Berkeley Life – Nitric Oxide Supplement for Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

as a kid you ate your vegetables because it was the only way to get dessert today we know that the dietary nitrates and vegetables keep us healthy sea vegetables soak up these nitrates from the soil when we take a bite special bacteria in our mouths convert these nitrates into nitrites these nitrites are then converted into nitric oxide or enno this is a big deal for our hearts and our body as a whole because nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and keeps blood pressure levels healthy making it a vital part of our cardiovascular health but maybe you haven't been eating your share of leafy greens and root vegetables and you're so busy making time to exercise is almost impossible now those things alone would have an impact on the nitric oxide levels in your body unfortunately they're not the only factors as we age our bodies gradually lose the ability to produce nitric oxide which increases risk of heart attack and stroke luckily you can boost NO production in a few ways you can start eating spinach and beets like it's going out of style or hitting the gym with the fervor of an Olympic athlete or you can supplement Berkeley life's NO xbp complex provides all the dietary nitrates and supplementary vitamins you need it can boost cardiovascular health and may help you maintain normal healthy blood pressure levels just to 100% drug-free tablets a day get you the same level of nitrates as seven point five ounces of beetroot you can even get real-time feedback on your nitric oxide levels in seconds with patented Berkeley test strips regain control of your cardiovascular health Master your blood pressure pick up Berkeley Life heart health supplements today

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