BCAA? HMB? CREATINE? Best Supplements When Doing OMAD

can I use supplements what supplements should I use ah no mad so if you want to know about supplements a nomad stay tuned what's up guys I'm John summons from bulldog mindset if you're joining me for the first time on this channel I talked about going from the victim mindset to the Bulldog mindset when you're eating one meal a day how does it affect your supplementing your supplementation so there's a few things to keep in mind okay anytime you're kind of doing any kind of fasting the first one is this if you're only eating once a day especially if you're eating a low carbohydrate so any kind of keto diet you may go into ketosis is especially if you keep the cart the carbohydrates low one thing to to keep in mind is that you're probably going to need to have sodium magnesium and potassium electrolyte levels in in check you could sub learnt those things if you simple in magnesium you want to get the I think it's called collated magnesium you can get that potassium you're probably gonna be ok with you're gonna get from vegetables and stuff the second thing I would say is that what I do with Oh mad and I and I kind of recommend it because I take so many different vitamins is to take it all at dinner with the meal for a couple of reasons if you take a lot of supplements you're there's gonna be a lot of fillers in there so it's gonna kind of break the fast and it's gonna be putting stuff through digestive system even if it's not much and even it's not very many calories one of the benefits of ohm at and fasting for a long time is that you're kind of giving your digestive system a break and so you're letting it I'll basically rejuvenate so I want to give it a rest so I don't take my supplements in the morning I take them with my meal as far as supplements go I have you can always check on my Amazon you can see my list of supplements I've got in the Amazon influencer program there and you can see everything that I take and recommend and products and stuff I would recommend especially if you're onto any kind of calorie restricted diet to take a multivitamin just to cover your bases right for guys I'm probably taking some extra zinc right now I'm gonna take anything that's gonna possibly affect my testosterone right so that's gonna be zinc it's gonna be magnesium okay it's gonna be vitamin d3 and I usually take 10,000 IU I have that every time I get a blood test and show-cell I'm high in vitamin D age shows that I'm average or slightly above average level or low I've had low before basically taking that with a multivitamin taking some creatine l-arginine is one of the other things that I take there is a turmeric like powder that has black pepper in it because that's been shown as one of the most beneficial things that you can do to expand your lifespan with Oh mad you could basically take no supplements I've gone for periods of time with no supplements probably the only reason why I take so many supplements is because I workout so much right so I run six days a week and do kickboxing three days a week and I lift three days a week for two hour lifting sessions so I'm probably working out on average some around 15 to 20 hours a week that's a lot I want to make sure that I've got I'm using up more vitamins and minerals than the average person so I try to keep that topped up but in general you shouldn't have to worry right again if you're eating the kind of meals that you would normally eat you're gonna get you know make sure that you're eating enough vegetables you know if you're eating healthy meals you're gonna get most of the nutrients that you need and it's not gonna become much of an issue protein powder is another thing that I take you know after the workouts and that you could take as well but as far as specific supplements there are a couple of things that you could do okay that I have sort of tested but I haven't gotten any conclusive results so one thing that goes well with oh man is yohimbine HCl it's not the same thing as you him be okay you him bine is a pharmaceutical grade component that's in the ohem bind bark yohimbine HCl there's if you look up now McDonald probably has the best advice on the dosage of the dosage of this I'm not gonna give you a dosage on here but you can look it up and see what it is but it's much higher than what's on the bottle I'll say that the idea behind it is that it only works when there's no insulin response in the body right when you're a fasted state okay so it kind of combines well with this idea of doing one meal a day so you would take that throughout the day in the morning I tried this for a while and supposedly it can help target stubborn fat because it's I believe it's a beta antagonist so in your fat cells you have a de alpha cells and beta receptors so certain fat areas have a higher number of alpha and higher number of beta ones and so the idea is that if you're blocking I forget what – it is the alpha or the beta but if you're blocking the one of them it'll make the other ones you know easier to to bind to and to burn that fat easier again I haven't been able to prove this I haven't really seen a huge difference with this when I was taking you ahem bind and you'd usually take this with caffeine as well so that is one supplement that you could take you know anything that's going to work when you're in a fasted state is gonna work in this case could also try one of the you know the old ECA stack but I wouldn't recommend it today a veteran can mess with your liver quite a bit I took a veteran for a while did the federal caffeine aspirin and I had some some liver issues I don't know if they were like actual real liver issues or was just showing signs from my blood test but I it was enough for me to say mmm I don't think I'm gonna mess with this it's not worth the risk there there's other some other possible ill effects for a long time long term a federal use so I probably just stay away from that and try to um bind if you want to BCAAs okay because a lot of people ask me about this especially with working out I've tested this on myself I would rather take and I do take is hmb the idea is with the BCA s is that it'll prevent muscle breakdown and you really don't need the protein you just need the amino acids and I get that it makes sense except that those BCAAs that you take actually have an insulin genic effect so they actually raise insulin levels and they are actually have calories and them as well so it kind of breaks the fast which again it's not a lot of calories probably not gonna make much of a difference maybe it doesn't matter but I haven't seen a bigger muscle keeping effect by using the BCA s then I have with using something like HM B when i'm fasted i'm gonna go for a long run i'm gonna go into workout i take some hmb because it is proven scientifically to preserve muscle under conditions where muscle would deteriorate it's mostly use for patience I'd like on bedrest and stuff like that it prevents the which were called the deterioration of the muscle essentially so that I would recommend but I wouldn't recommend BCAAs if you haven't already check out all the other videos on Oh mad alright guys I will talk to you next time take care


  1. Does the creatine you take bloat you in your experience?

  2. Are some of your supplements from the global healing center

  3. Multivitamins are scam, its a placebo effect

  4. You are right , i think they are the essential supliment that it would be good to take on a Omad diet . I use them for a quite a while and i feel good. Keep up the good work . Peace ✌️

  5. Hey John I have a question for you.
    I'm 13 and I know c++, but I can't choose in which career should I go. I'm interested in web development,game development and app development,as well as software development and I'm wondering about being successful in life with making apps. Please help me !! (Sorry for my bad English)

  6. I used creatine and now I have permeant stretch marks on my arms near my underpits.

  7. Cartwheel of death!

  8. Omg john thanks for uploading this sir. Wow you're so ripped and fit sir. The video clip that shows you flipped when doing kickboxing just put me a 22 year old guy in shame I cant even do what you did right here. Man it's time to step up the game!! Thank you very much John

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