Bedtime Yoga Sequence

Good evening, everyone and welcome to Yoga
with Adriene. I am Adriene. You requested it. We are going to learn a
bedtime yoga sequence today. This is great for all levels. If you’re not
getting ready for bed, this a great sequence for relaxation, just kind of
distressing the body, rejuvenating the body. If you are ready for bed, you’re in the right
place. Maybe you’ve had a long day at work or you’ve been on your feet
all day and your still in your work clothes or maybe you’re in your sexy
yoga pants. What I’m going to invite us all to do, myself
included, is to go into another room, it doesn’t matter what room
you’re in, go change into something comfortable. Put on the most comfy
thing that you own. Right now. Now that we’re in our comfy clothes, hopefully
you’ve paused it and put on your favorite old shirt, you’re comfy pants,
you can go in the nude for all I care. Just make sure you’re comfortable
for this sequence. Let’s hop on the mat for a little bedtime yoga. Hopefully, you’ve changed into something comfortable,
or you’re in your pajamas even already. Maybe you’ve even taken
a second to wash your face or brush your teeth if you want to go straight
to bed. If you’re really having trouble sleeping and
hoping to find some relief here just pause and make sure you’re ready
to go so that we can really find the relaxation and really find what it is
that we’re looking for here in this sequence as we signal the mind and the
body to get ready for bed. Once we’ve arrived on the mat and we feel
good, we’re going to come into a nice cross-legged position here. You can sit
up on a blanket, lift the hips or maybe you have a block or we’ve talked
about sitting on books even, anything to help support this length in the
spine, this straight spine. If you feel like you’re already here crumpled
to begin with, let’s see if we can lift the sitting bones up, lift the hips
up to give ourselves a little bit more of a fighting chance. We’ll come into sukhasana. Nice cross-legged
position. The hands can rest gently on the knees here or maybe we take
one palm into the other here resting the hands in the lap. You choose.
Take a second to roll up through the spine. Find that length. Lift
and lengthen through the crown of the head and draw the tops of the thighs
down. Relax the skin of the face. Soften your eyelids
or close your eyes. I’m going to do my best today in this sequence,
today I’m trying to be really mindful to guide you with my voice so that
whenever possible you can keep a soft gaze or maybe your eyes closed and not
have to necessarily look at the video the whole time. Or even better, if you’re returning the video,
if you favorited the video and you want to keep coming back to it then
as time goes on we won’t be looking at the video at all just using my
voice. Kind of closing the eyes, getting a little bit drowsy, prepare for bed.
I did it myself and got a little drowsy there. Sitting up nice and tall,
soft gaze, eyes closed, you choose. Find this natural lift in the heart and then
on an inhale draw your shoulders up to your ears. No tension, I don’t
want to say squeeze, just draw your shoulders all the way up to your
ear lobes. Take a deep breath in. Maybe hug the lower belly in just slightly.
Then on an exhale relax it back down, shoulders, elbows down, neck
nice and long. A little bit of our vocabulary here today
is slow and unhurried. We’re rushing all day, we’re working all day. Just
continue to deepen the breath here as I talk a little bit. In this practice,
we are going to give ourselves permission to slow down. Begin to
signal the brain, signal the body that it’s time for rest. Couple more times here, inhale drawing the
shoulders up to the ears, nice slow and steady movement as I move with the
breath. Then exhale, looping the shoulders, elbows, draw down, long beautiful
neck. Inhale, shoulders draw up, deep breath in.
And looping them down, heart stays lifted, open chest, open collar bone.
One more. Inhale, shoulders rise up and then exhale, shoulder blades in
together and down. Taking a second here to check in with the
neck. Drawing a line with the nose, up and down, nice and slow. Then left
to right, nice and easy. Nothing fancy here. Ask yourself are we kind
of already just going through our yoga sequence motions, or are we opening
our self up to the sensations? Like really paying attention to the sensations
of the body here. Again, inviting the mind to rest or become closer
to that point of rest. Now take it in a couple circles. Drawing circles
with the nose. Maybe your back is tired from sitting at a desk
all day. In that case, keep the heart lifted, tops of the thighs down. Support
your body. I just bumped my mic with my chin there, sorry.
