Basic Healthy Vegan Meal Plan to Get Fit and Toned! / Vegan Meal Prep PART 1

hello and welcome back to my show this is going to be part one and a meal plan video series that I'm going to do and in this first part of the video we're going to go over what the meal plan is and what things you're going to need as far as food I'm going to show how I make it and prepare it and everything in the next video so make sure you subscribe so that you don't miss that now the meal plan is split up into four meals which i think is the perfect amount because I think with three meals sometimes we're hungry at the end of the day and we end up binging and with having like a ton of meals like six or seven meals like a bodybuilder it just seems like you're eating all day long and you have all these Tupperware's and you need a giant lunch box and it just seems a little bit like crazy so with four meals just seems like a good amount works for a lot of people now with the amount of food that you would be eating for each meal I'm not going to tell you in this video because everybody is different and depending on you know a lot of different things like your weight and your activity level and your hormones and your body type depends on how much food you actually need but with this meal plan if your goal is to maybe lose weight get a little bit leaner you can use this meal plan and just make sure that you're eating the right amount if your goal is to gain muscle you can use the exact same foods you just have to eat a little bit more and if your goal is to just be healthy and maybe you're new and this is like the beginning of a vegan lifestyle for you then you would just eat the perfect amount for your body you wouldn't have to worry so much about like tracking macros or anything like that you would just really eat intuitively into your full now if maybe your goal is to get leaner put on some muscle and you're not sure how much you should be eating for your body you can email me I'll put my email in the description below and I can help you out with figuring out the amount of food you need depending on if you're an athlete or if you have a desk job you know everybody everybody's body is different and we all need different amounts of food so you know this is what I do and I will be happy to help you out so let's get started first meal is going to be a smoothie with a source of protein a source of carbs and an optional source of fat so for the protein source I like to use Sunwarrior vegan protein powder it's a rice protein powder and it's very natural it doesn't have a lot of ingredients but if you don't like Sunwarrior you can use plant fusion you can use vega sport there are so many plant-based proteins out there that it's it's really awesome so make sure you get one that you like that tastes good and make sure you are eating enough and that first meal that is right for you so we're going to have a blender in the blender we're going to put in protein source we're going to put in our carb source which you can either use fruit a serving of fruit so you can use maybe some bananas dates berries whatever that source of fruit is going to be you know whatever you like to mix with your protein I like to use bananas and berries but if you don't like fruit then you can use something starchier like oats you can put oats in it and if you want you can add an optional source of fat sometimes I'll add in hemp parts or you know some almond butter or something like that and with that you're going to put in some ice some water and there's your first meal a smoothie is really easy because if you are running like to work you can throw it in the blender or like the nutribullet take the nutribullet cap with you or just pour it in a big cup and take it with you and drink it while you go to work the second meal is going to be lentils with vegetables so the vegetables that I like to add in with the lentils is kale carrots onions and peppers and I like to also add in garlic I know some people don't like garlic but I do so and with that we're going to add in some spices like cumin pepper sometimes I like to put bay leaves and so you know the spices are really up to you but those were some of my recommendations so with that I'll show you how to cook it in the next part of the video but it's going to be your serving of lentils mixed enough all of your veggies and surprisingly lentils are so filling that you probably will overestimate how much of them you can eat but the great thing is that if you're eating that at work for lunch then you're going to be full for a couple of hours lentils are high in protein and they're also a good source of carbs and fiber so that's just like the perfect meal right there and our third meal is going to be steamed sweet potatoes steamed green veggies and that's up to you if you want asparagus broccoli spinach kale whatever your green vegetable wants to be or you can do like a medley of all of them and then a serving of organic tofu if you don't want soy or you have a soy allergy then you can use my free protein substitute um there's a brand called beyond me and then some of their products are soy free then you'll find that in the freezer aisle usually it will say international foods or something like that and it'll have all the veggie burgers and things like that and then you'll see like beyond me I know that they have a they have a meatless like ground beef but for the sake of the explaining this meal plan I'm just going to use tofu for the protein source here so that you would get your to potato your greens and your tofu and I'm going to show you how to cook and prepare all of that in the next part of the series and the last meal of the day meal number four is going to be a big salad and bi big salad I mean like when you go to certain restaurants that give you endless salad bowls and there's like that giant salad bowl that's going to be the size of your bolts going to be enough to fill you up and then there you're going to put your greens of your choy like chopping up romaine hearts and using baby spinach as well and arugula that's what I recommend and also in the cell that we're going to chop up some avocado you don't need a lot of avocado I use the Hass avocados they're like this big in Florida that big apparently in other states they're like bigger it's weird but anyways um so anywhere from like 1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado is usually like what I eat so you know you may need more you might want less and then we're also going to use chickpeas and the salad as well and as far as the dressing goes you have a choice you can either use balsamic vinegar or you can just use lemon juice I'm going to use lemon juice um I just like the way it all mixes together and of course going to season the salad with some pepper and some pink Himalayan salt add in some cucumbers as well so those are your four main meals you have your protein smoothie with fruits in the morning or if you don't want fruit you cannot use oats instead your second meal is going to be lentils and veggies your third meal is going to be a sweet potato tofu and some greens and then your last meal of the day is going to be a big salad with chickpeas and avocado and cucumbers and of course if you want to add tomatoes you can add in tomatoes as well see how we're going to make this meal plan which I'm going to show in the next couple of videos but for now go to the grocery store get everything you need and when I show you how to make them I'm also going to show these really awesome kitchen tools that I'm really excited to share if you have any questions about anything then just leave them in the comments below and I'll try to respond if I can't get you your comment because I don't get notified by YouTube when I get comments right away then you can email me my email is bianca tailor-fit at it's in the description below also I will be posting more things about cruelty-free and vegan makeup all the makeup that I wear is cruelty free you can get a look I do have a beauty Instagram account that I just started the other day it's called vegan glam so go ahead and follow it and there will be more makeup reviews and tutorials that I'm really excited to share coming up in the near future thank you for watching please subscribe and see you tomorrow


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  33. HiπŸ˜„. New to this way of eating but I'm gonna give it a try. Looking forward to increased energy and clarity. I'm also looking to start a yoga regimen

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