Being an Introvert is a Good Thing. | Crystal Robello | TEDxStMaryCSSchool

Translator: Mohand Habchi
Reviewer: Khoa Ta I’m here today
trying to be something I’m not. Which is something I’ve been
trying to do for two years now: write a TED Talk, share my ideas, talk in front of such
a large group of people. I know a lot of you are probably thinking,
“She sounds a bit shy.” Or maybe, “She probably
gets nervous easily.” Yeah, all those things
are 100% true, but why? To answer simply, I am an introvert. So what is an introvert? An introvert is a quiet person
that doesn’t like to talk very much and likes to keep their thoughts
mostly to themselves. They’re the kind of person that goes home
just to relax and have time to think. But that’s not to say that an outgoing
person can’t be an introvert. Just as long as they enjoy the quiet time
to get to themselves, they’re most likely an introvert
to a certain extent. So the main thing
I want to address in this talk is that there’s nothing wrong
with being an introvert. However society doesn’t see it
in the same lighting. Society has taught us that being
an introvert is the worst thing you can be and that everyone
should want to be extroverted. We’re told that being outgoing is good
and being shy and quiet is bad. We’re told in elementary school
we have to raise our hands, participate in class or we lose marks. Every year at parent-teacher interviews,
my parents would hear the same thing, “Your daughter is very shy,
she needs to learn to speak up more.” I was told to share my voice
whenever possible. As an introvert, those are
some very hard standards to achieve. This is why I joined
the TED Ed Club two years ago – to prove to not only myself
but to everyone that I wasn’t shy. I could write a talk
just like everyone else is doing it. No big deal. Slight problem, I never wrote a talk. I couldn’t come up with a topic
I was truly passionate about that I felt like I wanted
to share with the world. I would show up to every meeting and watch my peers continue
to develop their talks and I would get frustrated with myself. Why could they share their ideas so easily
and I couldn’t even come up with a topic? Now, looking back,
I realize I have passions, I have views on the world
and I have opinions. I just didn’t want to share any of them
because I’m an introvert. But is there anything wrong with that? Statistics say that 50% of the American
population is made up of introverts. So society is telling 50% of Americans
– about 160 million people – that they need to change who they are to be accepted,
to be successful and to be happy. Keep in mind, within this large group of introverts
are people such as: Elton John, Emma Watson, Michael Jordan,
Audrey Hepburn, Albert Einstein, and so many more
incredible, inspiring people. Do you think being an introvert
has ever stopped any of them from achieving their goals
or being happy? No. A lot of you have probably been told
something along the lines of why be a follower
when you can be a leader. But what about every leader
needs a follower? Let’s look at Mr. Justin Trudeau,
Prime Minister of Canada. Do you think he’d be where he is today
without the support of the people? If everyone was trying to be a leader
no one would truly succeed as it’s the followers
that define a true leader. But that’s not to say that an introvert
can’t be a leader. Let’s look at Abraham Lincoln,
Rosa Parks and Gandhi. All incredible inspirational leaders
and all introverts. In a business setting, the CEO of a company
will look at an introvert and say, “If they’re not going to share their ideas
they are useless to me.” Well, guess what? These companies are missing out. Introverts are known
to be versatile, responsible, work well in small groups
and individually. So being an introvert
has no effect on how happy or how successful you are going to be as long as you see it
in the right lighting. If you see yourself as an introvert and think it’s the worst
thing in the world, you’re never going to be
truly happy with yourself and you’re going to constantly try
to change to conform to society. But if you accept yourself
as an introvert and you’re happy, there’s nothing in the way of you achieving your goals
and getting what you want. All in all, there is absolutely
nothing wrong with being an introvert. No matter what society may say, you don’t need to change who you are
because being an introvert is great. Before I leave, I want to end
with a quote from the book “Quiet, The power of introverts
in a world that can’t stop talking” by Susan Cain. “The secret to life is to put yourself
in the right lighting. For some, it’s a Broadway spotlight;
for others, it’s a lamplit desk.” So the next time you see
that quiet kid in the back of the class who doesn’t participate very much, I want you to think, “I wonder what great things
they’re going to come up with next.” Thank you. (Applause)


  1. i love this video and this girl did a great job!

  2. I am an introvert and my only problem is my dad he doesnt get it and always force me to participate in family functions and that is start of the disaster.

