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  1. Hi coach! I am back again !

  2. Love this workout!!

  3. I've just completed this workout, got a shower and it feels great. I just wonder if this workout can get me into shape though. I am 1.84 cm, 86 kg. I want to lose my belly and get the damn sixpacks. Can i achieve that with this workout?

  4. thanks for what u do coach!

  5. “Bring that hip back every time” would make a great rap lyric.

  6. Very nice workout. I added in some pauses but I'm halfdead. Thanks!! 😀

  7. Awesome workout!!! Loved it and will do this again!!! Thank you!!!

  8. Great great great workout…. Just reallyy Loved it….. Reallyy. Awesome.. Thank u so much Coach Kozak for this.
    Just a ques. – How. Much calories does this workout burns on average??

  9. Workout music

  10. You're the man #2legit2quit #1212dead

  11. Crazy one out here!

  12. Eres un #CRACK. Un beso inmenso desde Peru. #FolloYou

  13. Thank yo coach!

  14. I lost almost 40 lbs doing this single workout for about 6 months. By far one of my favorites. I'd recommend using a heavy bag to make it even more effective. I did eventually add in a fitnessblender workout that had a focus on strength. They complimented one another a lot. Great Job Coach! This was one of the inspirations of opening my gym.

  15. Is this suitable for a 16 year old?

  16. After 4 years, i finally did this one. It was actually a really good workout. And for those who want to start at 6:25 DON'T! Just use the tutorial as a warm up. Keep moving, doing the moves quickly until he gets to the next part. Even before he starts talking, alternate doing 1,2,1,2 and 1,2,3,4, then high knees and punch outs. It really helped me warm up anyway.

  17. How many calories burned with this workout???

  18. I just did this workout again. I did it while waiting in the Blount County Library, so it just proves anyone can find time to workout if they really want to. I found a secluded spot and was never interupted even though the library was busy af. So NO EXCUSES everyone! Those who don't want it find an excuse and those who do want it find a way. 🙂

  19. Great workout !! Thank you very much!

  20. Boy never imagined kicking and punching air would be so tiring… awesome work out .. Thanks Coach.. Love and Respect from India..

  21. oooh goodnes! )

  22. How many calories is this?

  23. Wow!!! That feels GREAT! Will replay this video often!!

  24. go plaiy pacman bro!

  25. Thank you coach you brought my motivation back

  26. You saved my life and the lives of hundreds of people around me. 100% sure I'm not alone when saying this. I'm speaking for THOUSANDS of people around the world blessed from your state-of-the-art contribution to mankind. Just do the math and realize that you're a true hero who's name will be forever remembered in humanity history. We will make sure of this, Kozak. "Thanks" is just a stupid-not-enough word to say. Immortality is yours. May you and your family enjoy a life full of wellness and happiness.

  27. 6 years later and this is still the best cardio kickboxing routine on youtube. I love the newer stuff but nothing gets my heart pumping like this classic

  28. hi again )

  29. Very good work out. Enjoyed it

  30. Barely made it through the second set. This is a good find. Hopefully I'll be able to get through the entire video soon.

  31. good gracious! )

  32. I'm 13 I do this every day and my legs are aching

  33. The ballistic push ups are what kill my arms

  34. hi coach.. I am so sad today.. life is not fair.. anyway

  35. wish just health…

  36. First time I did this work out is already more than 3 years ago. By now I have done my first amateur kickboxing fight but still come back to this workout and doing it with gloves against a heavy bag. Proud to be a patreon of hasfit.

  37. Aedo n chung

  38. Basically and a simpler bas rotten Muay Thai workout

  39. Will it be useful for self-defense?

  40. i find this and try it. so good

  41. This looks easy – says me who was sweating 10 minutes later.

  42. Loved it coach
    I am drenched!

  43. When he said "there are hundreds of people around the globe feeling what you are feeling, you are not alone – Push yourself!"

    Amen brother 💪

  44. Started again after 4 years.
    I lost nearly 10kg back then with your cardios and some extra exercises with free weights.
    Now im back on your exercises again ! I pressed * Favorite * and i saved the video. So glad i found you again and i have a virtual good coach on my side 😉 Keep it up Kozak.

