Beginner Yoga ♥ Easy Morning Yoga For A Positive Mind

hey guys welcome to sunrise beginner yoga for a positive mind we are in beautiful sandbanks provincial park and i have a class for you thats going to wake up your body and your mind this is also a great video to pare with my other video the sleepy bear yoga because it allows you to really get your day going in a great way so if you’re ready grab a mat some water and lets do this starting by sitting in a comfortable position with your feet crossed inhale reach the arms up exhale lets take a side stretch take your left hand down, right arm reaches over keeping both sit bones grounded inhale exhale let it go take your body forward now now were trying to reach our forehead towards our knee feel the stretch through the right side of your back open and back to centre switch to the other side right hand down give yourself a nice stretch and then rounding the spine to the opposite side exhale open back up to centre form here lifting up our pelvis ground your hands behind you lift your hips try to keep your knees on the floor come down lets come to our knees extend one leg out reach arms up take side knee plank stretch feel the stretch through the side of your body breath in exhale come back up switching sides other leg extneds exhale other hand comes down great stretch to start your day with come on over to our hands and knees position start with our cat cow inhale exhale inhale arch up to downward facing dog take a moment to feel the stretch deep breath in open up through the upper back look up inhale exhale release heels down feel the stretch through the calves come to knees step right foot top of the mat slwoly heel tow foot to middle of the mat both hands come to knees and then low lunge reach arms up come back down from take all weight to the back kne extending your right leg flex right foot half split stretch come to low lunge exhale push back inhale come forward tuck your back toes lift the back knee off the mat and then reach arms up to the sky, high lunge continue with the arms inhale bend the elbows exhale extend then take your hands down deep breath in exhale step back come back over to childs pose then up to downward dog take a moment to breath and walk the dog come back over to the kness other side, left leg steps forward heel toe your foot to the very center come up to low lunge hands to knee or reach arms right up allow hips to come forward slowly come back down with the hands extend to half split forehead comes down inhale come forward into your lunfe exhale back try to get the forehead to knee come forward one more time tuck the back toes lift back knee of the ground find your balance when you’re ready arms up high lunge bend the elbows squeeze the shoulder blades together reach up and bend reach up and bend exhale lower the hands and body come back to childs pose rounding through inhale exhale come up to downward dog roll through into plank position inhale back to downward dog exhale come to plank exhale come forward from here taking a modification of a chaturnga take the knees down then chest, then chin inhale lift the body up upward dog and then come down onto your kness rounding the spine to childs pose deep breath in exhale come back over then come to a seated position cross the legs relax the shoulders take a moment to breathe and find your center when you’re ready reach the arms up palms together, exhale bring the hands to heart bow down to your hands thanking yourself for your practice for dedicating this time to yourself and to starting a beautiful day with a clear mind with a positive mind thank you so much for joining me and i hope you have a beautiful rest of your day namaste


  1. Its so humbling that so many people beginning their journey in yoga have decided to give our classes a try. Thank you all, and we wish you good luck and a wonderful pathway into your new practice.

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    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  2. i almost dislocated my arm but its okay haahhahahah

  3. So far the best morning yoga on YT! LOVE TO come back to your videos!

  4. this video is defiantly classic ! I've tried other morning yoga videos but I always come back to yours lol I don't know why but your video always give out warm vibe!!!!! 🙂 thank u!!!

  5. I'm in love with this video. It's the perfect length for my morning routine and so far I've done this routine everyday in 2018! A few minutes here and there really helps and it adds up! I hope you know you are improving lives.

  6. I initially skipped this video because of the comments saying she went too fast (I'm a complete, ultra beginner). Today I gave it a go, and really loved it! I could do almost all the same poses she did. I need practice to do it at her speed, true, but it was a very enjoyable experience. Thanks!

  7. Great way to start off a day! Thank you 🙂

  8. I've just began practising yoga and have promised myself 10 minutes a day everyday…. (I have a habit of being very all or nothing… so I'm hoping my 10 minutes a day makes for consistency) I have practiced several clips from YouTube you by far are my very favourite! Thank you !!

  9. This felt truly good. It's been the first time I did a yoga practice this early in the morning but I'm glad that I did and I'm glad that I found your video and practice! Thank You! The background music felt good, the surroundings you show are very soothing and the voice is very gentle but not baby like. Thanks, I shall come back to You!

