Be Elefit: 4 Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle

hey guys coach Kelsey here your average iron mom and I don't usually do big moving videos anymore and this won't be too long but I did want to share with you our program we're kicking off this summer and this be elephants healthy lifestyle course is the collation of below the years of over 15 years of me being in the fitness profession and then my whole lifetime I've been interested in fitness and the reason behind it isn't necessarily what you would think you know I like to exercise I've always been into sports and I've done Ironman like you know so being in shape you know is a good thing it's important to me but the reason behind it is an art disease prevention and just knowing from a very young age I would read you know fitness magazines and just learning in school human physiology just knowing that there are a lot of lifestyle alterations that you can make to help prevent or cure disease it's just a fact you know a lot of the diseases that we have yeah they can be hereditary but you can definitely prevent things like heart disease diabetes cancer dementia even maybe all of these different things through diet exercise stress reduction lifestyle habits and so my entire business Trump trainers is about educating people in place if they can help and reduce the risk of all of these diseases so they can live happy lives my goal is to be a Centurion I want to be a hundred you know and live well and really enjoy not miss it for you know not being able to get around or I'm having some premature illness or a disease and the reason it's concerning to me I have family history myself you know and I was cancer out of my grandma died from colon cancer and also had ovarian cancer rheumatoid arthritis my other grandmother has had her issues diabetes you know so the writing's on the wall that something can happen to me I don't take repented that I'm gonna be in a safe zone and even being 35 years old you know if you start early I think it stems all the way from childhood you know we're messing with our nutrition when we were babies and little kids because it's fun to go get ice cream you know like there's a time in a place but and it's really hard to switch the culture and switch the mindset so I'm do my part to try make it as easy as possible with our whole community at trunk trainers to be a little fit that's our brand or a healthy lifestyle so um this was the time is now the time is now cuz even for me growing up I used to have you know ice cream every night for dinner you know pizzas my favorite um but and I took for granted that I would exercise I was active but I wasn't necessarily fueling myself in a proper way and escaped but now I'm having kids I mean it's almost impossible running a business having kids you need to and especially this last month I've been a little bit short-staffed at marketing has on vacation which is absolutely necessary it's part of the annual program do to kind of compensate and make up for it and we work really hard to for our members so it's been super fun and I haven't been one I'd love to do which is coaching you know with the different sessions and personal training and everything but I haven't spent as much time on myself and then I'm actually starting to feel it for the first time what I was afraid would happen I'm starting to feel some rheumatoid arthritis in my hands can't get my ring on this lasts a couple of months and I'm actually having some joint issues now a hand so I know if I ate better and not just rushing throwing things together I eat regularly you know throughout the day anti-inflammatory foods drink lots of water you know staying hydrated I am notorious for making enough water if I exercise which I haven't been doing enough of my exercise I'm not signed up for a race that's what it takes for me to do it so signing up for something so I fulfill I know you know I'm active I'm still moving in class you know getting my 10,000 steps and that's what happens when you get up at you know 3:30 4 o'clock in the morning and you don't stop until 7:30 at night and then I crash on my kids you know so in order to get it back on track the best way to do it is to teach it and so here I am teaching it and so we have a whole 12-week program our reveal of the program so the four pillars of our be elephants so that we can get our lives on track you have a plan a system you have accountability in a coach and then you tell people about it so that you fulfill and you do it yourself number one is to exercise an hour a day in ways you enjoy you got to move your body so many different you know systems engage when you exercise your hormones are all regulated properly your mood is elevating you're literally releasing hormones that make you feel better so if you're depressed you stand up calm you don't feel like doing it you're tired let's just circle for a walk you know like whatever it takes go up and down the stairs at your house just get your body moving you will feel better after a few minutes and then the confidence under them you know the excitement that you actually did your workout like you're supposed to so that's that's important and then if you even on top of it have a goal that you're shooting for whether it's a weight loss goal whether it is fulfilling a race a time whatever or just you know showing up every day at the gym whatever it is if you can fulfill that gold and it's pretty exciting so the second pillar of our be elephant program is to eat whole food plant-based so you don't pretend good will begin although that's not a bad idea that you would need to be a whole food vegan so if you eat foods that are minimally processed okay they come from nature so instead of having apple sauce you know you have an apple that will be ideal right so it versus apple juice which is not ideal super processed even if you are like in a kind of degree and you're going for the dairy substitute like almond milk is great you put them in the box of the swimmer has a bunch of junk in it so making it a Vitamix you know put your winery at home and soak them and then blend them all up and strain it and then there's your own that's kind of even her whole food ideal right who has time for that it's true but at the same time I've done this eight months and when Evan was a little baby I was training for honey I was still nursing him I did a whole foods that face and I had a little more energy we didn't have the bottom unit yeah here at trunk trainers a whole training membership and all the trainers on board I had a little bit more time so I would make all my food and make salad dressings actually we do wholesome vinegar because it's you