Barack Obama on Health Care

and all the systems broken and I think that people all across the country recognize that certainly I don't accept the idea that in the richest country on earth we should have 47 million people without health insurance and millions more people who are being bankrupt because of a medical bill you know and I know something about this personally my mother died of ovarian cancer when she was 53 in the waning months of her life she was not spending all her time thinking about how to get well or even how to come to terms with her own mortality she was spending time thinking about whether or not the insurance company was gonna cover her expenses because she had gotten sick right before taking a new job and it wasn't clear whether this was going to be considered a pre-existing condition and that's wrong there's something fundamentally wrong about that and that's why as president United States what I've proposed to do is to make sure that we've got a plan that covers all Americans the very first promise I made on this campaign was that as president I will sign a universal health care plan into law by the end of my first term in office it came to making this happen is going to be to overcome the resistance that we're gonna see from drug companies insurance companies HMOs over the last ten years along the drug and insurance companies spent 1 billion dollars in preventing health care reform from happening that's going to require them a mobilization of energy among the American people to insist on a Congress and a White House that are actually going to deliver this time and it also means somebody who's gonna have the capacity to bring people together across various divides getting business getting labor getting doctors and nurses consumers to join together to craft this kind of new legislation I think it's gonna be difficult but I think it's gonna be possible and the time is right because nobody is satisfied where the system is is currently working my plan begins by covering every American if you already have health insurance the only thing that change for you under this plan is the amount of money you will spend on premiums that will be less than what you're spending now but if you're one of the 45 million Americans who don't have health insurance but you will have health insurance that's available to you no one will be turned away because of a pre-existing condition or illness everyone will be able to buy into a new health insurance plan that's similar to the one that every federal employee from a postal worker in Iowa to a congressman in Washington currently has for themselves it will cover all essential medical services including preventative maternity disease management and mental health care and will also include high standards for quality and efficiency if you can't afford this insurance you'll receive a subsidy to pay for it if you change jobs your insurance will go with you if you need to see a doctor you will not have to wait in long lines for one if you want more choices you will also have the option of purchasing a number of affordable private plans that have similar benefits and standards for quality and efficiency from soup to nuts we've got to reform this system you know we spent two trillion dollars on health care every single year we spend twice as much per capita as the next nearest country the second part of my health care plan includes five long overdue steps we will take to bring down costs and bring our health care system into the 21st century first we will reduce costs for businesses and their workers by picking up the tab for some of the most expensive illnesses and conditions second we will finally begin focusing our health care system on preventing costly debilitating conditions in the first place third we will reduce the cost of our health care by improving the quality of our care fourth we will reduce waste and inefficiency by moving from a twentieth-century health care industry based on pen and paper to a 21st century industry based on the latest information technology almost every other industry in the world has saved billions on administrative costs by computerizing all their records and information finally we will break the stranglehold that a few big drug and ensure companies have on the healthcare market we all value the medical cures and innovations that the pharmaceutical industry has developed over the years but it's become clear that some of these companies are dramatically overcharging Americans for what they offer they sell the exact same drugs here in America for double the price of what they charge in Europe and Canada they'll push expensive products on doctors by showering them with gifts spend more to market and advertise their drugs than to research and develop them and when a generic drug maker comes along and wants to sell the same product for cheaper the brand-name manufacturers will actually pay off the generic ones so they can preserve their monopolies and keep charging the rest of us higher prices we just don't have to stand for that anymore and we're not gonna get change unless we can overcome the resistance the drug companies the insurance companies the HMOs those who are making a major profit from the system currently now I think that all those industries have a role to play we're not gonna transform the system overnight and you know we want to listen to what they have to say they should have a seat at the table but they can't buy every chair and they can't dominate the conversation they're just one aspect of it those who should dominate the conversation or American families who want to be well and one make sure that their children are cared for now obviously I think my plan is the best one but you know there are gonna be a lot of good plans out here other candidates are going to present plans and that's what we've seen every four years people trotting out their health care plans and then nothing happens and understandably I think the public gets cynical the problem is not going to be whether you've got the perfect TenPoint plan the question is whether or not we can overcome the broken politics in Washington that prevents a conversation actually get this done my commitment is to listen to everybody and to not have prior to authorship but just to move a process forward knowing that our goal is we should have everybody covered the system should be cost effective we shouldn't be discriminating on the basis of pre-existing conditions everybody should have a right to care that we should make sure that families who already have health insurance you're getting some relief in terms of the payments that they're making and if we have those goals in mind there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to all move forward to make sure that we finally take care of this problem that has hurt American families and hurt the American economy for too long