  10. Great video but when do I drink of my fucking water, which I always have to grab? Haha

  11. We are so appreciative of you taking the time to make these videos! You are inspiring and rad. You make us feel good about ourselves. Much love from two getting-back-in-shape writers. xoxo

  12. I really enjoyed this, I was flying for 16 hours yesterday and this really helped this morning. Thanks

  13. Hi

  14. Not sure if it's really a beginner level.

  15. Thank you so much for your videos, I really appreciate it

  16. That was a beautiful way to start my day, thank you so much for sharing with all of us! 💖

  17. Woo! I tried this for the first time today. I felt a little heat! I have 50-60 pounds to lose, so that may be some of it. I could do most of them, will get more flexible with time. I couldn’t do the Elvis move. My body said nope. 😅

  18. I try many things to stay fit and healthy and I want to try yoga. I search many online channels with yoga and I think Your channel and work suit me the best and make me more calm and positive without the pressure whitch I feel for a long time. Thanks.

  19. Great video! I will try to get into the habit of doing yoga every morning before work. Very relaxing start of the day.

  20. You are the best yoga teacher I've ever seen videos online,you are so calm and I just love it,thank you for being and doing it.

  21. Whoever is filming it really knows what they are doing 🙂 Perfect angle of the sunshine, slight movement of the camera (makes you feel you are actually there) amazing angle of the girl, beach and sun!

  22. Blessings from Azerbaijan

  23. This is a very peaceful and grounding practice 💜 I feel calm, wear a smile and I'm ready to have a positive day! Thank you, guys. Lot's of love, you are doing so well 💞🌻

  24. Thank you so much for this!

  25. Too fast for me and not beginner enough for me, but a lovely video. I'll come find you when I can do these!

  26. Thank you for this today I needed it!

  27. This is by far more best morning yoga I have ever done. Simple, practical and short. There are other morning yoga from Boho but I wish there would be other sequel of Begining Morning Yoga to follow.

  28. My friends & i loooooove your yoga classes ♥️ it became a morning habit ..lots of love all the way from KSA 💕🌸😘🧘🏻‍♀️

  29. Thank you so much for your amazing work. It really helps. You are wonderful person!

  30. EASY ?! this was super hard to find balance, kept having to grab something to not fall over

  31. Thank you! had a great deal of problem keep up with the pace, but it was my 1st try doing yoga…its really exhausting and entertaining at the same time..thank you, I hope I will be able to start my days better from now on.

  32. This would be a lot easier to follow along if you slowed down a bit, overall I love the stretches 🙂

  33. I'm starting with this. Hopefully I'm gonna be better and be able to do exercises for not beginners soon <3 Love it!

  34. Thank you for this amazing yoga sequence. It helped me to start my day with positive mind. Namaste 🙂

  35. It was good but very quick paced for a beginners guide.

  36. Im a mom of two wonderfull babies, so I've found ins this videos so much healp for me to relax. Thank you so much

  37. Aaaand this was my first ever yoga session! Thank you!

  38. while trying to do this it was too hard for me so i got more stressed!! lol!!

  39. When is the best time for yoga ? Before or after the excersices

  40. if you're an actual beginner you may want to watch this in 0.5 or .75 speed

    – why yoga teachers always be rushin'?

  41. Things get difficult after downward dog

  42. Your beauty internally is very much alive thank you for your help I will add these to my flow of absorbing Prana

  43. Sorry, but that wasn't too understandable…

  44. I absoluetely love it!! <3

  45. Oo here i started it..

  46. Dear, im u huge fan! I really don’t believe this are beginners exercises. It’s almost impossible for a beginner with a tight body!

  47. What a wonderful way to start my morning. Thank you !

  48. Namaste thank you 💥

  49. So pleasant voice and background music, thank you so much♡

  50. I loved this Video! Thank youu

  51. Thank you so much for ALL your efforts and videos – NAMASTE

  52. Slow the fuck down !

  53. I love to hear your voice in the morning, its so comforting. Your sessions really help me get through hard times and they make the good times even better. Keep sharing your light, both of you.. Namaste. <3

  54. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create a PRENATAL YOGA video? I don’t think you have one geared towards pregnant mommies to be and your videos are the BESTESTEST! So relaxing and beautiful

  55. good routine but pace was really quick, so hard to follow in flow. Otherwise great job 🙂

  56. Wow! It begins at 0:43

  57. this background music is not for yoga definitely, I couldn't listen to it so I stopped the practise, is like for jogging. although, you are great)

  58. Was needing a short morning yoga practice, this was just what I needed. Thanks

  59. 🤗

  60. What a beautiful way to start my day: focused, relaxed, balanced. Thank you so much!

  61. Thank you for this amazing yoga practice ♡♡♡

  62. I usually look for a quick and short routine in the morning that will give me the stretch and blood flow i need. This is perfect. Thank you!

