Beatrice Martin of GE Healthcare Takes the World to Work

Hello! I’m Beatrice Martin, Business Team Leader for mammography here at GE Healthcare. Welcome to day three, where we’ll be looking at the assembly of a Senographe Pristina. Here we are focusing on improving manufacturing output and quality. Each product is assembled here one at a time on a moving car. Every single product is made on our line here in France. I’m leading the team through the six stages of the assembly line. So first, mechanical assembly. After that, electrical assembly. We are putting together on the system the most important parts. After that, the safety test. If everything goes well here, the system will be perfect to customer. And mechanical calibration. I lead you to my colleague, Badreddine, at the first step of a process. He will explain us the French way. Hello, Badreddine. Hi, everyone! Here we do critical security tests and system calibration. And after that, image and calibration. Now the system is hidden into an x-ray cell. Let’s go and see the system inside. Oh, that’s my colleague, Ahmed. Hello, Ahmed! He’s doing the test currently. After assembly, calibration, and test, the system is ready for the final stage. Which is covering where we will put the covers on the system, make the final verifications so that we make sure the system is up and running and beautiful for the customer. After that, we are ready for shipment when packed. That’s six stages in five days. Thank you for following me along the manufacturing line. I hope you learned a lot. Stay tuned and hope to see you for day four, installation and patient experience. Goodbye!

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