Basecamp Fitness Member – Joe

Basecamp is a fast, fun, instructor-led workout that challenges you every single time you come in here. I was a marathon runner. The problem, though, is all those miles on my body, and I ended up having two surgeries on my knees. So imagine going from running 30, 40, 50, 60, miles a week, playing basketball 1-2 nights a week to nothing. How do you tell an athlete you can’t do that anymore? I had no idea what to do with myself I was depressed, I know my buddy Mark who goes “Hey, you know, we, let’s check out this this club here. I heard it’s pretty good.” I’ve been a member of Basecamp for approximately two years now, two years and one month, and I’ve taken over 800 classes already. What’s great about Basecamp is it’s all interval training and it’s a minute. You can do anything for a minute. Basecamp’s been a lifeline for me because I’m a very competitive person I love to compete The second I was exposed to it, I fell completely in love with it, and I’m hooked.

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