  45. Amazing , toke me a while to do the whole workout, totally worth it

  46. I was like no idea about any of the punches, but for the kick I was like oh roundhouse kick, I know that cause I'm in taekwondo, so there's one thing I know right at least

  47. you rock..thanks man

  48. Go hasfit! I pushed through and kicked that weak mofo to shut up which I finish this 6 round. Thank you!

  49. One of my favorites…for yeard👍👌

  50. is it better if i do all this on a boxing bag?

  51. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH……….. 🙂

  52. Elon Musk?

  53. Im going to start doing these everyday starting today, I did these last week and got really sore but im planning on being consistent this time I will update in a couple of weeks =)

  54. I stopped at 28:12
    Should I do it everyday or like a cardio 4 days a week and shift it with other abs and muscle workouts every other day.

  55. Even though my form on kicks,hooks and uppercut is all messed up, you just game me a nice cardio training. Nice one

  56. This KILLED me. Thank god I didn’t quit tho, i was practically crying in agony

  57. This helps cause at my stad we don't have kickbox training and I Realy want to kickbox

    Ps. Please don't judge me because im an girl

  58. Awesome workout! Please upload more workouts of the same flavour.☺

  59. Congratulations for the excellent leading on this workout, you really motivated me! Awesome!

  60. Thank you very much, coach!

  61. Omg.. tears. Totally needed this

  62. I love this workout! it was my 2nd day yesterday and my day was really awesome. It is my happy pill😍

  63. Finally got to the point where I wasn't dying while doing this workout (and didn't wanna scream every time he said '1, 2, duck'), until I added dumbbells and it kicked my ass all over again. 😂

  64. awesome cardio!

  65. Love this workout! My lower back problems from winter are dissolving, much thanks to Coach here.

  66. Dude ur a legend “if I can’t stop you can’t stop”

  67. Liked just because of thumbnail

  68. Can I use it for self defence

  69. Sweaty awesomeness!

  70. I love your workouts, you give me so much motivation, thank you !

  71. Thanks Coach, I needed this today…

  72. Big work out. Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Tomoarigato. Cam on. Coach Kozak.

  73. Coach Kozak is the best of the best!!! 😍😍😍

  74. Can a beginner use 6kg dumbbells for it?

  75. i like your kickboxing videos but do you have any that don't involve floor work? I don't get on the floor!!

  76. Great workout! I am feeling the burn! This was my first time!

  77. I enjoyed that work out

  78. 1 mount ago i cudnt do half of that workout now i did full run !! Onli problem i have with it is "am drenched he sayd" no your not i dont see blood and tears on your face !

  79. Coach, how many calories we burn during this workout?

  80. 😂😂😂😂😂wtf??

  81. you are the man! thank you very much! this workout is perfect!

  82. Wow truly amazing! Since I love boxing! This is an amazing workout , God bless you and the fam Coach!

  83. Is it good to do this everyday or do it like every other day?

  84. Kick low king kai

  85. After completing this work out, I hate you and love you at the same time. Gratitude for the great work out!

  86. Really fun and non stop workout thanks 💪🏻

  87. @coach, this is your best video of alllllll time!!! THANKS! PLEASE bring these back!

  88. thnks broo keep going the good work <3

  89. I am exhausted, drowning in my own sweat and I will absolutely be doing this again and again

  90. hi coach! )
    thank you..

  91. I love it!!!

  92. I just have to say thank you for your motivating words throughout the workout cus if not for that I prob wouldn’t be able to finish it🤣

  93. Hi! Fan of yours for a few years now. These workouts absolutely help me stay in shape throughout my daily routine and the best part is – no crazy equipment and gym gear needed ! Just a good bit of willpower. I have recommended your videos to friends who also wanted to cut some weight and they reaped results in no time! I have also been curious about one thing though, do you script the workout minute by minute or do you improvise on spot with some general direction of what the workout would be? Thanks and best wishes to you!

  94. Thanks for the video man! Really good workout.

  95. Dont listen to your legs..they're lying to you! love it. Sweat is fat crying also made me laugh 😂 thank you coach kojak

  96. Kerstin komm zurück zu uns!!!!!!

  97. Thank you🙌 One of the best full body workouts! Exactly what I was looking for!

  98. what a brilliant workout that was im drenced top to bottom with sweat thank you very much you are the man.

  99. How many times a week? How do you combine this with the other HASfit workouts?

  100. thank you coach, you are my best motivation :Damn

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