I might inspire some people, but I am not here to motivate anyone. Inspiration and motivation are two separate things. One can get inspiration by seeing someone doing something in particular,
and as a result get inspired to do something new. A lot of people ask me,
how do I motivate myself to get into a fit lifestyle,
healthy living and healthy eating? I tell them, it must come from within. i.e. you have to inspire yourself. The fitness trend in Bangladesh is getting big,
it’s becoming more and more mainstream, it’s really nice to see this. The percentage of female gym goers was really low even 5/6 years ago. I look at my own gym and I realize that
the number has increased a lot over the years. I have seen the same happen in the other gyms I go to,
and women these are more interested in getting into proper fitness training. It is a positive change. A fitness revolution has taken over Bangladesh and
I hope that it will get even bigger.
I am happy that I am a part of it. What do I do to stay fit? I was involved with different types of sports even before I started working out. I used to play basketball in college and I used to go swimming as well. I went through a very bad phase after getting into the University. At that time I went totally off track from my sports training regime.
Later when I got back onto the fitness train,
I started with intense cardio sessions and some light yoga. Later I moved onto weight training, what you might like to call bodybuilding. Me walking into the classes straight from the gym, carrying my meals with me rather than getting snacks from the cafeteria
when I am out and about; did not sit too well with some people. They said that I am self obsessed, moody even,
she is not social enough. It is not being selfish or narcissistic,
It is more like taking care of one self. What would you gain from staying fit, looking good, eating right? Eat whatever you want, stay the way you are, do whatever you want- this is a negative concept, a demotivational idea. These words are often toxic enough to crush someones spirit. They say these out of the miconceptions they have harboured for so long. People still have not fully accepted the way of
healthy living and the fitness lifestyle. If you are not into it, that is all right but please do not try to demoralize people who are invested into such a lifestyle.


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