Belinda’s 15 Week Freeletics Transformation | New Year, New You Fitness Motivation

Hi, my name is Belinda. I am a 24 years old student. At the moment I feel very powerless. I am in a hole. And I realize that, at the moment I cannot get out of it by myself. And I want to finally be happy in my life. I am in a really good mood and became an early riser as well. I wake up almost every day at 6am in the morning. I have no problems getting out of my bed, And I am looking forward to the training. So, what definitely attracts my attention is that everybody is addressing my body. Everybody notices that I already lost some weight. My three months with Freeletics are over now. The training was actually really hard. But I am incredibly proud of myself, that I pushed through it, And that I look like this now. I lost 10 kilograms in total. I lost quite a bit of size around the upper arm, And built muscles instead. I believe I have never been that happy in my life.


  1. Good job ladies

  2. grosse inspiration dise frau

  3. Before: small bra, now big bra

  4. 👏👏👍

  5. Nice curves

  6. How to eat ,
    How to recommend ?

  7. Por favor coloca todos los ejercicios que realizaste y los tiempos toda tu rutina por favor

  8. She already has a beautiful body, she just need to lose weight, now she looks great!! Congratulations!!

  9. Me:Why can i by like that?
    Me looking down and see a bag ships

  10. Hey Belinda, du kannst zu Recht stolz auf dich sein. Das Ergebnis sieht echt toll aus. 💪🏻Was hast du an deiner Ernährung geändert? Hast du da auch Tipps?

  11. Hammer ! Respekt an Dich 😊

  12. Hyvä suoritus.

  13. Wow Dear really it's amazing

  14. Can u plz tell wat all diet did you take ???

  15. 😙👍👍👏💪💪

  16. wow so nice u r the best 👍👌

  17. I am a Walker! This is so much Fun!

  18. Super leistung💪😍👍👏

  19. 3month..

  20. Very inspirational! Great job!! ❤️

  21. Still fat

  22. Plz Shere your diet plan.

  23. No sé qué dice pero miente.jpg

  24. Maşallah harika vallahi 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  25. Can you write your workout program? please… ❤

  26. So inspiring ❤

  27. Que lindaa❤

  28. 👏👏👏Toll gemacht Belinda😊Sei stolz auf dich und mach weiter so. Bist eine attraktive Frau

  29. Well done
    Me too I want to do that ♥
    I have One meter and sixty centimeters my wieight 59 kg

  30. Which training journey did she choose ?

  31. Это великолепно, у меня нет слов. Молодец;)

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  33. It`s so hard, but it cooll and it is a good motivation for people, who started now))) Well done!)

  34. Bravissima!

  35. Certo!

  36. sag mal hast du auch deine Ernährung geändert oder ging das auch so? Mega geiler body

  37. Excellent 👏👏👏

  38. How do I get a sports program ??

  39. I want to reduce my brest size.. Pls help me

  40. 感動❤

  41. I need this so badly
    Am just fat and not my self anymore am so happy for her

  42. I think her abs really looks well, but limbs seem less changed.


  44. Tôi sẽ thực hiện như bạn

  45. Ich hab oft davon gehört aber ich hatte nie gedacht dass man so schnell so aussehen kann. Passt man auhh sonst aufs Essen auf oder nur dieser Sport

  46. 진짜 프리레틱스만 해서 나온 결과물인가요?

  47. What language is she speaking?

  48. 282 – 198 Pound Weight Loss Transformation. Before and After Photos/Videos

  49. Its great!!

  50. How much time take from u to be with this body

  51. Eu sou a única brasileira a ver isso ?

  52. You managed to get in awesome shape!

  53. you´re amazinggg so proud

  54. I can do any type of workouut but what to do about diet ??? Pls any one tell me body fat loss diet plsss

  55. Congratulations! Fantastic job!!!

  56. Fake🙈🙈🙈🙈

  57. EPIC! Well done.

  58. 1:38 cameltoe

  59. Hast du jeden Tag trainiert?

  60. Ich schaffe auch!

  61. Thank you from Spain !!!!

  62. 努力ってやっぱりすごいなって思いました。これ見てモチベーションあげてぽっこりお腹を引き締めたいです。頑張ります!

  63. Dear you are georgrous go on maybe a little more sloe and please don't jump you gonna hurt your knees, run and excersice gonna help you to lose hungry and anxiety! Go on

  64. Nice

  65. ur waist is so small gurl, and those 6 packs look awsome. Well done!

  66. I also want to take this type of challenge to gain weight. I need a partner who motivates me.

  67. Wow. Kompliment. Diese Disziplin ist bemerkenswert

  68. Most of the people who cover freeletics bids are non English speaking……the comments on the other hand😏

  69. It takes just a little bit of discipline every day. Not too much though, if you're giving it too much, then you might burn out very quickly. Just a little bit so it's more fun than work, and you will make it. Just give it time.

  70. Are u join the gym ?
    plz mam reply please

  71. Hoi Belinda hello I am Latifah from Holland please like and subscribe to the blog merci I like you channel very mutch Top 💐🌹💐🌹💖💋💖💋👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  72. That is one powerful girl. Loved ur exercise routine¡¡

  73. jetzt ordentlich rumhuren!

  74. احسنتي

  75. How many minutes you do sports like that in a day?

  76. 👏👏👏

  77. "Eu quero realmente ter uma vida feliz"….coitada….eu conto ou vc conta??? Oq tem d mulher magra infeliz,n ta no gibi!!!!!! Q doce ilusão!

  78. Bonjour je n arrive pas à tenir le rythme 🙁 j abandonne rapidement comment y arrivez vous ?

  79. كم ساعة تدرب باليوم

  80. Congratulations!! IMO, your biggest accomplishment is ur improved confidence.

    Just out of curiosity, how long is the average workout?

  81. From day one I could see you had the best defined waist,you just had to let the fat melt and get your proud of you..

  82. I would love to eat you out 😉

  83. 😍😍

  84. Welche app soll dass sein? Im app store von Google gibt es soooo viele!

  85. Prima 👌🏻

  86. So proud of yoy girlll

  87. Good job👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  88. Wow u re beautiful🙋

  89. Watching a lot of those transformation videos from Freeletics I always wonder how they all find that sporting place or football stadium nearby with a goal that is usable for pull-ups. The two that are "nearby" my home have goals with square bars. And both of them are not for public use. But for those transformation people it never seems to be a problem to include a stadium in their workout routine.

  90. Por esto es que YouTube es útil 😍😉😍

  91. Can u show your exercise briefly

  92. Wow, her body shape and her body distribution is very gorgeous, I wish I had this shape and distribution!

  93. Sino no tiene hijos es mucho más fácil solo es querer y poder .. El esfuerzo es menor.. Bien por ella así se hace… La edad tambien siempre ayuda.

  94. Woman always love pink

  95. Wow,impressive😢👏👏👏

  96. Please could you share your whole workout plan that helped you lose weight.

  97. It's always hard at first but it will get better!!!!!

  98. How many hours you doing your daily exercise

  99. wow..

  100. Dachte immer Sport und Ernährung sind wichtig für Veränderungen. Hier zeigt man ja nur Sport, wenn man mit ihm wieder aufhört oder weniger macht müsste sich also das Gewicht wieder nach oben einpendeln?!

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