Benefits Of The Carnivore Diet | The Results Are Crazy!

In this video we’re talking about the benefits
of a carnivore diet. Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from If you’re new to the channel, it is such a
pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe. Hit that little bell notification and join
our notification community and I’m going to help you excel your health and your life. In this video we’re talking about the benefits
of the carnivore diet. The carnivore diet is a diet that is based
on meat and animal products. It’s actually pretty much the polar opposite
of a vegetarian diet. Now, though this may seem like a new concept
to many people, it’s actually an old idea, because when we look at ancient tribes like
the Masai tribe or the Inuit tribe, basically what we see is that they followed diets that
are high in meats and animal products and they seem to do very well with it. They have very low instance of disease and
they also seem to thrive on this diet. Now, when we look at the carnivore diet, it
really is an interesting topic because it has not been formally studied in science. However, what we see is many people have raving
results with following this diet when it comes to the condition that they’ve been suffering
from, in many cases for years. And so, though we can’t look to science and
go, what is happening here, why are people seeing such great results? Well, we can look to is the results that people
are getting and look to some of these large forums online and some of these different
Facebook groups with thousands and thousands of people in them that are posting the amazing
results that they’re getting from following the carnivore diet. So, let’s talk about some of the different
results people are getting and let’s see if this is maybe the right diet for you. First is, autoimmune conditions. So, when we look at autoimmune conditions
such as psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, different thyroid conditions related to autoimmunity,
and even gut conditions. Many people are seeing incredible results
with this and, it is very interesting because many people are following the carnivore diet
as a last resort. They saw the carnivore diet and they go, oh
my gosh who would ever want to do that. But then, they become so desperate they start
following it and then lo and behold they find that it helps them and offers them incredible
benefits in reversing many of the conditions that they’re suffering. In many cases, people are reporting that they
follow the carnivore diet, many of their conditions reverse and then when they come back off it,
they start to come back. And so, autoimmune conditions is a major one
that people are reporting that they’re seeing incredible benefits from following the carnivore
diet. Next is, neurological conditions. Neurological conditions that are related to
MS, for instance, or Parkinson’s, so neurological conditions are a big one that many people
are seeing good results with following the carnivore diet. Gastrointestinal conditions. So, people with bacterial overgrowth and many
other gastrointestinal conditions are seeing great results with it because it really starves
down that bad bacteria and it helps balance out the GI tract. The next one on our list here is weight loss. When you’re following the carnivore diet,
the body really has no choice but to start losing weight. So, many people reported they followed the
ketogenic diet, they felt pretty good, they lost a lot of weight, but then they went to
the carnivore diet and they felt even better, and they also lost even more weight. So, once again, a lot of people are reporting
weight loss with it. The next is, decreased inflammation. When people are following the carnivore diet,
one of the things that they’re saying is that they just feel better overall. Their joints don’t hear, the aching goes away. And so, this is a result of having a much-decreased
level of inflammation in the body. And so, when they’re following the carnivore
diet, not only are they seeing that the inflammation is decreased, but they also find that they
recover better after exercise and the reason I’m correlating exercise and inflammation
together is because hard exercise is one of those things that actually causes some inflammation
in the joints and in the body. And so, anyway, as a result of following the
carnivore diet, you can decrease inflammation and when you decrease inflammation, you decrease
your risk of suffering from major disease. Now, the other thing people are reporting
is an increase in mental clarity, okay. They say, once again. I started following this carnivore diet and
I felt like I just had such clarity of mind, some of the best mental clarity I had in years,
even better when I was following the ketogenic diet. So, like I mentioned before, the carnivore
diet has not been formally studied in science, but many people are reporting incredible results. Though we don’t have the scientific data to
break down why they’re seeing such great results right now, I’m sure that will come with time. But even though we don’t have that information
right now, people are utilizing it and really raving about it. So, if you want to learn more about what to
eat on the carnivore diet, be sure to check out a video I did on that very topic. Other than that, I think that when we look
at this diet, your genetics are going to play a huge role as to whether or not you do well
with it and also, I think that if you’re going to try it, you should try it for maybe a two-week
period or a thirty-day period, see how it goes for you. I don’t believe that this diet by any means
is for everybody, but there are certain people that are benefiting from it in an incredible,
incredible way. So, it’s very interesting nonetheless. Be sure to like this video, share your thoughts
about this video in the comments section below, and about this topic of the carnivore diet. If you have any questions, ask those questions
below. Subscribe to my channel and then check out
the other videos that I’ve done on ketosis, and fasting, and all these different ways
that you can improve your health today. I’ll see you in the next video.


