Ben Shapiro: You Don't Have A "Right" To Healthcare

on Sunday senator Bernie Sanders took to Twitter to deliver one of his usual messages people go to the doctor because they're sick get a diagnosis from the adopter but they can't a full of the treatment he wrote how crazy is that so I responded snarkily I go to a fancy store to check out a piece of furniture and I can't afford it totally crazy this of course prompted spasms of apoplexy on the left how could I dare to compare medical care and furniture was iuck waiting the – was I suggesting that the necessity of furniture was somehow comparable to the necessity of medical care of course not because that would be stupid I was pointing out that medical care is a commodity and that in life we are often faced with commodities we cannot afford but this mere observation caused a ruckus on the left necessities don't compare to luxuries said Malone angry tweeter less characters like Benton Shapiro for demonstrating the complete soullessness of capitalist ideology tweeted another the idea here seems to be that unless you declare medical care a right rather than a commodity your soul was that as Marx might put it in necessity rather than autonomy creates right this is foolish both morally and practically morally you have no right to man medical care of me I may recognize your necessity I may offer charity my friends and I may choose to band together and fund your medical care but your necessity does not change the basic math medical care is a service and they good provided by a third party no matter how much I need bread I do not have a right to steal your wallet or hold up the local bakery to obtain it steps may end up being the least immoral choice under the circumstances that doesn't make it a moral choice or suggests that I have not violated your rights in pursuing my own needs but the left thinks that declaring necessities right somehow overcomes the individual rights of others if you're sick you now have the right to demand that my wife who is a doctor care for you is there any limit to this right do you have the right to demand that the medical system provide life-saving care forever to the tunes of millions of dollars of other people's taxpayer dollars or services how exactly can there be such a right without the government ration and care or using compulsion to force individuals to provide it or confiscating mass sums of wealth to pay for it the answer nope some work that way rights that derived from individual need inevitably violate individual autonomy in response to my tweet my colleague New York Magazine's junkie single wrote quote free markets are good at some things and terrible at others and it's silly to view them as rather than means that's not true free markets are expressions of individual autonomy and therefore they are ends to be pursued in and of themselves now practically declaring medical care right doesn't make it actually happen Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said at one point she would model new constitutions on the South African Constitution which guarantees quote everyone has the right to have access to health care services including reproductive health care the state must take reasonable legislative and other measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realization of each of these rights that's what the South African Constitution says but the World Health Organization ranked South Africa somewhere near the bottom of the globe in terms of medical care what happened why didn't the right self actualize because medical care is a commodity and be treated differently that's stupid to make a commodity cheaper and better you need two things profit incentive and freedom of Labor the government destroys both of these things in the health care industry it decides medical reimbursement rates for millions of Americans particularly poor Americans this in turn creates an incentive for doctors not to take government-sponsored health insurance it regulates how doctors treat with patients the sorts of training doctors must undergo the sorts of insurance they must maintain all of this convinces fewer Americans to become doctors under supply of doctors generally and of doctors who will accept your insurance specifically along with over demand stimulated by government driven health insurance coverage that leads to mass shortages the result in over alliance and emergency care costs for which are distributed among government hospitals and insurance payers so what's the solution for poor people well not to declare medical care right certainly not to dismiss reliance on the market as some sort of perverse cruelty markets are the solution and medical care just as they are in virtually every other area if you treat medical care as a commodity that means temporary shortages and it means some people won't get everything we wish they would have but that's also true but worse with government-sponsored medical care as the most honest advocates will admit and whereas government-sponsored medical care requires a top-down approach that violates individual liberties generates over to man and quashes supply markets prized individual liberties they reduce demand you don't demand more of what you have to pay for and they heighten supply through profit incentive so back to the furniture now let's say your life depended on this choice today you either have to obtain an affordable chair or horrible x-ray which would you choose to obtain well if you're not stupid you choose the share that's because there are lots of types of chairs produced by scores of different companies widely distributed you can buy a $15.00 folding chair or $1000 antique without the slightest difficulty by contrast to obtain an x-ray you'd have to work with your insurance company wait for an appointment and then haggle over price why because the medical market is way more regulated thanks to the widespread perception that healthcare is a right than the chair market does that sound soulless true soullessness is depriving people of the choices they require because you're more interested in patting yourself on the back by inventing rights than by incentivizing the creation of goods and services in health care we could use a lot less virtual signalling and a lot less government or we could just read Bernie Sanders's tweets while we wait in line for a government-sponsored surgery dying presumably in a decrepit chair


  1. Ben Shapiro is a piece of shit! Healthcare is a right… fuck you!!

  2. I am a conservative person ok? I usually agree with ben Shapiro a lot of times ok? But this time it’s just ridiculous. Health care SHOULD be a right. Why? Let me tell you:
    In the Constitution it says that you have the right to life, and if you can’t afford health care, you need the right for it so that you can have treatment. What has more value? Money or human life? Trump supports this but he said that there should be background checks and see if the people actually need it and I completely agree. But still all people should see this in a moral view and see that health care should be a right because it’s our human life and it has more value than money.