  3. Hey you "the introvert" reading the comments….u r good 💓 !!

  4. I'm an introvert person.
    As you said, we don't need to share always our opinions. But i must say: thanks Crystal!

  5. I cried because this has always been my story 😢❤ thank you for this!!!!!!

  6. She is very beautiful and nice talking😃

  7. Jordan Peterson: Really! really you think so?

  8. More power to you my sister

  9. Here is a misconception about a misconception. Many are commenting introverts are not shy. Wrong! The original definition states introverts are quite, shy, reserved etc. Introverts can be both shy or bold.

  10. Each and every one of my friend need to see this
    Soo.. that they can stop making fun of introvert like mee..

  11. If it's that dark, I mean when I can't see the audience, I feel confident

  12. I am always short of words, my views are not clear that's the reason people do not want to make any interaction with us

  13. 0:35
    "Hi, my name is introvert."
    Hi, I am Dad!

  14. My juniors used to think that I have a very high attitude because I don't talk to others very much… But I was to shy to talk to people and I don't even like talking much. I love spending time alone upto some extent

  15. Introvert becomes extrovert when no one is pointing a strong finger to introvert

  16. One minute YouTube knows that I am an introvert ? That's why it recommended me this .

  17. I'm having trouble identifying my true self. For sure I'm an introvert but people around me keep on pushing me to speak up to share my emotions with them. It really annoys me. So i decided to open up my self and turns out I couldn't. Trying to please other cause a crisis in identifying my real self.

  18. I am an introvert and I don't have any single friend and I am that person who sits in the corner and always reads in the class

  19. I know I'm an introvert, and I kinda feel faulty, a bit.

  20. Last line…was that for me??..😊😊

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  22. Any extrovert people watching this?

  23. I'm an introvert and I hate to have useless conversations with anyone. I talk only when it's necessary, only on things that matter and that's why I don't have any friends. Although I enjoy my own company sometimes I feel lonely.

  24. For Gods sake are you an introvert? A shy girl recovering maybe. You have no idea what an introvert is.

  25. There's a misconception that introverts are shy, afraid to speak up, asocial, … Those are problems and need to be dealt with. However, those characteristics don't make you an introvert.
    An introvert can function normally in a society, but they simply don't have the need to be in the center of attention, they don't feel the need to share things about themselves and they don't crave constant social interaction. A healthy introvert can socialize and communicate normally, they simply choose not to more often than an extrovert would.

  26. Being an introvert, I could say that, its the best gift of the nature as you don't need any person to make you feel happy and just surrounded by few but true people in once life. Introverts maynot express their love,idea verbally but they express this in their actions..

  27. I honestly don't like being an introvert. How can I get a job if I can't even talk at school without my heart beating louder than a nuclear bomb siren.

  28. Introverts are not shy. They simply do not consider every discussion arguable. They think deep and interested in dealing with harder questions.

  29. I wonder how youtube knew that I am an introvert 🤔🤔🤔

  30. Never underestimate an introvert just because they might be quiet.

  31. good speech to encourage teens

  32. Introverts are the power behind the throne, they also make up a huge percentage of the silent majority, just because you shout the loudest does not make you the voice of authority, it just makes you an authority of louder voices.

  33. But what if you are half extrovert and introvert type??
    Is that what you call ambivert…

  34. I agree with everything that she said , but I don't think it is wrong to encourage introverts to speak up, Ghandi for example did speak up…

  35. I am an Extrovert, and I kind of feel attacked by some of these comments!😂

  36. Introvert people can achieve anything but society makes it difficult for them

  37. No sharings coz I'm an introvert XD

  38. I feel like people hate me and think I'm weird
    I hate myself too

  39. Im a intj personality from india… frequently i used to go away from all friends and think about our life purpose…y be here…especially being an introvert is something special for me… used to think about our surroundings and planet why human beings so cruel in rescent days.. y people are so selfish thy just wanna achieve their goal even it so cruel things… they never focused on how it might be affected to humans who r surrounding… introvert people would like to get friendship with who they like most only… they dont bother about others wat they will say… but we have tremoundus ability but we never showoff infront of others

  40. Thank you!

  41. She lost me at Justin Trudeau.

  42. I'm one of them who Hates family trips and School tours

  43. Why you want to put people in category ? People can be introvert at certain moment, extrovert at other… The world is more complex

  44. no its painfull.

  45. Introverts are losers

  46. Introvert and extrovert both are Love..I want next speech to give by an extrovert 😏

  47. Introverts don't likes to talk

    Well, introverts don't want to talk!

