Back to School Health Tips – Packing Lunch

hi everyone welcome back to back to school health tips at boot in sight I'm here today with Chris Ellis hi everyone he's a registered dietitian here at food insight and he's going to be telling us a little bit about packing the perfect bagged lunch so Chris when parents are transitioning from a relaxed summer to kind of chaotic stressful mornings before school how do you plan the right healthful bagged lunch for your kids well first I'll say planning a helpful lunch and eating a healthful lunch are two entirely different things so one way to encourage helpful eating is to make fun of course with kids and eating having them need the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables you got to make it fun and one way that my nieces and nephews do this is by they love strawberries and so in order to encourage them the more strawberries we dig a little hole out of the middle for them and they use their fingers like popsicles so right then a helpful tree has been transformed into a fun treat that's adorable I'm just hoping they wash their hands yeah we encourage that great so now let's talk a little bit about food safety for packed lunches so now i'm joined by brittany one of our food safety experts here at food in sight so Brittany when it comes to packing some of that lunch variety that Chris was talking about like protein and dairy a lot of mom's worried that if those foods are in a locker all morning they might not be safe to eat come lunchtime so how do you make sure that your health full lunge is also safe to eat that's a great question Liz like Chris mention you know it's really important to keep you know lunch is fun and exciting but really important to keep them safe so if you're packing that turkey and cheese sandwich you need to make sure it's packed in an insulated lunch box with an ice pack which helps keep the temperatures low and slows bacterial formation great so thank you so much for joining us and thanks Chris and Brittany for those great tips check out that it's all about YOU toolkit for more great tips on healthful eating and stay tuned at food and site org for candy kitchen food safety

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