  3. My cousin said ur a member of the alt right..

  4. USA will never have a public healthcare system. I'm European though, so the worst thing that could happen to me is gettin sick in a trip there. You guys are fucked.

  5. Okay leave the country then and live on your own. Become completely dependent on yourself to survive and see how far that takes you! You depend on everyone in this country to survive. You depend on people making the bread to bake it for you, you depend on carpenters and plumbers to fix your house, road constructors, drive through workers to serve you, restoraunt waiters, doctors, nurses, firefighters, policemen anyone in your life who serves you, you depend on. Without these people who make a wide variety of wages you would not have the services you want or need today. Therefore, yes you need to help people live (with healthcare) in order to provide these luxurious (as you call them) services. It is not fair that certain people who go to school for the same amount of time or education get paid more than others who've done the same. It is not fair that certain people have to live in pain, die or see their children die because they chose another career. We cannot all work in the same area! Our country would flop. You see if everyone had this mentality that you do.. from the get go we wouldn't have gotten anywhere, the only reason Canada or the U.S. is the way it is, is from people working together as a country or family, something you probably don't know much of. If you disagree with donating to charity which is kind of how I see taxes then you are a peice of shit. Sorry not sorry but this is the biggest rubbish I have ever heard and I feel like you may be a sociopath. Taxes are regulated immensely, you pay a small amount compared to what you make. It does not affect your living accommodations or needs. Healthcare and education are necessities because if we didn't have them…. for one people would go in debt and so would your country :). Two, if loans wern't allowed for healthcare, people would become sick, miss work, get you sick, they would die, children would die which means your services would not be provided for. On top of that, everyone would be trying to be doctors, lawyers and business men. Competition would rise. You wouldn't have enough people working in other areas. People would be laid off work, poverty would rise. I could go on and on but the economy would crash. The reason even the nastiest of politicians haven't completely taken away taxes is because they aren't retarded.

  6. HEALTHCARE IS NOT A RIGHT. Get a fucking job and pay. If you can’t u have to borrow money

  7. my wife (who is a doctor)

  8. Public education? Maybe we should get rid of this too.

  9. Damn he talks fast. He only stops to f***ing swallow. Can't even say he pauses to breath. But, love his speed in getting the point across like he only has 2 minutes in a debate round.

  10. The Armed Forces are a Commodity Not A reight.

  11. I put this on 0.75x speed and it sounded okay lol. Anyways, #Medicare4All

  12. "Pro-life"

  13. well said.

  14. Society evolved from family.

    What used to be a small group of people taking care of each other's most basic needs grew into clans, tribes and later into what we see today.

    Hospitals, restaurants, governments, all originate from family.

    Your commodity claim isn't a description of how things ought to be, it's what arrogant, selfish cunts have turned such a brilliant natural system into.

    A bunch of idiots tempered with a good formula and society is paying for it in countless ways, and their idiot progeny are tirelessly spewing retarded defenses like you did.

    When you fuck with nature, things get messy.

    Much of the world's problems lead back to your kind.
    Climate change, poverty, healthcare crises you name it.

    The only hope mankind has is if your ilk were to miraculously go extinct.

  15. Exactly people can’t just get stuff for free pay for it. But I am just saying the NHS is aright because people are ok to pay for others healthcare and yes we have a lack of doctors and waiting times are long but if your having an emergency like you’ve bin stabbed you don’t wait for hours you get taken in a ambulance and then treated on in a hospital and you can think I might die now but not I might die because the ambulance and the care is over my salary and I can’t afford to eat and live in my house anymore not saying you shouldn’t pay but I am saying it should be less then in the US not free like in the U.K. because a system like that won’t work

  16. Right to healthcare means to me that I should be able to grow and create my own medication or purchase it from wherever without being thrown in prison

  17. Healthcare cannot be a right because it requires someone else to treat you. Freedom of speech gives you the right, and no one else is required to do anything. The second amendment protects your right to self defense. If you're in a back alley and someone tries to kill you, you can have the right to protect yourself. If a right to healthcare means you eat healthy, exercise, and do whatever you please, then healthcare should be a right, but when it requires someone else's labor, it cannot be a right without forcing someone else to help you.

  18. Yeah let’s keep having the worst health outcomes of the modern nation and also be the only nation that looks at dying people from preventable diseases and thinks “how can we extract more money than they have?”

    Ben Shapiro doesn’t make much sense when you respond to what he says.

  19. Certain people deserve to die because they cannot afford care. Prolife my ass.

  20. Catholics here: Ben is teaching something in conflict with Catholic Social Teaching. Healthcare, like food, water, education, is a right we’re born with. The concept known as Universal Destination of Goods and rests in idea that God created the earth to benefit the human family. Practically speaking, that doesn’t necessarily mean Medicare for All is preferable or that a more market based model like the one Shapiro suggests is off limits. (He makes a good case for market based models, in fact.) It does mean his theory that healthcare is not a right is in direct conflict with the teachings of your chosen belief system.

    His radical individualism is also in conflict with CST. Read the popes from Leo XIII through JPII. His anthropology is fundamentally flawed.

    Finally, he’s a bit of a question beg-ger. He asserts this hyper-individualism but gives no account for why he thinks it even exists. (Hint: there isn’t one. It’s just his ideological preference … because it is … because it is.)