  1. Thank you Dr. Nick for a very interesting video. Have been contemplating the Carnivore diet. I am wondering if I need to supplement vitamins, minerals and electrolytes with this diet?

  2. what about keto/carnivore where you just cut out the veg might this be good while keeping protein moderate but also having high fat..contemplating my self transitioning from keto.. also how much sodium is needed on carnivore is it the same as keto 5000to7000

  3. Hi… this looks interesting! I've been doing the keto diet for a few months and today decided to see what the carnivore diet was all about and saw this video. Is this diet based on ketosis too? Do you think it's just as healthy for you as the keto diet? The main reason I started the keto diet was because of the health benefits… but lately I've just been craving eggs and meats and not veggies. So just curious to learn a little more about the carnivore diet and the health benefits and what kinds of foods are included on it. Thank you for such a great video! Just subbed too! 🙂

  4. Since going carnivore, my epilepsy is gone. The weight loss was a pleasant side effect for me.

  5. Some diet expert say that meat in big amounts is really unhealthy and they have medical education too, so it's unclear.

    Spending tons of money on organic food is the only really good diet there is.

  6. My only concern is lack of energy for HIIT training but otherwise its a good protocol to follow 👍

  7. A person doesn't need to eat meat to lose weight. Stop eating processed foods and sugar. Period. The cattle and dairy industries are destroying our planet. Just eat mostly plants… you'll feel better, live longer and you'll stop animal cruelty at the same time. I ate meat my whole life until 6 months ago and haven't felt better.

  8. We do have the science of the carb / Vegetable oil experiment. It's a disaster! This Carnivore Lifestyle makes perfect since when we consider that it is not an experiment, it's what we were doing before the food industries took over, and bought off the FDA

  9. Just wanted to find out from anyone who has been doing the ketogenic diet. Does the carnivore diet kick you out of ketosis. I want to try the carnivore diet but not sure how it affects blood glucose and ketone levels

  10. Chiropractor not MD, be careful with this diet people.

  11. can I combine Carnivore Diet with OMAD?

  12. It would be wrong to assume that the results for Massai and Inuit applies to all I would say that many Northern Europeans descend from hunter gatherers and esp those with 0 -ve blood, like me.

    I'm on the diet and its transformed me….weight, blood pressure, blood indications, acid reflux has ceased, inflammation, joints etc. And its only 5 weeks in. 😀

  13. can someone help me please? we don't have grass fed meat in my country. all we have is imported cows that are grain fed and probably mistreated. i don't mind paying more for grass fed but it is just not available.
    I buy my meat from a butcher who cuts the meat in front of me but the cows are surely grain fed.
    Can i do carnivore diet using this meat source?

  14. I'm two months into carnivore and I'm pain free after twelve years of fibromyalgia. Now I'm mountain biking two hours a day!

  15. Bunch of retards… Eat that way, less retards on earth lol

  16. It all becomes quite confusing, there is logic to the meat diet. I ate it for decades. What tho about Dr’s Campbell, Barnard and Esselstyn, with decades of research, combined case studies in the thousands of the the disease fighting benefits of a plant based diet. I am one on those not only losing weight but addressing life threatening issues. I would like to see case studies beyond remote tribes. There are just so many conflicting views.

  17. Anecdotal. I wish we had some numbers.

  18. So I'm as a planet based diet- dependent – person confused how great this diet improve health!

  19. I've learned that meat milk and these products
    Are harmful food since it feeds bad bacteria and cancer cells, and they are related to some health problem like heart attack, cancer growth, inflammatory effects, digestive problems

  20. There is a published study……Stephenson's Belleview Hopsital study, after he returned from the arctic (1 year). The Paleomedicina clinic in Hungary has published many papers and case studies……reversing disease using an all-meat Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet (PKD) which addresses intestinal permiability…..but to heal the gut, they say it needs to be high fat (2:1 ratio), avoid dairy and plant oils, and supplements which aggrevate intestinal permeability.

