Back to Basics: Basic Healthy Eating Tip #1

hi everybody it's sarah from carob sheriff and welcome to another video i'm going to start a video series a short video series on how start eating healthy some people truly don't know how to start eating healthier and how sad is that healthy eating should be easy but unfortunately it's made difficult through advertising and propaganda number one is to eat whole food and specifically you want to eat whole plant-based foods now being vegan and vegetarian are both associated with lower BMI vegans being associated with even lower beam eyes and vegetarians and they are associate with lower risk for chronic diseases and other illnesses however eating a vegetarian or a vegan diet is not necessarily the healthiest I've encountered by fair share of overweight vegans and vegetarians and there are plenty out there vegan foods exist that are unhealthy Orioles are not a health-promoting food I would not say tofu is a health-promoting food I would not say vegan cookies or cakes are health promoting foods guardian chicken strips are not health promoting foods we're never possible replace these things with foods that are closer to what nature intended I suppose you could say if you do want some soy eat some soy beans or replace that with another legume perfectly easy if you want something sweet such fruits are always available or you can make your own homemade cookies with simply some oatmeal and some banana or another fruit or date states are crazy sweet and crazy delicious you want to stick with whole plant-based foods whole fruits whole vegetables whole grains and intact legumes whenever possible let's stay away from basically white breads white sugar white flour refined products you want to stay away from as most of the times they're devoid of nutrients or nearly devoid of nutrients and or they provide many health detriments eat Whole Foods is number one recommendation for starting to eat a healthier diet stay tuned for the next recommendation on how to start eating a healthier diet and make sure to check out my other informational videos on how to be healthy eat healthy and start living more plant-based have an awesome day bye you

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