Be in Health Specialty Conference Soundbite: Disease Prevention Part 2

it's about teaching us to really dig in to the work really want to understand it for our own lives not just about what we can get out of help not just what we can get out of the prevention of disease but how really have a relationship with who God really is in our life what he should be in our life that's Abby and how confident they really do help us understand for our own lives the connection between relationships specifically broken relationship and disease you're willing and ready to change that's what produces a strength in the relation between you and God the relationships you have with others and in your own heart and that's where that help and that's where that hope will show for here in titus it says for the grace of God the word grace does not mean unmerited favor anywhere in scripture you won't find it in a study of Hebrew you won't find it in a study of Greek so where did it come from came from Webster's dictionary I said it came from Webster's dictionary as a paraphrase the word grace and the Greek literally means God's divine influence on the heart and this reflection in this thing called the life God wants to influence you in your journey he wants to give you information to help you see the enemy's works ahead of you if we're talking about disease prevention you must understand how the enemy puts disease on you and if you say diseases from God as many churches teach you don't know your Bible and if you try to tell a person because they have a disease they have Paul storing the flesh and His grace is sufficient for you suffer on baby that church that teaches that is a death church it overthrows the cross and the power of the body of a risen Christ got me dude like if I didn't believe God healed today I'd get out of the ministry or I go find one there was a true ministry at the church in your town we'll try to teach you that healing passed away with the apostles 2000 years ago and what did they take communion every Sunday what fraud oh his shed blood is forgiveness systems is broken buddy man now one of their churches are filled with disease they deny one half of the sacrament of communion but they celebrated and for this reason because they do not discern Corinthians the body of Christ correctly for this reason many of them in their churches are sick and weak and die premature death because they celebrate something they deny are you serious God wants to influence you he really does God's Word is a lamp unto your feet light under your pathway so M one 19 says that does it not so if if the Word of God is the word grace correctly translated from the Greek is gods in its right turn your Strong's Concordance you can read it for yourself God's design implements on the heart your heart and it your hearts reflection and this thing called life then God wants to influence you so if you go over here to Titus because I want to set you in a place to not just hear informations this day I want to set you in a place where you can move ahead from this how do I call it halfway house of dying to go to heaven your promised 80 plus years of good help could we make that part of our faith bank so we'll all want to go over 120 you seen anybody lately that one 220 why do people because of Moses but could be 120 okay laws of it but you know it was Moses in Psalm 90 that reduced by the Spirit of God the longevity of man the threescore and ten by reason of strength for score so if Moses reduced longevity of men in Psalm 92 eighty years plus to ninety as an average then let's try to get that and if we could get eighty to ninety years of good health will be the minority on this planet the rest of you hanging out for 120 god bless you but cuz I kind of go with Moses his faith and and hang on for this eighty to ninety wouldn't that be good let's go for that first then if we get extra that's positive thinking here in Titus for the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men now here's where the correct definition of grace not just found in a word study of Hebrew and Greek which I brought you to their casually but simply from context but the word define the word itself would that be a really good way to study word a word study that the word define the word then letting the word define the word here's what it says teaching us so what does grace do well that's the meaning of grace in the Greek God's divine influence on the human heart and it's reflection in this thing called life I want to influence you data today to have a better life by preparing to move ahead into your promise longevity and there are things set against you well then you need to apprehend things that are said here on your behalf and get out of fatalism of science if you're a Christian believer and you have an issue with your health and you go to a doctor they have protocols or profiling they do and they fit you right into the statistical observation of profiling and they start managing your cadaver based on people who have no hope that are dying come on now folks work with me they're asking you to do this protocol in that protocol and take this drug and that drug and do this because they're trying to keep people alive that have no hope at very high expense you're not to be those kind of people and you go to your doctor they don't consider your poor heads as part of the equation that means your personality they don't consider your spirituality to be even they don't even consider you to be a spirit being your doctors did not consider you to be a spirit being you're just an elevated form of an animal I took through all the genes I got us I got an A in zoology in college I learned I was an animal I got saved when I was an internal spirit of being I found that animals weren't eternal that's why you could eat chicken not til guilty as it was your pet chicken then I learned from I learned from culture that if you named your chicken you can't eat it starve to death first don't eat your chicken charlie Titus teaching us that denying ungodliness stop-action required somebody told me a years ago well if God wants me to change you're just going to have to change me don't hold your breath I read somewhere that your to seek first the kingdom of God in His righteousness seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things should be added unto you draw nigh to God he will got on to you did you read those verses so you don't sit on your toadstool on the shade waiting for God to notice you it requires no faith to wait on God go pursue him ask him what he knows and it may not be found in the cemeteries of learning their training your pastors because I don't find the church to be very well in fact I just finished a survey I've taught around the world and past couple years I've been teaching North America and I decided to do a statistical survey of the Christian Church in conferences that I did with hundreds of people attending in US and Canada over two years I've kept the results of these and I have them I walked into a church in one of the United States States a couple years ago in which the ten assistant pastors it refused to come and hear me because they didn't believe that sin was behind disease yet Jesus had just healed someone if you read your Bibles and he said go your way and sin no more let's say worshiping come upon you we don't know what sin is what sin really is is now just known in the Christian Church in many places as psychological defect and negative emotions you're now tempted by yourself temptation you're a Christian not possible yet Jesus was tempted in all points such as we are yet he did not yield to that temptation are you thinking with me God wants you to take ownership for your life to prevent anything I got lots of thoughts coming out of slow down catch up with myself do you ever have that happen here in Titus it says that we're to do something we're ten denied what's ungodliness anything that's ungodly what's ungodly anything that doesn't match God's nature I read somewhere I think it was a Bible that originally before sin joined mankind and all of its personality that we were created in God's image did you ever read that that's what Elohim said in the book of beginnings in the in the Torah Genesis 1 verse 26 and Elohim said let us let us there's that probability of the Godhead let us create man in our image in our image so part of us being reconciled to God is reclaiming his image one of the great powers of a cross the great victories of the Cross is not getting you to heaven even though that was certainly a wonderful bonus but the great power of the Cross is because of Jesus the Father now is able to reclaim and recapture in creation what he lost in the tragedy of the Garden of Eden and you're part of that grand experiment by God to find faithful sons and daughters that understand this and one pursue it so there's an action required here to produce freedom it may be that some of the things I discuss here with you today you will see in your life already and especially in your friends and family it's amazing we have such great discernment about others but we become Egyptian in our own lives it's called the Nile because we haven't been given the tools to face those things in our life that are not of God the church is not going to come a safe place to confess getting back to my subject about the survey I walked into a church hundreds of people in the conference and I looked over at the large audience and this is the first survey that I did in two years and didn't change the next two years it didn't change hardly ever size of audiences may change but every audience was a cross sectioning of Christianity because people were there they didn't go to that church just that church they came from they came from all different kinds of denominations and all kinds of persuasions and so I decided to see if why and I wanted to see something that the leadership of the Christian Church could see that they could begin the journey hopefully of helping their people recover from the snare of the enemy snare is something that you fall into the enemy has cast a snare for mankind including you the church in the area of disease and disorders and we've been captured and sometimes we've been captured in ignorance because no one has taught us if you've enjoyed this segment of this conference I encourage you to join our overcomers community there you can partake in a whole lot more stuff and watch the rest of this con you

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