Be Rock Solid Against Physical Defense! Basketball Strength, Speed & Conditioning Workout!

I'm here to help you on the court so you can handle those pressure defenders what I want you to do is learn how to become stable and strong in your core so that when they come up and try and move you it's like trying to move a tree coach Jeff cement you will get handles basketball today I want to introduce you to Derrick Taschen or former Nike trainer Olympic trial list whole bunch more he's gonna give you some stuff today to help you improve your performance on the court let's jump into it so one of the great exercises I love teaching here is a Bulgarian sandbag spin and don't worry if you don't have a Bulgarian sandbag at home I can teach you how to make one or just do this drill with is something as simple as a duffel bag okay so if you have one of these or have access to one of those at a gym here's what you want to do learn it real simple like this put your hands together right here and we're gonna lift up one elbow high and took a head through the hole let that elbow makes now our hands are behind your head I'm going to take the opposite elbow and pull it over the top one more time I'm going to lift one up low towards the ceiling tuck my head through the hole so my hands are behind my head and bring it around to the front with the other elbow okay so now when I go down to grab my sandbag the best way to learn this drill is to lift up that all ball and set the sandbag on your back okay I'm going to take the other elbow lift that up and bring the sandbag down back to the ground kind of in a squatting motion right here okay one more time we're gonna lift that elbow up set the bag on my back take the other roll-up and drop the sandbag to the ground now we're going to do the same thing I'm gonna lift the elbow up set the sandbag on my back but now I'm not gonna drop it down to the ground I'm gonna stop right before hits the ground and have it land right back on my back so I'm gonna take it off with my elbow up bring it right up to my back take it off elbow up right back to my back one more right there okay now I got it now I'm not gonna rest it on my back either I got to be really fast with my hands and lift my elbows up really quick so it's going to come over I'll up and come over I look come over elbow up come over now I'm getting this really good really stability in my core developing great strength if I wasn't the sandbag would pull me off to the side right okay so we're developing strong core so those pressure to vendors camp showing us around now you want to take this to an advanced level add walking to the sandbag spin so once we get the sandbag spin going elbow up pull it over as soon as your elbow comes high you can take a step step step step step forward forward back back see that adding motion to it will make you strong and stable nobody's gonna be able to push your own on the court sill if you don't have access to one of these bags what can you do number one you can make a Bulgarian training bag if you have access to a big inner tube you can go to a lot of different stores car stores truck stores farming stores buy big inner tubes tie off one end fill it full of sand tie off the other end and make something just like this okay if you don't have access to one of those and you have a duffel bag right just got this great Nike duffel bag right here fill it full something heavy grab the straps grab the ends you just want to make sure it's not too heavy that it's going to break right these are just plastic but this will still work I'm grabbing the end the same thing spin it around right here switch directions spin it the other way okay the goal is to create a stable core one other way to make this exercise tougher is just bring your feet together we're narrowing the base right and make it a tough runner close this bag you know it's trying to pull us off our base and we're trying to hold our ground and that's what you want to do in basketball too is hold your ground hold your position one more thing if you do choose to use a duffle bag you know you can also grab the straps here and do the exercise if you feel that's a little bit safer but definitely don't go to the gym and start throwing plates in this thing metal plates and making it really heavy we don't want the straps to break or the plates to fly out and injure someone or yourself or break anything I've got one more exercise that can help you but if you've liked what you've seen so far be sure to click the subscribe button to see what's new with the upcoming videos so one more exercise to help you hold your ground against those pressure defenders call hollow rocking alright so what we're gonna do is we're gonna do this on the floor I want you to lay down and if you lay flat on your back you'll notice that there's this arch in your lower back your lower back is not touching the ground if you're just laying flat relaxing okay but if you bring your knees to your chest now all of a sudden your lower back is on the ground okay our lower back is touching the ground and you want to imagine your body is like the bottom of a rocking horse so the bottom of a boat right it's nice and smooth and every vertebrae every back bone that you have is gonna roll over the ground okay so we're gonna heat we're gonna start here we can start on your back and we're gonna roll up to our tail bone roll back down roll up to our tail bone right here nice tight little ball you want to keep your knees as close to your face as possible keeping this ball nice and tight okay if you think this is too easy all you got to do is take your hands off your knees and keep your knees close to your face keep Rocking okay keep smashing that lower back into the ground still too easy we're gonna change the leverage by just simply taking our hands up overhead and continue Rocking hopefully you're feeling your abs at this point right you're feeling that core strength we're gonna continue on the progressions we're here we're going to kick our legs straight at the top tuck our knees kick our legs straight andreat AK making it even harder keeping the legs straight and when you do this you don't want your legs to come way up and then you're back to come way up you want to stay long and flat okay keep yourself as flat as possible just Little Rock's right here okay and then the hardest of all bringing your hands down by your side and still Rocking and you probably heard me in my voice right that things were getting tight what happens if you pick up something heavy what kind of noise do you make you go what is that that's your core tightening to make you stronger and more stable how about when somebody pushes you away on the court what noise do you make huh right if somebody pushes you or bumps into you well we're just doing that in a controlled environment we're making that course stronger and tighter so when it happens to you on the court or in real life you can handle it you can handle that pressure and people will be pushing up against you thinking who is this physical specimen


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