Go one way and then the other. When you feel satisfied come back to
center. Align you head over your heart, your heart over your pelvis. Now close your eyes and we’re going to take
10 solid, nice, smooth, deep breaths. Just very gently, again, unhurried,
inviting the body and the mind to connect via the breath here. If you’ve had a busy day or you’ve been particularly
stressed out, the breath can be an awesome tool for quieting
the mind. Signaling the brain to slow down, signaling the body to soften. Again, no rush. Take a couple moments here
to just be with the breath. In and out, in an out. Relax the area between
your two eyebrows. Relax your jaw. If you feel inspired to let an exhale
out through the mouth, please find what feels good. Let it go. Maybe you
begin to drop into your ujjayi breath, a victorious breath, an audible breath
that the mind can anchor on. Take one more deep breath in through the nose.
This one go ahead and let it out through the lips like your blowing
out birthday cake candles. You can make a wish if you want to, too. Palms come into the knees here as I inhale
nice, easy spinal flex, elbows draw down, heart lifts up. Open the throat
chakra and then exhale, close your eyes, chin to chest, rounding forward.
Massage your booty, releasing the lower back here. Couple more times, move
at your own pace. Notice the thoughts that come up. I think
yoga is often misinterpreted that we’re supposed to clear our minds and
people freak out because they’re like I can’t clear my mind. I actually had
a great comment the other day from a viewer from a friend saying I just
simply cannot get my mind to stop. In fact it seems to race even more when
I hop on the mat. Cut yourself a break. Acknowledge the thoughts,
don’t ignore them. It’s about the practice not the doing, right? It’s the
process not the goal. As you do your spinal flex here, notice the
thoughts that come up or maybe the stresses, the things that are worrying
you. Acknowledge them, embrace them. By acknowledging them, by becoming aware
of them we give the mind, the body, even the heart if you will, permission
to let them go just for the moment. Maybe we can let them go for the whole night
improving the quality of our sleep, our rest. Knowing that we can always
pick them out tomorrow morning if want. Just ask yourself if they’re helpful
to you right now. If the answer is no, let it go, come back to the
breath. Inhale rising up to center. Smile. We’ll bring the fingertips to our sides. Now,
let the armpit chest lift up here. Most of our shoulders round forward,
we’re human. We do a lot of this. So let the armpit chest kind of lift
here, the heart opens, fingertips come to grace the earth. I’m at a nice and easy, gentle open the right
palm and draw a line with the right fingertips all the way up and over.
I can stay on my left fingertips here. Lots of space or if it feels good I’ll
press into the full palm and come into a nice organic side body stretch. This will look a little bit different for
everyone but I do encourage you to avoid the rounding forward and see if we
can open up through the heart here. I’m going to do plenty of forward folds
later. For this bedtime yoga, this is why I encourage
you to get in your pj’s or something comfy. Rather than working on the
perfect asana shape close your eyes, soften into the sensations. Find the
little movements and swaying motion. Again, this can be a great tool, this
movement, for quieting the mind or at least letting go of the busy day,
letting go of the thoughts, the stresses, the things that are on our plate. One more deep breath here. Extend through
the crown of the head, right hip pulling down. From here, take a second, maybe
slowly look up. Open and close the hand a couple times. If you’ve been
working at a computer this might be great for the wrist. Then, coming
through, rounding the spine through center. Instead of sweeping through
center, we’re going to round the spine and take it to the other side from
here. Again, inspiring and encouraging this kind
of organic movement, this empowerment to find what feels good, and address
your body. Everyone’s different, we all did different things today.
We all are carrying different things in our hearts and our minds
and our bodies and our glutes. Again, rather than here, I’m moving. I’m encouraging
you to address what’s going on in the body. This is going to get
us prepared for a nice, sweet sleep. Nice slumber on this evening. Extend through the crown of the head maybe.
Make sure you’re breathing and then we’ll ground forward to come back through.