  21. If you ancestors were Inuit or Masai, you might do well. My ancestors weren’t and it gave me digestive problems.

  22. Natural carnivores diet is very expensive. if you eat this stander Conover diet you will get sick

  23. Keto is the best 🤷🏾‍♂️ …just get rid of all sugars and carbs , you need vegetables as you don’t get enough trace minerals from just meat you need potassium etching

  24. thats a nice shirt

  25. When would you start seeing results. Im on day 3……got lots of inflammation and wanna loose weight too. I got isbd as well so really hope for relief and weightloss

  26. That's me only day 5..oh my stomach is fantastic! 💜

  27. As a meat hunter this is one video I must share on my face book page. I am always getting bombarded by animal rights activists, vegans & vegetarians so it is refreshing to hear a professional add a little balance to the topic. Very post worthy video, Nick. As for the dislikes? Come on people …turn your filters off and open up your minds.

  28. there is a dr in Germany that has been studying carnivore diet for a few years now.

  29. Im going on it

  30. I used to eat a 70% meat diet, good times. However, I had GI bleeding, and it was bad. Now I am a semi-vegetarian I only eat meat around four times a month; sometimes less and I switch with fish. I plan to move into a full pescetarian diet next year. Maybe if I were a bodybuilder I would go with a carnivore diet, but I am not LOL. As for mental clarity, I think I feel more alert with less meat LOL

  31. what a hack

  32. Constapation

  33. I suffer from lyme disease and i would like to try this diet, but i dont want to lose more weight. Any advice on that? Thx!

  34. I just can’t wrap my head around something needing to suffer and die so I can eat in this day and age of plenty. I’ll stick to my keto vegan plan and sleep well at night with a clear conscience.

  35. I just started so I'm looking forward to the results… Still trying to ease back on these sweets though..hard…

  36. Hi
    How did you know this is my last resort😀😀😀
    For the past 6 years I have arthritis that has given me All Over Body Pain.
    I tried ALL the diets from vegan to fruiterian to vegetarian to WSD ( world standard diet) to me to now meat only.
    My objective is to become pain free
    It's been 4 days now and pain level which has been an 8 on ALL the diets are now 71/2 med.
    So I'll give it 30 desperate days and check in with you. Gone for now too painful.

  37. One question. Where does alcohol fall in this diet?

  38. Yep. Pretty much everything got better after just a couple of days eating more meat, not even full carno.

  39. Can you consume raw milk on carnivore diet.


  41. Stop destroying our enviroment with your unfounded fad diet that just masks your symptoms. thanks. bye.

  42. My sweat used to stink, and no deodorant would solve the problem. hours after showering i would be stinking really bad, to the point i jus accepted it. But since i started the Carnivore Diet, I'm not stinking anymore, i even tryied 2 days without showering and not stink was there.

  43. Science has proved this diet. Dr. and Scientist from Hungary have proven data. She is not the only one. Another Dr. from MIT And Stanford University have proven test results. Shows rapid auto immune healing.

  44. 'Carnivore' diet… Do you mean the human diet? 🙂

  45. What the heck. I’m a high carb whole foods plant based dude. Idk why youtube recommended this😂

  46. I’ve eaten meat for 22years and I been veggie 6 and was a vegan for 3 months. Vegan and vegetarian were best for sure

  47. Thank you sir!

  48. I will share as always, you should come on to the carnivore group and do a live interview with me??

  49. Wow ,what a nonsense!Perhaps much better known doctors like dr Esselstyn,dr T,j Campbell,dr,M Greger,drN Barnard,dr G Davies,drM Claper, dr Goldhamer and many more known around world would completely disagree with this nonsense,perhaps get some info first!The snake diet man was on shaw"the doctors" and was laughed of by everybody including audience .Where is a common sense here,dead flesh that starting to go bad from first minute is good for health of herbivores!

  50. Lol the Inuit had short life spans and high rates of heart disease.

  51. Instead of going the easy route you should fix your gut problems. I don't care if you end up on vegan or omnivore diet. I'm shocked that some doctors recommend this type of diet. Are you neglecting that high consumption of animal products leads to many problems later on? Atherosclerosis, stroke, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer etc. All caused by compounds from animal products.

  52. within a week, I have lost 4 kg.
    My friends at University don`t believe me when I tell them about my new diet. My sleeping has improved, though it seems too early I am amazed by my results so far. I was struggling with Keto. Ketogenic diets and its do`s and don't`s were tiring, I ain't got time.

