everyone's special which makes everyone not that makes sense so the best thing to do with setting programs I started with Bernie Franz and that's when took off when I tried might for myself I trained for five years for powerlifting before her knee and you know I worked my butt off so six days a week for like a 1315 total and that was just reading every magazine reading every book and trying to well this guy does this or try and copy those and write started training with Ernie I started in September my next meet was in March and my next rule is like a 1768 so it was like less than a year I've got like 450 pounds of my total and Ernie had the simplest program and there was no like pseudo science to it there's zero percentages he wouldn't let us leave we try to bring the board to the gym you throw him out there's no vans with chains happening it was super simple but it was your pushes hard to cover so that was where I realized that like the super scientific you know the templates work if you're with a person who knows that it's the work you know stuff I've trained that not serious enough cover the mess night crew but I thought to bless everyone trained in the sweater I were trained with Marshall trots out or we've had all these different big monsters they all have their own training programs it's all different but they all just work unbelievably thought you know so that's where it's setting up the program for me I've picked and chosen for me everybody I work with but as far as sniper program for yourself man it's it almost doesn't matter as long as you pick one that you know it works and then you just do it as hard as each other my program is pretty much stayed the same since about 2012 I do a four-week wave for my main movements with a heavy light medium light and having because a signal usually it could be heavy doubles I'm not feeling good that week I'm a little bit lighter light week is usually raw as here left for like when my raw or is programming accessory work almost so light weeks on Raw or higher reps my medium we could be the three rapper two or five and usually one of the two light weeks is a super high relative 2007 and there's lots of ways to make those harder but the four week wave I have you'll immediately that's a Franz thing he started with heavy like it's a two week way that he's progressive of three for me it's before my accessories there was something I took from the sweatshop Louise Evans out on West Side where my accessories gone for we kind of their pyramids where it's the same accessory movements for four weeks and every week they had to get higher reps heavier or less breasts or more sets so every week that is going to harder [Applause] [Applause]

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