We didn’t open and close the hand there. Let’s open and close this
hand. In fact, let’s go ahead and open and close
both hands here. Maybe draw a couple of circles with wrist. Then from here
roll it up. Nice, deep inhale in through the nose and exhale out
through the mouth. Sadasen [SP]. Taking one heal in, it doesn’t
matter which one, we’re trying to relax our brains not stimulate them
per say. One foot in, one foot out so rather than crossing the ankles
we have them lying next each other. Your knees might be here. That’s okay. You
can put pillows here or sit up on a blanket or a block. Taking a second here
to reach the fingertips behind the ears, sit up nice and tall. Draw
your naval in towards your spine. Side body is nice and long from before. Take a second here to just pull the thumbs
slightly back, just slightly so we’re not tugging but just slight. Inhale
in, exhale, go up and over as we lean forward. Palms are going to come to the
earth. What I mean by up and over is I’m not collapsing
in the spine. This is one thing and this is the other. I’m enjoying
the journey, keeping the length as I come forward. Now, there are a couple of different variations
here. I can just sit here in my hips. Maybe relax the weight of the
head over. Relax the jaw. In Chinese medicine we connect the jaw to the
hips. A lot of people connect jaw to the hips so relax the jaw here as we
breathe into the hips. To go a little further I can come onto the
forearms. If I still feel like there’s space there, I might soften all the
way down, bringing my forehead to my wrist. If you have a pillow nearby,
or a blankie or a block, it’s very calming, very relaxing, even if you don’t
need it, your forehead can go all the way to your wrist. It’s very nice to have this pressure in the
third eye here, this calming point here as I rest forward, breathing into
the hips. Breathing into the lower back. Take a nice deep breath, massaging
the internal organs, rinsing the body clean, rinsing the day away. Lift up from your heart. While pressing into
the palms consider lifting from your heart so open, open chest as here
as I come up. Moving nice and slow and then switching to the other leg,
so opposite foot comes in, opposite foot goes out. Once again I inhale, reach the fingertips
behind the ears all the way up creating space. Take a deep breath it, keep
this length. Melt it forward coming into the other hip now. This will most
likely be different than the other side. I can sway my way down this time.
I can stay here. I can relax the forearms down. I might come to a
pillow, blanket or a block or resting on the forearms. If the mind is still a monkey mind or buzzing
like a bee, which it is I’m sure, remember, the practice is just coming
back to the breath each time. Using that breath as a tool to quiet the mind
and signal the body that we’re slowing down for the day. Take a deep
breath in and lift up from your heart, pressing into the palms, pressing
into the fingertips. We lift open heart as we come up. Then, taking baddha konasana, cobbler’s pose,
soles of the feet come together here. Now, instead of drawing the
heels all the way up towards the center, we’re going to give ourselves
a little bit of space here for bedtime yoga. Take your thumbs, massage the
arches of your feet a little bit here and begin to just tap into that breath
a little more. Calming the nervous system. Won’t take the time to talk about how important
it is to rub your feet, especially at night time. If you have someone
in your house that might be willing to trade you, I would say that’s good
for your soul and good for bedtime. If you don’t, don’t go into toxic thought
world. Just stick with your feet, you’ve got it. You’ve got it baby, rub
your own feet. It’s actually a practice in itself. It gets better with
practice. Inhale, grab the ankles, lift nice and tall.
Remember that lift in the heart. Keeping a flat back here, we’re going
to go nose to toes, even if the nose don’t touch the toes, that’s where
we’re headed. To each his own, you can keep your hands on
the ankles here or you can interlace the fingertips around the toes.
Noticing I’m keeping a flat back here, breathe into the belly, inhale in and
exhale rising up. Inhale in again, this time rounding the spin,
bending the elbows left to right, we go flat back as long as we can and
then eventually we let it round over, breathing into the lower back,
the kidneys, breathing into the hips. Relaxing the weight of the head over. See if you can begin to extend your inhalation,
extend the exhale, make it longer, smoother, sweeter. When your satisfied,
press into the souls of the feet, press into the outer edges of the
feet and roll it up, stacking the spin. We’ll take our fingertips to the outer edge
of the knees and closing them here. Coming into just a little pod here,
I don’t even know what we call this. Heels come to the sit bones, close.