  63. I usually look for a quick and short routine in the morning that will give me the stretch and blood flow i need. This is perfect. Thank you!

  64. Too many camera angles… Too many video effects

  65. Love this.

  66. Let me tell you something sister – your pace is so fast it feels like aerobic not yoga

  67. I think a morning sequence shouldn't have so many stretches.

  68. Nice except the stress background music

  69. I love how you offer videos of all different time lengths! I always hope to do one of your 20 minute videos in the morning, but I appreciate your 5-10 minute videos if I'm short on time. Can't imagine starting a work day without your videos <3

  70. Thank you! Second morning of yoga in my life, so grateful to be adding this to my daily practice!

  71. Honestly you're the first yoga YouTuber that honestly makes my body feel really good at beginner level. Many are too easy or just a little too fast paced. I'm just getting back into it and you helped me the first time. Now I'm getting back into it and you're still having that effect. You get good flow to the body. Afterwards my body feels more balanced and lighter feeling instead of sore (or nothing.)

  72. The only way you can Helpmeisltoleworkmyworkthischannelitimakemecrazyserviceisdrivecrazyok

  73. The only way you can Helpmeisltoleworkmyworkthischannelitimakemecrazyserviceisdrivecrazyok

  74. I found this to be too quick and gave me more anxiety then calming 🙁

  75. Love this video❤️❤️ready for my day to start with this positive mind

  76. Thank you for my everyday wellnes

  77. I have just begun my yoga practice at age 55. I have taken a few classes before but am now committed to a daily routine at home. Thank you for your beautiful videos, I follow one every morning and feel so much better! I find that even a short yoga routine starts my day off with positive energy and changes my mindset . I look forward to it each morning! Thank you!!

  78. still one of my favorite quick practices 🙏🏽💜😊

  79. So grateful for your videos to start my day! 🙏🏼 thank you ❤️

  80. I love this one! Nothing better than starting my morning with this practice! Thank you!

  81. This is an amazing yoga morning routine. I've been practicing your yoga for over a year, and I enjoy it! I do think you should slow the pace of your movements. For as myself, a flexible woman who practices yoga every day, the transitions are too fast for me. I think this will be beneficial to many of us who are beginners and pros, given that this practice is to wake up our body, though I believe it'll be great to implement into your future practices! Blessings!

  82. Youre very Conceited

  83. Ive been doing this yoga routine with the 5min morning yoga one since february 1st! It has became a habit and now i have memorized the positions myself and for everyone thinking she does it fast… its not gonna be as fast anymore once you do it everyday. Im able to stretch with my forehead to my knee and i think thats amazing! Thank you boho beautiful!

  84. Its perfect for me at 0.75 speed <3 Every morning this one and the sleepybear. Thankyou woman!

  85. I love this but I can’t even do the downwards dog because of how unstretchy I am…. ill try your other beginner video :p

  86. Thanks for all the great videos.

  87. You are amazing! I have a 2 year old and she is always in the way. You video are easy to follow, your voice keeps me calm and i fell great afterwords. I am new at yoga and i was always so anxious to get into it until i watched your videos. Thank you so much. I truely needed these video for my mental, enotion and physical health.

  88. 0:36

  89. at 4:08 half split strech is so hard for me 😣

  90. As a beginner I had trouble at first keeping up but the more I did it got into the groove now I am trying other videos

  91. It was way too fast for me

  92. My most favourite every morning yoga

  93. You are the best…

  94. ❤️💔💜

  95. love you guyssss….thanks for everything

  96. i love your videos, ive made a whole workout playlist with mainly your videos, been doing them 3-6 times a week. I've lost laods of weight, my mental health has improved and ive tone up so much quicker than i did when i was going to the gym. <3 <3

  97. Today is my first day doing this as I try to reset my body in thissumemr holiday.

    I stood up after this and I don't know the name of the muscle or joint or whatever but the thing that is at the bottom of the pelvic bone near the top of my left thigh close to my inner thighs, clicked and I don't know if it's supposed to happen but i felt so much tension release from that. I have had a kind of ache there whenever I stretch but now this released it and it feels more mobile and relaxed. Thank you

  98. Thank you for this wonderful flow.

  99. Thank you.

  100. This was great, and the quality was awesome, but for a beginner, it was WAYYYYY TOOO FASSSTTT. Couldn't keep up as I need to watch and also switch into these new positions, but I know I'll just have to practice. Thank you~

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