Banned Stimulants in Dietary Supplements

the sports supplement and weight loss industry is large if you're a consumer or an athlete and you go into a store there are shelves of these types of products that's lost water yeah my collaborators and I follow blogs and forums that talk about new and upcoming supplements and ingredients we had run across an ingredient called two amino acyl okay has been mentioned especially for pre-workout and weight loss products picked our interest because we examined the chemical structure of it and found it was very similar to DMA which has already been in pulled from the shelves and banned as an ingredient by the FDA it's never been tested in humans it's being put in dietary supplements we found six products that contain this ingredient we purchased them and tested them and we had some very intriguing and results out of their testing we found four potentially harmful compounds all these are chemical cousins to ephedrine now why that's important as if edram was banned by the FDA and it had been implicated in a number of deaths ephedrine raises your heart rate and it raises your blood pressure now those two things combined with dehydration exercise caffeine consumption could put people at risk for cardiac events not all sports supplements are bad the vast majority are great supplements we're looking out for the safety of consumers and athletes I say it like this is important because it can show you that there can be illegal or unwanted contaminants that can be harmful to a consumer in sports supplements and weight-loss products

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