If you need a little more space, that’s okay. To each his own. If I
had a bigger, can’t talk about racks in bedtime yoga, let’s keep it chill.
Okay, Adriene. Draw the keens together, interlace the fingertips,
inhale in. Exhale bowing forward. Calming the nervous system
here maybe the forehead comes to the knees. Take a second here to remember
your vocabulary, no rush, slow, unhurried. Maybe you add a couple more
words to that, gratitude, release, stillness. Then slowly rolling up we’re going to come
onto our toes here. Nice and slow though so the feet if they’re tired,
if you’ve crammed them into your work boots or your high heels or your platforms
or your flipi-floppies, depending on what you get to wear to work,
this is great. Open the knees wide. I can use my palms here; I can use my
fingertips as much as I need. If I don’t need them then I might come up
a little bit higher. Take a deep breath, inhale in, smile and then
on an exhale, everyone, keep the heels together, knees wide, we’re going
to walk the palms forward. Send the sit bones shining back just a bit
here. As I melt the heart to the earth, arms are extending nice and long
and the weight of the head goes down. Breathe. Maybe begin to dome the upper back a little
bit here, rounding the spine. Again finding that micro movement, letting
the muscle fibers, the connective tissue slowly unravel, soften and
relax and let go preparing the body for rest. From here, inhale, look forward. You’re going
to come onto all fours. If you want to sneak in a little cat-cow action
here you totally can. Always it just seems appropriate here on all fours
to sneak in a little cat-cow. I’m going to cross the ankles and I’m going
to come to lie down. I’m actually going to turn this way but gently
crossing through the ankles or you can side saddle it, just come to lie flat
on your back. Adjust your clothing, do whatever you have to do and then
inhale, reach the fingertips up for a nice full body stretch. Inhale, breath in the day and the exhale,
let it go. Inhale, spread the fingertips and toes, exhale let it go. One
more like that. Inhale, exhale, let it go. Great, floating the fingertips
down, palms are going to come just at our sides here. I’m going to
hug one knee in. Let’s go ahead and say right knee. I want to keep it loose
but I also don’t want to keep you wondering so let’s do right knee. I’m going to interlace the fingertips around
the shin here and draw my right knee in towards my heart. Breathing
into the belly here I’m going to press into my left heel. Rotate the right
ankle one way and then the other. Notice if your shoulder have begun to kind
of crawl up to your ears here, this is normal, this is natural. Make sure
we take a second here to walk the shoulders down away from the ears. Find
again that open chest, that open heart. From here, knee is drawing all the way up
towards the heart, towards the chin. Top of the left thigh is drawing down.
My eyes are soft or my eyes or closed. From here, I’m just going to open up just
micro movement again, open up the right knee to be more towards the right shoulder.