  1. Tell the American people that you will VETO any Healthcare Reform Bill that does NOT include some sort of Public Option.
    The resistance from Republicans and some Dems is to be expected, this will drive costs to Americans down which means insurance companies will lose some of their massive profits.
    Ins Comps are happy while your account is in the green.
    May God help you if you become seriously ill and your ins co drops you to some technicality,
    This is happening now.

    Think America.

  2. "Cheaper Health care" where do you think the money for this health care will come from. In order for universal health care to work taxes will have to go up and you will pay for it anyway.

    I know that the existing system needs to change but universal health care is not the way to fix it.

  3. i cant believe ppl dont want the universal healthcare! they rather get rejected from health insurance companies and pay thousands of dollars for health Vote for obama for cheaper healthcare

  4. As Noam Chomsky shows in his research, US Economic indicators are EXTREMELY IDEOLOGICAL. The numbers are fudged, and the statistics skewed. I wish we were the "Best" – but people in Denmark are the happiest in the world. Socialist related policies correlates with happiness. Don't get me wrong, I'm an entrepreneur, and I want to make a profit, but we need universal healthcare.

  5. Please study our economy a little more… we're not doing as well as you propose. Also, a high GDP does not necessarily mean that the people of a country are doing well. When each individual only thinks about money, we tend to forget about other people. Part of the problem with the healthcare industry in America is the fact that we do not regulate large drug companies; this encourages them to only sell drugs for profit even if it is at the expense of the people who they intended to heal.

  6. if you don't vote for OBAMA you are turning down a great opportunity to change America.

    Vote Obama

  7. I realy admire this man. If I were registered, I'd totally vote for him. Also watch the video on ethics, it's realy great.

  8. Barak is wrong about drug companies. No drug company has ever spent more on marketing than on development. They don't block generics to pad their pockets either. Drug companies take huge risks that would not be possible without the potential for profit. If you control drug prices, innovation will die, and we won't have new medicines to cure disease. Then we'll spend even more money on people in the hospital, whose ailment could have been controlled with drugs.

  9. something is seriously GOING ON with this man when i can listen to a politician talk about the fine print of health insurance policies! i love how he addresses that audience – so matter-of-fact, so blunt, so refreshing.

  10. sally her husband was the damn sorry somehow i dont buy it she should have been able to get something through with health care…NO they through Money at her and she decided to take it.

  11. people in America CANT see a Doctor if u DONT have healthcare or if you dont have money..if u see a doctor u gonna have to pay up weather you have money or NOT so that leaves you in DEBT..thats y Americans Are in Debt NOW…

  12. But Obama's plan is not an entirely government run health care system like in Canada. Notice he says that if you already have insurance, you won't have to buy into a government system. He's just gonna fight the people who are making shit loads of money off of sick people, not the people making a legitimate living off of the system.

  13. Does anyone know how long the waiting list is for healthcare in Canada????(they have universal health)
    Here's an example…a friend of mine got pregnant…she had her first pre-natal visit but didn't see another doc until she was giving birth…
    That's what you want? Really?
    Not me.

  14. Brilliant videos. Obama campaign keeps proving much more innovative, substantive and appealing.

    If the superdelegates gave Hillary the nomination, I am not voting in November.

  15. It's totally absurd that the richest country has no basic health plan for the regular people, having so many great hospitals and doctors that serve only those who can pay private health care plans.

  16. This is a really smart move. No one can say that Barack hasn't addressed the issues. Everyone post these clips on your blogs and MySpace/Facebook profiles.

  17. Issues, now what will the critics say??

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