Behcet disease – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology


  1. Thank you for making this video. I have Behcet's, and I am going to share this so my family and friends can understand a little bit more. Again, thank you.

  2. I have bahjet disease 😭😭😭

  3. Fellow sufferer here . May God Bless you if your thinking you may have this . And if not also . Keep fighting . I have it 17 years now . God help the people suffering now who are only learning about this as they aren’t helping with pain meds now . Thank God I had this before or they wouldn’t help me I would be dead from my own hand . Those pain meds keep me alive . I fear for people, who suffer and don’t have cancer . They think only cancer cause s sever pain .

  4. Behcet patient here! For treatment medicines that contains colchium is being widely used, as well.

  5. I have this, im 14 and i was diagnosed when i was 10. Its a living hell… plus i also have scoliosis and kyphosis and disautonomy. I fucking hate this

  6. If I could take back all the money I paid for med school and donated it to you, I would

  7. I want to thank you for making this video I have bichette syndrome and it's so hard trying to explain or show somebody how bad the syndrome really is and what it can do to to a person.

  8. Great video! thanks for it

  9. I don't know who you are… I don't know what your name is.. but I'm going to find you.. and going to hug you ! 😆

  10. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  11. Thanks for explaining in a more technical way instead of just summing up the common things. I was just diagnosed after years and years of trouble this disease has caused me. Luckily for now- not much changes in eyesight. It was noticed by a doctor finally, when I was recently admitted in hospital for sepsis and I just happened to mention to the dr my ulcers on my privates (which seem to flair when I get sick) after testing negative for every STD they could think of, taking into consideration my long history of GI problems and bleeding, as well as constantly battling different ailments from swollen painful ankles, mouth ulcers, strep like symptoms but never testing positive for strep, tonsillitis, or mono, ect (the long list) we've finally discovered whats been making me suffer for so long. Its hurt relationships, people have accused me of lying, complaining too much, its cost me jobs… just… bleh.

  12. Can any one explaine how this is deferred from systemic lobus?

  13. I thank you so very much.
    Your easy explanations are amazing.
    For all others if you want current updated info on this terrible illness, search behcet with ncbi.
    That's where the most updated research usually can be found.

  14. Great channel! Find it very helpful & have used it more than once in my studies as a med student…Only one small correction: it's ''Adamantiades-Behcet'' Disease…

  15. Vaccines cause this 🙄

  16. thank you for finally explaining to me my disease. no doctor has been able to tell me exactly what was happening but just told me i had this. thank you so much

  17. Thank you

  18. Thank you👌👍

  19. Thank you very much

  20. Behcet syndrome is an autoimmune disorder and if you guys type in Rosie marcel she is a British actor mainly known as jac naylor from Holby city she has it and there is a clip about her explaining it

  21. The quality of illustrations/visuals and depth of information you guys have in each of your videos never ceases to amaze me. Osmosis is an invaluable resource, thank you!!

  22. 10 days…that is when I go for a brain biopsy to confirm if I have this. Fingers crossed i don"t…then it's only ADEM to deal with

  23. bay – sets

  24. i just looooooooooove your channel

  25. G

  26. Is there a cure?

  27. How is the diagnosis made and how are the diagnosis diferrentials discarded?

  28. God bless you, from Korean med student

  29. pathergy test is done by intra dermal injection of saline

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