Before I was drawing it towards the chin now I’m going to open it
up to draw it towards the right shoulder. I can stay here. Maybe I hook my
right elbow to my right knee and then maybe I bring my left palm just to
kind of guide this left hip point down. Now we were active in the feet, permission
now to inhale in and exhale and relax the feet. Notice if there’s any shift
in the right hip crease here. Soften through your fingertips, relax your
jaw again. Keep returning back to the sound of the breath my friends. Inhale in, on an exhale we’re going to take
both hands to that right knee and gently guide it across the body into a
little twist. A couple of options here, I can hook my right toes around
the back of that left thigh if that feels good, or I can just let it free
fall. You decide. Noticing I’m opening up through the right wing here. Then again, no static motion here but I’m
getting ready for bed. I want to empower you or encourage you to find small
micro movements. Cater to your body. Get ready for your night’s sleep and
address whatever’s going on. Maybe rock a little back and forth, maybe
enjoy the hook here. Maybe you turn onto the right ear for a little bit deeper
twist. Breathe. Take a nice solid inhale in and on the exhale let’s
melt it back. I’m going to send my right leg all the way
up towards the sky now. Maybe the leg doesn’t straighten, who cares. Keep
it nice and bent, keep it really generously bent if that feels best
for you or anything in between. I’m going to take my fingertips interlaced
behind the thigh. If you are a flexible person, you’re very
bendy and you’re wanting to go a little bit higher, we can bring the palms
to the calf. If you’re super bendy and want to grab that toe you can but
I say we kind of keep the nervous system calm and quiet letting the
blood flow in the opposite direction. We have a couple different options here and
you can mix and match. I’m from Austin, Texas so I always encourage mix
and match. Nothing has to match anymore. You can keep it weird. To go one step further, we’ll inhale in and
exhale draw the nose up rounding the spine. Just a couple breaths
here. Notice I’m keeping my shoulders down and away from my ears. Lots
of space, heart still lifted and open even here. Wiggling the toes. On an exhale I shall release it back down,
send that right leg down and switch. Drawing the left knee up towards the
heart, interlacing the fingertips. Take a deep breath in, squeeze
that left knee towards the chin, towards the heart. Press into that right
heal, top of the right thigh draws down as I breath into the belly
and then allow everything else to relax. The arms relax down. The rib cage softens.
I can rotate this left ankle one way and then the other. Guys keep noticing
those thoughts as they come. Acknowledge them, smile at them. Ask
yourself do you need them right now? If the answer is no, come back
to the breath. Now opening up, left knee comes now more towards
the left shoulder so we massage that hip crease. Stay here or we can
hook the left elbow into that left knee. Notice my right foot is still bright
here. I’m going to take a deep breath in and then on an exhale relax
the feet. Bring that right palm to the top of that right thigh bone. This might be coming up here, no worries,
guys, that’s why we have this hand here to just in time open it up. Soften
that psoas here. Take a deep breath in and moving into your twist whenever
you’re ready. Using the hands, kind of integrating the whole body
here as we move into our twist. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. If you feel like moaning and groaning, I say
do it. It’s only going to be an extra form of release. Breathing into the
chest, you can hook the foot here or we can let it roam free. We can open
through the left wing, we can even turn onto that left here. If you are interested we have a whole video
on a reclined twist. It’s nice to give yourself a little pet job here. Oh,
gosh. The power of touch is so powerful in yoga. Just give yourself a little
bit of movement here is what I meant. Breathe into your belly. Hopefully you’re
smiling and not cursing me right now. Take a deep breath in, exhale, melt it
back to center. Happy baby, you’re happy Buddha. The day we do this in
foundations of yoga’s going to be interesting but we cannot leave it out. We take the feet all the way up towards the
sky. Let’s actually spend a couple breathes here just letting the blood
flow in the opposite direction. Hands on the belly or hands on the ribcage,
point and flex the feet. Soon we’ll do legs up the wall as foundations and
that’s going to be yummy. Then we’ll bend the knees and grab the outer
edges of the feet to start. Soles of the feet stay point up towards the
sky, parallel to the ceiling and the knees draw down as we kind of open
up here. Just to be sure for appropriateness. Find what feels good my friends. You can pop
your toes here, hopefully it’s not offensive to anyone in your home.
You can massage the feet. After a couple of breaths here, you can grab
the inner arches of the feet, kind of stirruping the legs, pulling down
gently breathing into your booty, breathing into your hips. We can also take the middle finger, index
finger and thumb to the big toes here. That sometimes feels yummy as we breathe
into the lower back. Draw your tailbone down towards the earth, my friends,
lengthen through the back of the neck by tucking your chin slightly.