know low-calorie try not to do oil lemon juice and see it's see its flavor things beautifully you know you don't need that's a lot of sweeteners or anything like so that's the second part whole food plant-based the third part is rest until you recover so what that means putting your stress in check you know having a recovery plan getting to bed on time at night not worrying over things that you can't control if there are major things happening in your life dealing with it and having a good perspective keeping your two feet on the ground and seeing what is important to you and having realistic goals for yourself in your future so stress reduction rest until you recovered okay so we call that forget about it so you've got our four FS of fitness and then our last one is to put your family first so building relationships and having regular communication cycles to keep your family close or whoever it is that you consider family so I'm the secret underlying them all so we got our fitness we got our food we got our forget about it thanks Chris reduction and recovering and then we've got our family first and the underlying last component is finances so you H or finances straight sometimes so the the other four pillars that's our little silent secret thing that we like to work on our silent F is we have friends with financial and we can just help with basically budgeting and looking over your finances because you don't want money to be the reason that you can't live the life that you want you know people out there have it so you can have a to me just kind of figure it out and you can't shy away from it because that is gonna lead to a lot of stress sometimes and if you have stress and everything else is perfect with your nutrition and your exercise and hanging out with family it was totally stressed and you can't sleep at night or you know you have all these hormones going all the time and it's not gonna help your overall illness either okay so we have our program it's have a 12-week program if you want to jump in and tackle all these things a whole system to get you organized with support and backup from me so I've got my program started here with us on her OB elephant 90-day time transformation 12-week program so we have that but we also can just get you started with like just exercise right you just need a place to go or even if you just want to talk have a consultation just get some advice from somebody who's been there it's hard it's hard to make it change once you jump in and you say that you need help then you have to do something about it but if you're ready to do something about it and you need that hopefully bridge that gap from thinking about it to actually taking action because without action you're not going to be able to actually change I'm not going to be able to get rid of my inflammation that is in my hands I know that I can keep it at bay for a lot longer than thirty five-year-old if I just take care of myself better so I struggle and strive just like you every single day to balance it out so after today my trainers back from vacation I'm ready so I'm gonna go down and do a run and Nell huh I just saw that Portland Marathon is reopening and their their race they closed it last year for some complicated stuff but October they're gonna get it back up again that's my favorite time to go back for my breakaway so I'm fine in my life out if you want help planning your life out then um make a have fun game with me you can click on the link below my 12 week program is pretty intensive but it's very fun and simple and it helps the whole family change you know to get a little control on the spiral if it's going out of control right now and you know that you can do it you just get that guidance and support so you can click the link to schedule an interview everybody has to go through an application process to see if you're ready to actually do this because it I want to help people they're ready to change if you're not really ready you just kind of hear doctor said you should do something but you really don't want to but you know like it's not gonna work okay you have to be ready so if you're ready and then I think it just started to make a change even if it is just giving you an advice to cope you know use your shirt that I'm using somewhere else it's if you have personal training sessions left even with us here come back and use them you know like we don't care we just want you to be fit everybody to have their body composition and proper numbers we're actually doing an open house this weekend and so I'm gonna be here from 4:45 a.m. until 2 o'clock on the first so on June 1st but if you want to make an appointment any other time to just check your fit check so just get your body stats checked and see if you are in healthy ranges we want to make sure that your body fat is in a healthy range or muscle masses and if that your metabolism is running and your visceral fat is in a proper tone proper range so it's preventing your heart disease and those kinds of things and or if you just need mood regulation you know and you need you need that support to keep yourself positive everyday and you just need somebody who is watching you and give us a call that's what we specialize in as specialize in families with specialized prenatal postpartum seniors inch because we are the fitness professionals on this island so we would love to help you okay if you just want to be part of our fine coat it's is super fun here we all get along really well there are some expectations no judgment we just want you to do what it is that's gonna get you to that happy place in your life okay at least to be content to take care of yourself and take action and do something so that you just feel better that you're working on these processes to make everything smooth in your life so if you have any questions let us know you can come drop by for our open house on Saturday and we're doing fit checks all week too so make an appointment for that and we would love to meet you to help you tackle those things that you want in life I'm gonna tackle Portland Marathon I think that's the next thing on my bucket list you go do that again I've done it twice before and it's just my favorite thing to do in the fall to go back home go to the pumpkin patch shaken up boys with me and so I'm gonna go down one two now huh and go to a run something I go do it okay so I'm gonna bust out my four months to a four and maybe we can break four hours because starting on June 6 it'll be four months perfect timing okay so you find that fitness goal you ask for help if you need it and we'll see you on the other side Aloha

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