  48. Lol I meditate too much now I become a introvert.

  49. Anyone can't understand introverts.
    I know what I am and have proud of that.
    Spending some time in my mini physics lab is better than that with my friends.
    But I think I have a problem too… I get nervous when talking with others especially Girls at school

  50. the people shown as an example, they walked out their comfort zone, meaning they changed who they are temporarily. there should be no leaders or supporters, just work in a team with equal right to speak. being an introvert isn't bad, she just put out the wrong reasons, therefore giving an opportunity to cancel out what she said. except the one about them working good by them selves.

  51. You gave me a different perspective on introverted.

  52. Damn YouTube even knows that I am an introvert.

  53. She googled those picture for sure…. 😃😋

  54. I am an introvert

  55. No, It isn't

  56. I am an introvert too
    Sometimes people doesn’t like me because I always choose to be alone 😌

  57. I could care less about what she says…being an introvert trapped in your thoughts blows. I'd prefer not to ruminate on how lonely and isolating it can be.

  58. I looked at her face before I clicked on this vid because her face was too funny, it’s like she was trying to say the f word

  59. Because of the title, I was expecting some sort of evidence/proof that introvert is a good thing, but I find none. Just a common speak about it is up to us to talk when we want, etc. I respect each one rights, but that does not make introvert a good thing. Also saying that some achievers are introvert which means that introvert was good for their success is false logic. Why not assume that they struggled to success because they are introvert. What are the ratio for introvert scientist to extrovert scientist? What if that ratio is 1:4 … would we still introvert is a good thing?

    I am not with or against introvert. But if you are going to make a case, please make it good.

  60. Im extrovert but im shy tbh

  61. Hello,my name is Sergei
    I'm introvert from Russia.

  62. How is an introvert doing a Ted Talk?

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  66. Many introverts will adapt but what will they like the most an empty office empty classroom or an empty hallway or stairway whereever they like to sit normaly

  67. I'm introvert 2 would love to speak tedx one day

  68. But Introverts are most violent keyboard warriors.

  69. I like how all the extroverts suddenly say that they are an introverts just because introverts are much better than extroverts

  70. I like it when everyone says that they r an introvert even when they are not 🤣

  71. . . .

  72. If I may ask… in what context???

  73. just fuk off mate

  74. I don't always have something to say all the time…. I just don't get how people talk non stop.

  75. Society

  76. Youtube would you please stop stalking my Amazon orders? Bought the book shown at 5:04 like three days ago lmao

  77. As an introvert, I can feel the freedom of being one.
    because there is nothing to care about friends because I don't have.

  78. It's simple, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. That said, I count my words very carefully and think before I speak. Call me an introvert I don't care but I am a man of few words and the few friends I do have understand me and that is worth more to me than anything.

  79. It's taken me all this time to finally understand and discover that I'm not weird (mostly) but instead an Introvert. I still don't get why Extroverts enjoy small talk and constant stimulation from everyone all the time, but I'm glad to learn that there are others like us and that we aren't that much of a minority 🙂

  80. Ghandi aint inspirational to me, Qaide azam is!

  81. I love being an introvert. I’m perfectly fine being alone. It makes life easier in my opinion cause I’m not creating superficial relationships just really special and few ones unlike extroverts who talk to anyone and everyone

  82. How to fix your introvert ways
    Drink alcohol
    smoke weed

  83. No, its not.

  84. I just don’t like talking to people unless there’s a point to the convo

  85. As an introvert. No it's not a good thing. I wish I didn't burn out so easily and want so much me time. When you're an introvert you miss out on getting to meet people that could of changed your life.

  86. *if you're a girl

  87. Here in India being an introvert is worst thing, becoz most of people are the extroverts.

  88. "Interacting with others is a bit of a hassle and a waste of time"

    Introvert – in a nutshell

    why does this appear on my homepage?

  89. I Updated My Instagram Bio as an introvert BOOM you tube recommends me this.

  90. i would be classed as an "Introvert" but personally, im just me, i dont need lables to group and define me

  91. Im an introvert because of my social anxiety

  92. introverts aren't always shy. I'm an introvert and i am the opposite of shy. there isn't a single opinion other than my own that means anything to me. I'm just a guy that hates going outside. because going outside usually means i have to spend money i don't want to spend.

  93. It was recommended to me. YouTube got me.

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  96. I’m an introvert

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  98. I let my actions speak for themselves. People are always shocked on how "talented" I am! (I seriously could not make that sounf any less cocky)

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