Take a deep breath in if it feels good, straighten one leg. Just see what
happens, be mindful and then the other. If you’re bendy, you can maybe
straighten both and then maybe begin to rock a little side to side. This is kind of childlike energy as we, again,
tell the body, tell the mind signal that it’s time to slow down, to let
go of our stresses, our to-do lists and get ready to rest. One more breath
here and happy baby or happy Buddha, your version. Then to release, we’ll bring the soles of
the feet down to the earth. You can do it with a thud, sometimes that feels
nice. You can do it a couple of times if that felt really good. Just kind
of letting the body shake here. I’ll open the palms out wide, take a deep
breath in, windshield wiper the legs a little side to side. We’re going to
prepare for setu bandha sarvangasana, bridge pose and then we’ll take
it to shavasana. Winding down. Doing our best to stay in the present
moment. You deserve to feel good. You deserve a good
night’s rest. Again, just by acknowledging this moment, acknowledging the
thoughts, this time, bringing awareness, we give ourselves permission to
have an awesome night’s rest. Draw the heels up towards the sit bones here,
flip the palms down, draw the shoulder blades in together and down, knees
are pointing up towards the sky and I’m rooting into all four corners of the
feet. Now, we’re not going to hoist our self up
into this bridge. We throw ourselves around all day, throw our bodies
around, moving in a fast pace. Again, unhurried, no rush, move nice and slow.
Press on all four corners of the feet, press on all ten fingerprints
and nice and slow from the tailbone. Notice how I’m rocking my pelvis first. I’ll
kind of exaggerate this if you want to peek for a second. Peeling up
from the tailbone, slowly massaging up through the spine. Lifting, I
may not even lift into a full bridge pose today, I might just go this far
or this far or this far but massaging the spine in the back. Coming all the way up, maybe instead of pressing
into the palms, kind of active, I go a little bit more yin here, opening
the palms, opening the shoulders as I lift my sitting bones towards
the back of the knees. Then, on an exhale, float it down. Now do a couple of these at your own pace.
Playing with palms, playing with the shoulders, finding the sensations
that you love in the spine. Sometimes it’s nice to even move the arms
here, kind of like puppet arms, because you can really get deep into that
spinal massage here. Keep moving, breathing. Another option, if you do have a block is
to take a little more restorative bridge and lift up and maybe set the block
at any level on the sacrum. Just giving a little lift here and breathing,
it’s just right in the lower back. My pajama shirt’s too baggy. Taking the work
out of it, finding that ease. When you feel satisfied, roll it down. Hug
the knees into the chest one more time. Give yourself a hug. Acknowledge
yourself for taking the time to practice today. Acknowledge yourself for
not just saying I have insomnia or I can’t sleep. I’m doing something
about it, I’m checking in with my body, signaling my mind, rising above,
connecting to the present moment. Squeeze your knees into your chest, take a
deep breath in and then exhale unravel. If you want here you can transition
to your bed. If you’re really ready, you can transition to your bed
here now otherwise we’re going to open the legs a little bit wider than normal. If you find that you’re here in shavasan,
that’s cool but my friends, open it up today. Open your legs, open your arms
wide. If you have a blanket, I’ll go ahead a grab a blanket here because
I have plenty of blankets today. It’s nice sometimes to bring a blanket
or pillow to the top of the pelvic bone or the hips here or even the belly. Take the chest, open it wide, draw the shoulder
blades together and we set ourselves up for the best and most beautiful,
relaxing shavasan that you’ve ever experienced. Press into the heels once
and then relax the ankles and feet completely and fully into the mat. Spread the fingertips wide, spread your arms
and then exhale, relax your fingertips, your wrists, your arms completely
and fully into the mat. Extend through the crown of the head. Tuck
your chin into your chest, breathe in and then relax your head, your
neck, your shoulders completely and fully into the mat. Relax your jaw. Soften the skin of the face.
Let the breath return to its natural, normal rhythm. Let the tops of the
thighs grow heavy, the hips, the buttocks grow heavy. We soften the belly
here, relax the torso completely and fully into the mat giving the
body permission to be completely and fully at ease. No matter what came before, no matter what
kind of day we had, coming into this present moment. No matter what’s to come,
what’s next, maybe you still have stuff to do tonight but give yourself
this moment even if it’s just for one fine, full breath. Choose to
enjoy this moment. Choose to have a good night’s sleep. Choose to let your
yoga practice serve you in every miraculous way possible. Stay here as
long as you like, my friends. Have a good evening and stick with the breath.


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