  53. I really want to give this a try, but I can't seem to live without fresh salads and veggies…how many meals should we eat in this diet? I am IF (20/4) every day, and how much meat should I eat?

  54. I think humans are carnivores but our transition from plants still hasn't kicked in.

  55. And i thought the carnivore diet is only beneficial for carnivores. I'm going to try reverse my heart disease with this diet.

  56. And untill today, many vegans still cannot answer why many people in many tribes/countries who dominantly relies on meat diet is living longer and healtier than the any vegetarian these days.

  57. Can I go in Carnivore diet and come back to Keto. Right now I’m doing Keto🙂

  58. From a Linguistic perspective, to label it Carnivore diet is semantically and biologically incorrect since nobody's eating meat raw, Carnivores eat raw decomposing flesh without salt etc, so we should get a more suitable label haha 🙂

  59. Why Vikings and Nordic cultures are never used as examples is a bit odd, in those high altitudes and freezing conditions they ate the exact same types of diets.

  60. I plan on trying carnivore soon, I have chronic digestive issues and figure it's worth a shot. Already things have improved through keto and OMAD. Thanks for helping me research and prepare safely.

  61. Hi Dr Nick do you have a video healthy diet based on blood type?

  62. Carnivore and keto diet made my autoimmune disease worse, so I'm back to balance diet and cut down red meat and chicken, only eggs, fish and others plants based protein, fruit and vegetables. It make me feel much better.

  63. EVERYTHING you said is exactly me!

  64. Westerners used animal products for thousands of years to cure illness until big pharma took over. Hard to believe that here in America the Mayo Clinic once used raw milk to cure disease. We’ve digressed!!

  65. Very interesting, that the medium innuit age is 68. Massai even do not age more than 65 medium.
    If the carnivore live is so healthy for a long term, why do the innuit f.e. die so early and most vegans and vegetarians are older than 75? Massai do not eat every day 200 – 300 grams of meat and they do not eat fish, because they do not find fish where they live.

  66. So i can tell a total different story of my ex-boss. She has eaten before animal products. Vor now 3 years she is a vegetarian and her multiple sklerosis bone problems and her neurobiological condition is so good. Her multiple sklerosis is gone.

  67. look at this:
    this doctor tells exactley the same thing about toally plant based diet, so a live without any animal product. And he shows a picture of his patient who converted to this whole plant based diet. look at this transformed man.

  68. Start now and do research now while the information is free and honest!

  69. This is the Atkins diet under another name. Not good.

  70. really cool channel! Please make more videos on this diet.

  71. Im curious to learn more. As silly as this diet sounds, at least it is a diet that is easier for people not to cheat. This alone may be why we see so many positive anecdotes.

  72. What ever happened to animal products being far too acidic for the human body? I have googled and researched in many articles but not one article could I find to flat out answer my question: how does our body convert/absorb protein from animal products?

    All the articles I’ve read will say: our body needs protein and says where we can get protein from namely animal products but it doesn’t say how it’s absorbed into our body. How does our body convert an animal product into protein for the human body.

    Everyone raves about we need “animal” protein but no one can explain how our body gets protein from a dead animal. Our bodies have our own protein and thus far the only protein that makes sense that our body absorbs nutrition from is plant based protein. Until I see researched, documentation otherwise – I will not believe our body absorbs or converts anything from a dead animal except inflammation which causes illnesses.

    The carnivore diet may be full of collagen but how does our body even absorb/convert collagen from a dead animal? I am not against eating meat because I have eaten my share of it. I am now plant based and until I am convinced that our body can absorb any nutrients (protein, collagen, etc.) from a dead animal, I will continue to be plant based.

  73. 😎

  74. What beautiful hand-lettering on that white board. 😉 Very useful aid for the video.

  75. Ive been on the keto diet since the 1st of this month and ive been feeling amazing, now i think its time to try the carnivore diet.

  76. Hi Dr. Nick

  77. Sounds good, BUT what I worry about is the lack of clarity on how to cook the meat. It is a well know fact that if you chard the meat or even caramelize it it creates carcinogens in the chard area. Personally I either put the steak in a covered fry pan with a little water so you retain the moister with very little browning. the other way is to put it in a covered pyrex container then cook under a griller this will keep any change to a minimum.