  21. It's fine if you don't want government healthcare, don't take it, you don't have to. You are the one denying people the "choice" for health care by your own logic. Medicare for all would be a cheaper than what we pay now and our country would be much healthier. There are several doctor testimonials out there from counties like Canada you ignore. These doctors praise the 'health care'. I choose not to support corporate billionaires and big pharma and choose healthcare over insurance. Again we will spend less money and be better off for it. I am a retired Union Member and I can tell you Medicare is the bomb so that is another lie you are spreading about substandard healthcare most peoples experience is in fact the opposite of your 'opinion'. You may think it's ok to let people die, but I don't. You may consider someone not worthy of health care if they don't have a job, but I don't.

  22. Life is a basic human right, free healthcare is needed to keep many people alive.

  23. someone guillotine this dwarf.

  24. I love the argument of "Don't take money away from my wife" when if I remember correctly, Ben was on the Rubin Report talking about how he doesn't like when people call the family card like anyone cares at all. Ben, no one cares about if your wife's income would go from $1 million to $500k a year. No one gives a fuck. I hate when people put their wives in the argument like it's some sob story. Ben Shapiro has a net worth of $8 million and frankly, I do not give a single fuck if he never earns another penny. That's more than any one person needs.

    Also, if the American people want healthcare to be a right and they vote on it to be a right, guess what? It becomes a right. No matter what you want for it.

  25. Ben Shapiro is such a scumbag weasel

  26. Oh my God Ben yes you were comparing it! that's why you said it! You are now changing your tune after people pointed out the obvious stupidity of your tweet!
    Not to mention the other tweets the one "I knew I couldn't afford lupus when I was diagnosed,geuss what? They sent me home with it anyway,
    And "I can't afford my kids asthma medication, I geuss my kid deserves to die Ben"!

    Everyone just remember how many times Ben has been caught out saying something ridiculous in a tweet, and really ask if this is a serious person?! At lest he's a great debater I mean surly all his debate clips don't come from college kid q&A's……oh

  27. Yes, hospitals should have the right to refuse service if the "customer" can't pay. If they die, oh well. They shouldn't have been poor.

  28. Ben Shapiro. There are marginal social benefits to healthcare. Privatised HC leads to market failure! I’m a Brit. So glad we don’t have stupid American healthcare system

  29. A radical socialist once defended the right of a poor, hungry person to steal bread in the following terms:

    Still, if the necessity is so pressing and clear that one has an immediate need of things at hand (e.g., when personal danger threatens, and there is no other way to avoid it), then one may lawfully alleviate one’s necessity with the goods of another, whether one takes the goods openly or secretly. Nor does this, properly speaking, have the character of theft or robbery.

    Who was this denier of the sacred rights of property? St. Thomas Aquinas! Shapiro probably hates Les Miserables and thinks Jean Valjean thoroughly deserved to be sent to the galleys for stealing bread for his hungy children! That's a penal code Shapiro could really get behind.

  30. YouTube needs to add a 0.85x "Shapiro" playback speed.

  31. We shouldn't pay for other people's healthcare… Does he know how health insurance works?

  32. Ben you prattle on like a senseless git, maybe come down of your high horse and live in reality for a spell.

  33. Typical greedy Jew. Seriously how does this guy have his own show?

  34. So by Bens logic should we privatize our police and fire departments? (I am aware that becoming a police officer or fire fighter doesn't require near as much training as becoming a doctor)If someones house is on fire and that person can't afford the fire department do we just tell them "sorry you're out of luck"? Ben you are wrong on this one. You have been rich your whole life. How do you have the nerve to tell people that you could never relate to that they should be left to die because they can't afford the care they need?

  35. "Was I equating buying furniture with health care, No"?! Then why did you bring it up? Sorry your argument sucks but epic fail of a backtrack. By the metrics of availability, affordability and quality I'm sure you must be aware of the benefits of a universal healthcare system.

    But I geuss inconvenient truths don't pay the bills Ben?!

  36. So it's perfectly OK so spend a bunch of money on drones and bombs that end up killing innocent people while our citizens also die from lack of health care. Cut the bloated military budget and use the money for universal health care, less bombs and drones means less innocent people killed which my result in less terrorist/terror attacks plus it would decrease the cost of health care as you'd be able to visit a Dr. and get your problem taken care of when they first start instead of waiting till your problem warrants a visit to the ER which is way costlier.

  37. I hurt my back and can't work or get on disability income but if I had tax funded health care then I could go back too work and pay taxes too pay for my health care. But until then I am a burden on my mother until we get free health care through taxes.

  38. you have to be an idiot to afford healthcare to furniture and food. it is not the same thing, ben is simply being selfish. if a person has to die because of lack of universal healthcare maybe it is a good thing to implement it. why can’t he look at it from more human point of view? is he lacking in this area? europe beats america big time here.

  39. the problem is, if we had free healthcare, numerous people would abuse it. i had a teacher talking abt how they couldn’t afford their healthcare but at the same time they were going on a trip to england and had expensive nba tickets. people have the money, they just refuse to pay for it

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