Best Ab Workout Tip Ever (WORKS INSTANTLY!)

what's up guys jeff cavaliere I'm literally down here on the floor in the middle of my ab workout when I got the idea to shoot this video for you I think the best hands down the best ab workout tip that you might ever come across and the reason why is twofold number one it could be done at home Here I am trading at home there's nothing around me I don't need it no elaborate equipment I can do this on any single exercise as you're going to see here soon and secondly it's something you can actually do right away as soon as I show you what what the most important thing is so we have to think about one concept that I've talked about before and that is when you're doing your workouts it's never just about getting from point A to point B it should always be about contracting the muscle that you're trying to work to get you from point A to point B to put a purpose behind what you're doing and there's no place more that this rears its ugly head than an ab training and it makes a huge difference as to the type of results that you can see from your ab training so here's a potato a perfect example what we're doing our home ab workouts again we're going to use a traditional crunch exercise and we know that in order to do a crunch you should get your shoulders up off the ground right if you clear your shoulder blades off the ground you have a posterior tilt going of our pelvis that we're doing a well-executed rep right so we know that this for all intents and purposes would be a well executed rep of a crunch I can tell you that that may look right but there's not enough effort being done behind that rep to make it that effective over the long term what we have to start doing is really start contracting the muscles that are supposed to be doing the work for us and that is the ABS in core so look at the difference between the muscularity when we do a well-executed rep versus one like I just showed you getting from point A to point B the point A to point B is here and now the one we're actually well execute the rep by contracting our way through looks like this you breathe out good track and come up you can see same thing I'm getting up off the ground but the degree of contraction and muscularity in here through the core is is amplified immensely and that's what we're going after guys you want to make sure that you're actually making the muscles do the work I could do this all day long that's fine but if I want to make the work actually much more results effective that I have to make sure I'm making the muscles do more work and that's the thing we try to shy away in favor a rep count intensity same thing can be applied here at home with a reverse crunch again we know that to perform the reverse crunch you got to get your pelvis and hips up off the ground okay as you bring your legs back up towards your head that's fine but if we want to make it a more effective exercise for get counting forget if we can do thirty or forty of those and try to focus on the quality of the contraction every single rep contract as hard as you possibly can with the muscles you're trying to work so here contract the ABS and come up breathe out and you can not only see the work actually being done but you'll be able to see the results of your hard work over time if you start to implement this workout I have to work out into your ab training guys this is just one of the principles that we talk about all the time of training like an athlete start being in control of your muscles instead of letting your muscles be in control of you it's a big difference of trying to just coast your way through a workout and work your way through a workout and that's what I try to teach this is one of the things I try to teach you in our athlean-x training system guys there's a lot of things that go into training like an athlete this is just one of them but I know if you start implementing this right away you're going to see much more effectiveness out of all your ab workouts I want you to try it let me know make sure you leave a comment and thumbs up below and like I said if you want me to coach you through all of your all of your workouts not just your ab workouts but every single workout you do then head to right now get our athlean-x training system that allowed me to do that I love for the opportunity I know I can help you get in the best shape of your life no question about it all right guys I'll be back here in just a couple days with another new video meantime I'm gonna get back to my ab workout and get the rest of my work done I'll see you guys back here


  1. I love how Jeff gives seriously great advice and people only talk about the little funny things in the comment section xD

  2. Next, abs are killing your gains…

  3. I fart doing this..

  4. i done all work out but i not got 6 pack abs

  5. Good to know

  6. I never would’ve known these things! Thanks Jeff!

  7. verry good concept …good work

  8. We love potatoes in Ireland.


  10. 1:00 here’s a potato

  11. ¡Gracias, profe Lewandowski!

  12. Sir how i add abs workout with push-pull-leg split, please guide.

  13. thanks Jeff

  14. This is the best workout and fitness channel for nerds like me.

  15. Thank you

  16. how about over 50

  17. I done this in a train and i am now in a police station.

  18. Your right its about getting from point A to point Z xD

  19. Hy athlan x

  20. How many of these do I have to do per session?

  21. .

  22. Awesome explanation and demo , I used the before and after demo and there's more effort going into it , time to burn and tone that belly, thank you.

  23. 💪

  24. he has made more than 150 videos just on abs

  25. Why my abs is not burning anymore after workout? Pls help

  26. Jeff says you can do it at home like I am. Looks around… I think Jeff lives in a gym

  27. How many times should you workout your abs like this

  28. 1:00 So here's a potato..

  29. thank you! instagram: workout_viking_dudes

  30. Thank you so much, your info is precious to me.

  31. Question. I'm actually trying to lose some weight, I have some belly. I always thought that doing ab workout on top of my belly fat would form muscle under the fat and it would not look good…is this correct? Or have I been relaying on superstition all these years?

    Should I lose weight first BEFORE trying this workout???

  32. this guy really likes potatoes

  33. I would like to workout with you babe you r so sexy

  34. Yup, I'm 285 lbs, back surgery three yrs ago. I so hate being like this, I used to press 450 lbs in the army.

  35. dont have those abs yet, got a potato though

  36. I was never fat

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