  78. Have had depression for several years now and decided to try carnivore diet after moving for a new job, only been just over a week but already feeling much better, anxiety and negativity has lifted noticeably, more energy and motivation to study and work, has been really great for me – not gonna stop this anytime soon! Can't wait to see results in the gym. Ty for the info

  79. But the Maasai tribes died around mid 40's???

  80. 1 week of carnivore my sexdrives 0

  81. They see results because it is the ultimate elimination diet, not because of all the meat necessarily. I just worry about the long-term effects.

  82. 50 million americans take statins to lower their cholesterol. Animal products are the only dietary source of undesired excess cholesterol. As this doctor states: the carnivore diet will benefit a few exceptions, but not for all. Most probably you are better off doing the exact opposite.

  83. My ancestors lived in the mountains of a mediterranean country. They could not afford to kill their sheep/goats/cows. Their predominant food was whole grain bread and various vegetables. From the milk they produced yoghurt and cheese, and a tiny bit of butter. Many of them lived until their 90s without ever having seen a doctor.

  84. So no salad on this diet? That's counterintuitive to everything we've learned…

  85. Hello Dr.
    I follow on the Carnivore for 90 days.. and get 10 kilos … note that …i was on Keto before and Iose 20 kilograms …but I was suffering from IBS and sever a infelimation in my digestive issue in conjunction with ..Hernia in the diaphragm …I walk in the extreme … then I stopped the Keto dite and I gained what I loss very quickly …then when I back to carnivorous diet I gain 10 kilograms…

    Could you please advice
    Could you please advice ?
    Thanks in advance,


  86. Hello Dr. Zyrowski thank you for all the info and the great content. I just start the carnivore diet and i hope it will work. My concern it is my bleeding i read that meat makes you bleed more and it doesn't let your gut wounds to get heal. I already had blood transfusion and i don't want it again i have ulcerative colitis almost 1 year now. Any thoughts if the meat influences or if is any way to stop the bleeding? Thank you

  87. I used to be vegan.
    I wish I could keep doing vegan, but I had to weigh the pros and cons.

    Mental clarity > animal feelings

  88. I switched from keto to carnivore and I’m 2 weeks in. I have experienced angina coming from my left chest. It was scary. Too much cholesterol, fat, purines? I don’t think it’s ideal for people who have heart disease or have it in their families. I experienced wt loss in both diets but the chest pain is something I don’t want to experience ever again.

  89. I love the idea of this diet. I'm just afraid in 10 yrs we're all gonna lose our kidneys and liver and our hearts are gonna ooze fat and oil.

  90. I'm going to gradually make the transition from my way to carnivore because I'm still not getting inflammation under control. I was against it HOWEVER I feel if you have abused one thing or another (carbs, protein, sugars, alcohol, junk food, vegetables, water, anything!!) you need to take it away and do an extreme the other way until you heal and then put all your findings over all the tries and errors etc, to make what's best for you. I feel I need to go carb abstinence EXTREME including vegetables, and do carnivore for awhile (I dont think it long term) just until it heals, then I'll bring in my balancing other things I e learned that work well with me. It's a LIFELONG EFFORT/science project is all I know….plus reduce stress, toxic air and water and foods ugh I could go on and on. Nothings in stone ..go with time and of it's still working or not, if not switch. Get out of so much "our is right your is all wrong" ego talk. Go with what, when, and how for you personally. Try all of them until you find what works for YOU, but then it Probably will change and so change!! Get off the fear driven :if its white it sure is not black thinking. Try all. If it doesnt work, try another.

  91. How long does it take to see the reduction of arthritis?

  92. nothing will convince the idiots

  93. Thanks Dr. Zyrowski! Carnivore rules! Trans guy Lee, Richmond, VA

  94. Humans for thousands of years have been eating this way. We used to eat raw meat as it's the best sources of vitamins and minerals, easy to digest too.

  95. I was Keto but found it hard to not eat other foods I loved…I am now doing the Carnivore Diet and no cravings !!! Losing weight very fast !! Not hungry and a little goes a long way when I do eat. Recommend !!

  96. If Inuits were on animalbased/carnivore diet, then why did they have low life expectancy

  97. I've been doing it for 10 days. There has been a calming effect for me.

  98. Please link some fun animal cruelty videos as well.. 😔😔

  99. Vegans are Weird.

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