babylon and the future of healthcare

to get an appointment at my doctor's it's normally about a week I normally take about three weeks of therapy sometimes I google my symptoms the information on there could be very confusing I tend to ignore symptoms just because of trying to book time for the GP health care services are struggling globally at the moment with a growing and aging population and far moral as we can do for patients and because of that we need a revolution in the way we deal with health services and digital technology is likely to be the solution to the problems that we all see there are seven billion people on the planet with harm receiving very little health service according to the World Health Organization we need at least five million more doctors a UK startup could have the solution to this global problem they brought together the world's largest collection of scientists clinicians and software engineers focused on making health care accessible and affordable for everyone on earth the solution was a digital health service on a mobile phone Babylon first developed an intuitive app which means medical experts can now be accessed anywhere at any time you can make an appointment in seconds and be speaking to a doctor in minutes the app was taken on the road and put a test people were asked to give it a try in a private consultation space the pod it started its journey in London where people took advantage of the offer to see a doctor this is Charlotte she was on her way to a date when we asked her she wanted a free consultation within minutes she was able to talk to a doctor hello there my name's dr. Matthew Noble welcome to Babylon oh yeah how can I help this evening I'm I'm suffering from what I would call dry eyes but I've never had an official diagnosis and I often find that when I'm looking at the sunlight my eyes really starting to itch some people's tear ducts don't produce enough of the oily material so you'll often find the towards the end of the day the eyes begin to dry out really what we need to do is find some drops that they're going to be useful for you so that we can prevent this happening once the consultation is complete a prescription can be sent to your nearest pharmacy or delivered to your home I'm too lazy to go to the doctor's I think so it was really handy to just be like oh okay yeah I actually kind of do need help me this so it was really quite helpful okay thank you very much to help no worries pleasure really nice to speak with his Cindy no one's ever asked me those kind of questions before and it was really good to get quite deep diagnosis it was a busy day for the doctors hi how are you with my agent anything can happen so it's nice to be able to consult something and get some quick answers but you're all about for me that's as far as I can go I found Babylon absolutely amazing better than actually going to my own doctor having conducted tens of thousands of consultations Babylon realized that many of the patient's needs could be dealt with in a simpler and more effective way so they went a step further and in a world-first they created an artificially intelligent nurse to help people with their symptoms checker symptom was put to the test as the pod traveled north 69 year-old basil is going to see if check a symptom can help with his joint pain we just point to the body and let's get this right as it left its me right shoulder which will be there where specifically there okay let's get started have you recently injured your arm including a burn or a bite no all right is the joint affected yes how does it feel painful painful there we aren't painful from what you've told me here is what I suggest I've had this symptom here for about six weeks now and I should have gone to the doctor ages before but I didn't because I know I'm gonna hang around half the day I just haven't got the time just as accurate as a triage nurse it has the ability to compute hundreds of millions of symptom combinations in real time wherever you are for free the combination of AI with real doctors on your phone could hold the answer to healthcare problems in the UK but what about the rest of the world could it help in a crisis situation where it's difficult to have physical doctors in place but many have their mobile phones with them places like Carla's refugee camps getting access to health care can be very difficult there are not enough doctors or nurses to be able to provide care getting medical care of any sort is very difficult I know that the most people that end up having any medical care of the people that are go to A&E but those of the refugees have smartphones so I think if they had a sort of app that they could use on their phone and find that information being really beneficial for them by being able to reassure people using medical services through their mobile phones were able to make sure that people can get the care that they need effectively the advantage of a digital health service is that it knows no boundaries and it can go from the richest countries in the world to some of the poorest because today almost everyone has a mobile phone there aren't many doctors around the world and they concentrated in all the wrong parts in Western Hemisphere and so that means that large parts of the world do not have access to medical care and this is where has great possibilities in the developing world because all we need is a cable from the nearest city out into the villages anything that can be in broadband and Wi-Fi and down to a community means they could potentially have access to the world's leading doctors when people who've never had access to doctors or had to wait weeks months even years to see a doctor will be able to connect and get information about their symptoms and the issues they have from some of the best knowledge in the West accessible through their phones oh we're going I'm going this is a chance rather than train a doctor for six years at huge expense you just give someone a phone or you give a community a phone but why stop there having built the world's first artificially intelligent triage nurse Babylon are now building their first artificially intelligent doctor imagine everyone having powerful clinical artificial intelligence in their pocket and the ability to talk to a doctor whenever they want looking at your calendar in emails I can see you are having an average day so how can I help you today I've got a bad headache headaches are really common and they're normally easy to treat so don't worry are you happy to answer a few more questions Babylon is going to put an accessible and affordable Health Service into the hands of every person on earth now that's something worth getting excited about


  1. So in case of a doctors talk how are doctors payed by babylon? How is babylon making money? Buy selling users medical data???

  2. Healthcare is the sorcery of Babylon.Many drs are witches and warlocks putting spells on their patients.The WRATH OF ALL MIGHTY GOD is coming.

  3. Good use of tech and missionary not mercenary. Keep it up!

  4. Your a tool of the devil. Babylon is the mother of all harlots.

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