my favorite sauce yes enjoy our lunch see you at dinner well I have dressed as you see it is really hot today so I wanted to wear a dress it's time for dinner and of course now it's time filling up some noodles I need to waits for word and also in time and now the noodles already I have the onion of course red bell pepper so if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up of course subscribe to my channel and don't forget to ring the bell because you know when I upload again and yes that's it I feel itchy oh right


  1. those Thai noodles are the best to make homemade soups with!!!

  2. Hello! Nice video, that seems delicious. And healthy!
    You're gorgeous, pretty beautiful! Stay connected, I came from Maxi's livestream.

  3. New here!💕😇👍🙏💍

  4. Sorry I’m a bit late, great vid anyways.

  5. oooh I love garlic too!
    all these recipes look so good!
    that tiny sriracha bottle is super cute too 🙂

  6. Love these ideas!😍💞 Just subscribed, hope you will check out mine!💫

  7. Your weight is a bit

  8. I love smoothies so much, it’s the best healthy dessert thing I feel like

  9. Savera💖…I'm impressed with your editing skills!! … I don't feel bored to watch your videos because the arrangement of your video clips with music is perfect…
    the smoothie is actually low calorie…sometimes I do protein shake until reach 400-500 ……I love fruit smoothie so much..because the have sweet smell…
    you must try one day..just strawberry + mango + peach + milk….

  10. More of these please 😍😋 very helpful

  11. Love this! I need this in my life 💝💕

  12. Very interesting menu for the day. I really enjoyed your video.

  13. omg I LOVE mango in my smoothies 🙂

  14. Ugh i'm tryna be on my health grind and its sooo harrddddd

  15. Hi Savera! Awesome sharing! Best wishes & big like. Have a great day 😀

  16. really nice….cool

  17. This was so good and so helpful omg these where great definitly going to recreate these!!

  18. Yummy food! But we do like more meat!…..maybe some chicken, that's not so bad?🐾🐶🐺🐾

  19. Nice

  20. Nice video!! 😊

  21. you are lovely, beautiful and i admire your confidence,my gorgeous❣and of course there is this cute accent😜
    do whatever makes you feel good.
    very nice upload.a pleasure to watch❣
    hope you post it on your insta.
    love you❤🥰😘

  22. Great video! Great watch 🙂 Check out our latest full view

  23. Nice grocery haul. i love strawberries 😍 mushrooms ☺️
    Healthy and yummy ☺️

  24. Hello… I'm here friend

  25. hello dear new friend here , beautiful video , stay connected x

  26. Like 2👍..Amazing video friend❤Thanks for sharing😊Have a great day..Take care💕💕Stay Connected🙏🙏🙏

  27. 1st L & C… Very nice!!!

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